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Terry Draper  Team Total Package 808 Bodybuilder "Details matter" - Jody Westby-Hanalei @PROFLEX_LLC Use code DRAPER @ checkout to save

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Check out this short video showing a sneak peak at what the new @proflexx_llc store has to offer. Go give the star, one of the best bikini and figure trainers on island a follow at @vixenfit808 then head on over to and check out the inventory. Everything from bags to protein to spices, if you want it they have it. Or if you live on island hit up the store and see @missrose.b and the #teamPROFLEXX family in person. Use promo code DRAPER at checkout to save. #proflexx #teamPROFLEXX #bodybuiling #classicphysique #physique #bikini #figure

New products coming soon from @proflexx_llc ! Some of the best bodybuilding supplies money can buy. Whether you are a casual lifter or a dedicated competitor check them out in store or online at and use promo code DRAPER to save! #teamPROFLEXX #proflexx #bodybuilding #classicphysique #physique #bikini

Cheat meal woth this dream boat done right. #furmommy #ourbabywalksonfours @tahnishkahh

Hahaha mom sent me pictures this morning. @tahnishkahh talk about your hubby getting better with age ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

@tahnishkahh and i stopped by the @proflexx_llc store today and picked up some stuff. The clothes are hers and they have tons of styles available. Got some #flavoressentials from @pete619muscle line of amazing prep friendly spices and seasonings. And i grabbed another bottle of the #lineonenutrtion mk677.... the sleep on this stuff is amazing. Check them out in store or online @ and use promo code DRAPER to save. #proflexx #teamPROFLEXX #bodybuiling #classicphysique #physique #preplife

As we sit we are now 11 weeks from arriving in Las Vegas to take the stage at NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships and i cant help but reminisce on the package i brought to the 2016 Paradise Cup. Im about 10 pounds heavier and leaner now than i was 12 weeks out from the cup so i really cant wait to see the changes once i shed the fat. Im on good track to be bigger and leaner by far. Cant wait to step on stage and compete against some of the best in America. #totalpackage808 #bodybuiling #bantamweight #enphawaii #proflexx #teamPROFLEXX

Athena got a new ball today!

Safety bar front squats to start leg day. New movement for me but a good burn. My proflexx belt never fails me when i need it though! Get yours in store or online at use promo code DRAPER @proflexx_llc #proflexx #teamPROFLEXX #roadtousas #bantamweight #totalpackage808

Stopped by the new @proflexx_llc shop today and picked up some gear for the family! Even athena got in on the action. Stop by and check em out. 590 Farrington Hwy Kapolei. Or shop online at and use promo code DRAPER #teamPROFLEXX #proflexx #bodybuilding #monsta #victoryclothing

Babygirl rocked the snapback to the gym this morning and looked phenomenal. Dont forget to check out the new store in Kapolei at the GRAND OPENING TOMMORROW and pick up some MK677 from Line One nutrition if SARMS are your thing. Does exactly what it says and gets you a deep good night sleep to add to the benefits. Sold exclusively by #proflexx in store or online at use promo code DRAPER @ checkout to save. #teamPROFLEXX #sarms #bodybuiling

Another awesome arm day in the books! Busy day but never too busy for a solid pump! Shop and used promo code DRAPER @ checkout to save on some badass gear and supplements. @proflexx_llc #teamPROFLEXX #proflexx #totalpackage808 #roadtousas #armday #bodybuilding #13weeks #liftingstrapsandgangstarap #liftheavy #bantamsbangtoo

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