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I am so happy and proud to work with @coachjvb and be part of her Strong Like Mommy Prenatal Program!

Women who are pregnant should definitely make time for regular exercise, to help improve blood circulation, mobility, muscle strength, and flexibility.

If working out and staying fit is a major part of your lifestyle, then being able to continue that while pregnant will mean a world of difference.  Or if you've recently found out you're expecting and want to start but are not sure how to then this program has everything you need. Pregnancy infomation, nutrition tips, easy to follow work outs - all things that will help you throughout your pregnancy!

For me fitness is a stress reliever, mood enhancer, my ME time, and my meditation time. I know that going a few days without some sort of physical exercise effects me far more than I wish to admit. So the thought of having to give that up for 10 months scared the crap out of me.
Luckily - You don't have to! (Provided your health is good and your Dr. gives the green light)
I've been training with Coach JVB for some time now; with her help and the help of this program I have been able to maintain my fitness plan, set goals and hit pregnancy PRs!! If you're a momma to be and want to learn ways to enjoy a healthy and fit pregnancy - join me and follow this program

Use this link
Or PM for more information

Your Guide to a Healthy and Fit Pregnancy.

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Very excited!
With the release of Inside Fitness Hot & Fit issue. AND Team Strong Girls newest coach @jaqioh getting the cover
I'm reminded of how great our Vegas trip was!
I was able to meet so many of these inspiring women - entrepreneurs, motivators, fitness icons and women just like me wanted to make positive changes in their lives and help others!
I can't wait to continue learning from many of them.
And although my journey is taking a little detour for a bit 🤗 I'm excited to learn a whole new side of health and fitness and hopefully be able to reach even more women looking to do the same!! #stronggirls #vegas #fitness #hotandfit100 #insidefitnessmagazine #arsenik #workhard #findyours #motivation #coachjvb #inspiration #photooftheday #photoshoot #fit #growing #findyourpassion #fitwomen #lift #strong

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With New Years resolutions at the front of people's minds!
We must remember not to give up when times get hard. Consistency is key!!
Many big things coming the new year and I can't wait!
Happy New Year!

#resolutions #newyear #goals #work #dontquit #keepgoing #progress #consistency #consistencyiskey

This is what happens when you let boys pick the christmas tree! It can't hold any ornaments! It's a plant 😮❤🌲🌱 #charliebrown #christmasplant #grinch #lights #christmastree #spirit #lettinggo #theirchoice #lifewithboys

Now I LOVE the christmas season but is it too soon to ask for this weather again?!
Or at least go back to Vegas @coach_jvb?! #tbt #vegas #sun #poolside #flamingo #photoshoot #arsenik #coachjvb #stronggirls

Shout out to all the women. Real women. The ones who encourage and support other women to be real, and stay true to themselves.
Who lift each other up and aren't afraid to compliment each other.
The ones who understand. The ones who aren't quick to judge because labelling is the last things on their mind.
I like these people... I want to take time to recognize two local (to me) women who empower others whether they know it or not.

@katiejanewilken - has taken her passion and created a network of support in our community
@sara_lynn_frasier - this lady I may not know very well but man she can make you feel like a million bucks every time you see her. She greets you with the most genuine smile and builds you up with a compliment in her 'Hellos'

Thank you

Do you ever stop and recognize how hard you are on yourself? Focus on your own flaws or things you lack?
Ever stop and think about the way you are seen from your child's eyes?
My 9 year old is my biggest cheerleader but also has no problem being the most honest with me too.
When going through pictures recently for a project he stopped on this one - first let me say that when I first saw this one I noticed all the things I've tried to hide my entire life - my non perfect teeth, the way my nose scrunches, my wrinkles, my double chin etc. Ugh... the horror.
He however....stopped stared at it and smiled. I asked him 'you actually like that one?' He looked at me like i had 3 heads and said simply
"Yes, you're prettiest when you smile and laugh'
It's since become one of my favorites!
And now I hate to think of all the times I've stopped myself from being in the moment because I was so afraid of my flaws showing
Ugh....the (real) horror!!! #itsafeeling #weststudio #lifestyle #real #kidtruth #honest #smile #laugh #moments #momlife #motherson #fitmom #coachjvb

@coach_jvb recently shared this on facebook and since I have gotten messages and emails asking for details about how we did it.
As you can tell from the hair, they're not extensions, it wasn't an over night transformation.
Honestly, it took deciding and sticking to a lifestyle change. Sometimes missing out on dinners out or social events but knowing it was a choice and not a punishment. It's not a diet or constant restriction of calories. Going into a calorie surplus to try and build muscle was actually the hardest part but making changes takes getting out of your comfort zone
Dealing with questions about 'why?', and meal prepping and working out when you would rather take a great afternoon nap.
But it makes having a great Thanksgiving weekend FULL of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and pie (lots of pie) something I can do without feeling guilty and knowing that it won't set me back.
I wouldn't change the last few years of this journey at all.
There are many different ways you can make positive changes in your life. Find what works for you and take that step.
Willing to bet you won't regret it!! #Repost @coach_jvb (@get_repost)
One of my original STRONG GIRLS and a huge part of my #StrongMamaMovement is my gorgeous Tanya Burke (@tburke_fit )
This Mama of 2 came to me not only looking to get into better shape but also learn some tools to continue elevating her fitness levels.
Not only did this Smokin' Hot Mama 🔥 say SEE-YAH to over 25 lbs forever...
But I've watched her conquer a Fitness Show and 3 Fitness Photo Shoots (1 being a destination shoot in Las Vegas).
Watching Tanya come out of her shell and now so motivated to share her passion of fitness and health with others makes me so emotional (in a happy way of course!) 😭
We've been through so much together and it's really (REALLY) only the beginning.
Love you to pieces Tanya!!! .
I cannot wait to share more of her amazing journey ❤️
And if you want to start your own transformation journey but have no idea where to start➡️Click the link in my bio and let me know what you’ve been struggling with...I’d love to help 🤗 .
Photo @west_studio
MUH @prettymemakeup

To steal a quote from a lady I admire @coach_jvb
You know you're headed in the right direction, when you become uninterested in looking back!

@west_studio @prettymemakeup
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When we learn it's OK to put ourselves first amazing things can happen!
It's not selfish... get back to YOU!

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Mothers; Some days they have no idea how they'll do it BUT every single day it gets done.
Mother: @tburke_fit
HMU (mother) @prettymemakeup
Trainer (mother) @coach_jvb
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When finding this gem on the strip makes your trip even more awesome!!
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