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Skateboarding, Girls, N' Stuff  aye тнe naмeѕ jυnιor🔥 wнy dιd dad нave тo coмe😞 ғιrѕт jυnιor accoυnт💥 13 yearѕ yoυng🙌 тaĸen вy тнe вaвe @тdrr.ĸιттy💓 ĸιттy ιѕ мy boo😏🍑




Name: Oliver
Age: 14
Nickname: The rich emo bad boy
Status: Taken (By Crimson)
Likes: Girls, Rock Music, Smoking, Money, Black, Sweatshits, Depression, Piercings, Burglary, Parkour and Being Emo.
Dislikes: Other boys, rainbows, walking, Exersize, paying for stuff, bitchy attitudes, being broke, drugs, alcohol, t-shirts, shorts, wearing bright clothes, pop music and typical teens.
Description: Oliver is a hardcore badass emo rich bad boy. He is crushing big time on Crimson (@td.crimson and @tdrr.crimson) He smokes very often since his parents "passed away". Oliver has inherited all of their riches. Sometimes he likes girls enough to make it rain on them, but when he saw Crimson, he knew to keep quiet. It was the first time he felt like he had hope since his parents died and he became a bad boy and emo through depression.
Info: (I will rp as him in group rp's)
Opinions? I LOOOOOOVE how Oliver turned out. It took pretty much all yesterday to compete him, it was on and off with meals but that's basically it! Very happy!
OH!!! If your a Crimson acc and you want to date Oliver leave it in the comments below!

Might've drank a tad too much last night😏

Welcome to the world Dwayne Jr. Jr. Who is also known as Dwayne III

Hey I saw this magazine at the store and it's all about kitty!!!
Anyone see my subliminal message😂?

For once dad looks good🙌 Finally he is learning from me!🔥

Love this post!
Creds: @jencanblog
I think kitty is voiced by Lindsay's voice actor, don't you think so?

Love is what keeps me living💓
Qotd: Should I do edit requests?
Aotd: idk u answer!

Love ya boo!

I'm sorry but I ship it so fudging hard!!!
She is SOOOOO cute!!!!

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