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I am half responsible for all that handsome 😍 #squatgoals

My life in one picture. This little boy is just that! A little boy! So silly and curious. Today his curiosity got the best of him because he grabbed a bee and got stung 😭

Also, I was pregnant when this photo was taken and didn't know it 🙂

Throwback to the fall 😭 #cutestkidever

OUR LITTLE (BIG) SECRET IS OUT! BABY #2 expected early January!
1/3 of the way done with this pregnancy EEP!

3 years ago today we entered a covenant before our friends and family. I can honestly say I love this man more than the day I married him. Not many can say their spouse leads them to Christ but he truly does. He doesn't talk the talk, he walks the walk.
Here are a few photos from our special day. Thank @hanwestby for capturing that day 💓

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life. You have exceeded any expectations I had of what a great father should be. You do it all and make it look so easy. ❤️

My Instagram is mostly my son's fan page but sometimes my husband takes photos of both of us and that makes my heart happy.

I blinked. 😭

We got out of the house and it was worth documenting.

"If your identity is tied to man’s praise, you’ll be eternally discontent. People are fickle. They’re here today and gone tomorrow. They’re for you one day, against you the next. They love you when you agree with them, dislike you when you don’t.

Yet, we love human praise. Exhibit A: Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. While I love social media, they’re also platforms that perpetuate flattery. You post pictures about your life hoping the world will “like” it. You need the approval.

Jesus, however, didn’t need the praise and glory of men. He didn’t care what they thought. His only concern was doing the will of God. This attitude is what the world is desperate to see.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to point people to Jesus if you need their approval." I read this today and it's what's been on my heart, so I wanted to share. I have been spending my time cultivating the relationships I have. Its been a rough week for many in my life but I've been served and loved by those around me so diligently. My heart hurts for those who seek joy in earthly things because, trust me, it won't fill you 💗 Also, please enjoy this photo of my son being his silly self 💓

LET ME TELL YOU, family photos with a toddler up past his bed time is HARD. Also, I don't realize how long my hair is until I see it in photos 😳 📷: @brookealiceonphotography

🌾Wanted to share something I'm very passionate about: SLEEP! Mine mostly (HA!) ***(I highly suggest saving this post for future kids if you don't have any now)***🌾 I wasn't always blessed with a great sleeper. In fact, newborn Knightly barely slept! I was secretly envious of the those mamas who had newborns that would sleep anywhere and everywhere! Did I mention he had colic too 😩 It was such a exhausting season of my life. I struggled deeply with anxiety those first few months of motherhood because of it!

BUT now this little babe sleeps 11 - 13 hours at night. And 1 - 2 hour naps during the day! (At 18 months old) I'm no sleep expert but I have done SO much research regarding kids and their sleep (and how important it is!) I wanted to share some sleep tips for babies and toddlers:

1. NAP/BED TIME ROUTINE- if you glean anything from this post, it's this! A nap/bed time ritual will help your little one to recognize the cues that indicate it’s time to go to sleep.
Knightly's routine is as follows: I will excitingly say "It's time for bed!" We then begin saying bye to things on the way to his room (ex: "bye couch" "bye stairs" "bye plant"). Once we're in his room, I apply a calming blend of essential oils to the bottom of his feet (we have a rollerball that has fractionated coconut oil, chamomile EO, lavender EO, and cedarwood EO). After, we read a book together. I then give him a goodnight kiss, place him in crib, and close the door.

2. ELIMINATE SLEEP PROPS- This is a hard one! And is critical if you don't want your little one waking up throughout the night. You have to allow your little one to learn that they are capable of falling asleep without you. When Knightly was almost 7 months old, the only way he would sleep is if I breastfed him to sleep. We started a nap/bed time routine that included breastfeeding after we read a book. I would breastfeed until he got sleepy and put him in his bed (remember, sleepy NOT already asleep)! Eventually I got rid of breastfeeding right before bed completely because he knew our routine meant bedtime.


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