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Tony Huynh  πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Personal Trainer πŸ”© 11 Years of Training ✊ Slowly Becoming a PowerBuilder 😎 🍚 I Love Carbohydrates πŸ’‘ Expert Lighting Finder

Bodybuilding to me is an art form and my body is the sculpture. Powerlifting is a display of strength, and has been my number 1 method for building this physique.

I credit my bench press for building a thick chest, overhead press for the anterior and medial deltoids, my deadlift for that thick back and squats for the πŸ‘ and wheels.

That doesn't mean that I can get away with just training these 4 movements. I spend a lot more time doing the typical bro split to get this rig to where it is now. (Wish I actually trained arms when I first started haha)

I get asked a lot how much bigger do I want to get? But to me it's not a question of shear size but aesthetics, balance and flow that matter most. I would point out my weaknesses but why don't I just make them a disgusting strength in the next few years 🀫 and you can see for yourself 🀭.

"squatting and deadlifting make your waist bigger"
Yes they do to an extent... But it's not your obliques that will be popping, your erectors will grow like no tomorrow from low bar back squatting and deadlifting. Which is only visible side on. A small trade off for the erector gains you will be making, the foundation to a strong well developed back starts from your erectors and moves up.

Video unrelated cause it's highbar 😘 also you should be squatting and deadlifting to give better shoulder rides at raves 😎.

Set yourself goals and take the steps that will walk you closer to that target of yours. Whether it is inside the gym or outside the same principle applies.
Aiming for a 200kg squat, believe it or not these quads have never squatted anything heavier than 190 hahahaha. Guess you could say I've got good leg genetics... But to be honest the smaller your upperbody is the bigger your legs are gonna look πŸ˜‰ so skip upper body day and just do legs if you want to have drum stick looking legs hehehe.

I am very very lucky to be surrounded by the most positive bunch of people and here's a prime example @adrianevangelou my squat hype man for the night. It might defy science but give it a go protons attract protons. You protons out there know who you are 😘

"Sometimes it's not about the DESTINATION, but about the JOURNEY itself"
I guess what you can say about this journey so far is it reflects the work put in over the days, weeks, months and years. A lot of sessions that I enjoyed, and equally as many sessions where I just had to go even though I was tired, injured, sore beyond belief or sometimes not there mentally to want to train. In the end that has taught me what true discipline and commitment means, and something anyone and everyone can apply to many things not just training. There will always be ups and downs but consistent effort through either side is what leads to long term results.

One thing that helped me the most get me to where I am today is not caring about how you look, and what this means is if you need to lose your tight midsection to actually go on a year long calorie surplus whilst making crazy strength and hypertrophy gains do it and do it many times. Cause in the end that's how you actually build muscle mass. Even though I do recall a lot of people nick naming me Buddha Belly (Yeah I still remember who you guys are hehehe) I knew it was what I had to do to get me closer to my long term goal.

I guess the best way to finish this post is in Arnold's wise words πŸ˜‡ "A well built physique is a status symbol it reflects you worked hard for it, no money can buy it, you cannot borrow it, you cannot inherit it, you cannot steal it, you cannot hold onto it without constant work. It shows discipline, it shows self respect, it shows patience, work ethic and passion. That is why I do what I do" and on this final note I say goodnight Instagram I'll be back when the times right, for now I have one goal in mind of what I want to achieve... Peace and have a beautiful day πŸ€“

Chuck your sound on to hear the reaction of someone who somehow manages a 150 T&G bench πŸ€”

When the veins on your head are thicker than the ones on your delts.

PSA: Instagrams new filter to reduce arm pit hairs working a treat.

@rahooligen12 ty for setting up the best down lighting in all of Melbourne in your bathroom (single down light of peace and serenity). And no before you ask that isn't a toilet that is just my back pack chilling...

When your conventional looks better than your sumo? πŸ˜‚
Haven't been pulling sumo all too much in recent times, but things are starting to feel good again. Small steps over time lead to improved cardiovascular fitness...

Just hook grip and non controversial deadlift tings.

Cheers for soft touches before lifting @tylerace_

Gym Shark meets Gummy Shark.

Guided out on the water by @gawaineblakeprofishinal
Learnt so much on the water from fishing to navigating Westernport, and also land my biggest Gummy yet! (Don't think I'll get one this big for a while haha)

My next block of training will now focus on endurance work cause I'm pretty sure it only took me 3 minutes before my biceps, forearms and lower back started to ache πŸ˜…


Team work makes the dream work.

What's hotter? The hot water unit or that rear double bicep?

Trick question... "Man's not hot, never hot"

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