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The down time has been and is nice and I'm not wishing this time away but definitely getting the itch to chase this girl again!
Feeling motivated by my cousin @el_wuorinen - might change it up and set my sights on some weight lifting comps!!! #postpartum #postpregnancybody #goals
#inspo #weightlifting #fit #fitmom #mombod
Trainer @coach_jvb
Photo @west_studio
Hair and makeup @prettymemakeup

Until a couple years ago I was stuck in a very self sabotaging frame of mind. Everything from relationships, self image, goals, self confidence and worth etc. They were all damaged.
Although the decision to change was easy the process was not. It's taken a long time and constant work and daily reminders to continue to work at it.
I came across this the other day and while in the midst of post partum emotions it was a great reminder!! Life Lessons

1. If you live for the weekends and vacations, something is broken
2. Don't dwell on your weaknesses, everyone else is doing that for you
3. Spend 0% of your energy on things that don't matter
4. There is no reason to do shit you hate
5. It's not about how much sleep you get, it's about what you do when you're awake (ok this one is true and also kind of BS in my current place in life lol)
6. Take a step back....now think about how awesome things actaually are
7. Make every decision based on your last 10 years of life instead of the next 10. (Think about this one and it really makes so much sense. Life is all about learning as you go!!) #mondaymotivation

Summer time and the livin is easy!
Going till the sun was down!

When you're about 2 weeks out and the walk to get a cup of this deliciousness is about the only thing you want to get up and moving for!
Oh and the dog cannot be neglected!

#kincardine #lakeeffectjuicebar #smalltown #juice #sogood #38weeks

A little BTS from @dave_laus

Because it's so true! This pregnancy has been much different than past ones. Not going to say it's easy or that there weren't any set backs but the rule of consistency is key!! Not only have I avoided many of those side effects but I've also been able to correct some that I've battled since last pregnancies!! That to me is huge!!! ALSO - I truly believe
Mamas are so gangsta 🤣
I loooooove this GLOWING picture of my girl (and her #BabyBump) - Tanya Burke because it captures a snapshot of her journey as a fit mama!
This image is so gorgeous 🔥
After she found out she was pregnant, we put together her prenatal program to keep her active during pregnancy and, more importantly, to to prepare for postpartum recovery.
Because there isn't a better time to prepare for recovery than during the pregnancy itself 💯
And with the proper training, this not only helps control weight gain but also prevents core dysfunction (and all of the ailments that come with it) before the damage is done.
The truth of the matter is prenatal exercise allows you to adapt to the physical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy because, let's be honest, there are A LOT of uncomfortable changes happening.
But by staying active (with the proper strategy), this will help you avoid many of the pregnancy symptoms that most women suffer from.
Because without preparation during pregnancy, there is increased risks in: ➡️ tears
➡️ hemorrhoids
➡️ uncomfortable sex
➡️ c-section
➡️ back pain
➡️ leaky pipes
➡️ flabby, poochy looking tummy
➡️ leaky pipes
➡️ posture imbalance
Again all of this can be avoided and remedied with the right strategy and some preparation.
Anyway I can't wait to share more of my glowing mama and her journey so stay tuned 💪
I can't wait to get started on learning more and working with mommas and mommas-to-be in the future. Working my butt off to get things going!! #healthypregnancy #pregnancy #prenatal #prenatalfitness #postnatalhealth

Well they did it again!! #tourofkincardine
Little bit longer and A LOT warmer!! They improved on last year's time and are pretty proud!! @tour_of_kincardine @martinsbicycleshop

#kincardine #bike #trails #greatcause #fitkids #norcobikes #fox #martinsbicycleshop

Oh the freedom!! To be young and have no fear again!!
Warming up for the Tour of Kincardine!!
Thank you @martinsbicycleshop for the sweet bike hookup!! @tour_of_kincardine
#tourofkincardine #bluemountain #mtb #downhill #norco #norcofluid #bigair

34 weeks and not going to lie... this last week has been 💩
Things have been difficult and at times I feel like I need to sit down after walking a flight of stairs. My body would prefer to rest all day but with that not being an option at times, I'm left trying to push through till bed time. I'm hoping it's a phase during a growth spurt for the baby.
The doctor thinks dehydration may be playing a part so upping my water intake has been prescribed - you know where you'll find me.

#prenatal #healthypregnancy #tired #canwebedoneyet #stronggirls #bedtime #34weeks

As our due date nears (kind of 😒) I'm finding myself thinking about things I went through after my last was born.
Something that far too many moms lie about when we really shouldn’t be, is that we are fine. Our family doctors always ask us how we are doing every visit, and even when we feel horrible at times, we will lie and say, “I’m fine.”. Feeling like we're supposed to be able to handle it all with ease. It’s okay not to be fine, don’t feel ashamed to tell your doctor if you have been feeling low, anxious, stressed, or even up and down.

There are millions of people in this world who leave their mental health untreated when they could really benefit from receiving help. Your doctor can help you with treatment or recommend a psychiatrist or therapist who can help. Many moms feel entirely alone when they are feeling depressed when they really don't have to. Especially new moms who may be going through postpartum depression. It’s okay to ask for help. Everyone needs someone, sometimes.

I am thankful for the supportive people I had then. My sister who I could call at 4am to come over when I finally realized and was able to admit something wasn't right.
For this time around being strong enough to tell my partner to keep an eye out for signs that may reappear. And this time around being able to admit that this s**t is hard!!! #postpartum #mentalhealth #mentalhealthweek #breakthesilence #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #strong #healthypregnancy #healthymom #postnatal #33weeks1

Happy Monday!! How are you starting your week?! As you grow you learn to surround yourself with people who inspire you! Those who push you to be better, to believe in yourself, be confident, and to not let yourself be made to feel bad for wanting more!! When we see or follow people on social media you never really know what they're actually like. Let me tell you - this group of individuals did not disappoint!!! Their energy is contagious and they leave you feeling like you can take on the world!!
I count myself lucky to have been able to meet them, work with them and learn from them.

@coach_jvb @vinniepe @twochicksandsomelipstick @byvalerianova @nichellelaus @dave_laus
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Importance of proper nutrition!! When I found out I was expecting I knew staying active and sticking to a balanced eating plan was very important this time around.
With my first 2 pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I had gained a 'normal' amount of weight, was a relatively healthy person; there is history of diabetes in my family but other than that no big reason why I developed this.
This meant for the remainder of my pregnancies there would be a very particular diet I would have to follow (not of my choosing), finger pricks at every meal, not to mention risks to the baby.
I'm very happy to say that is not the case this time around. Not only have we avoided it but my blood sugars are perfectly normal!! #gestationaldiabetes #healthypregnancy #fitpregnancy #nutrition #healthyfood #healthybaby

A week or 2 ago I sustained a pretty serious football injury - Yes, you read that right! At least that's how I tell it so it's sounds better than what I really did.
I decided it was a good idea to take a few 9 year old boys (and one 32 year old boy) to play football. The thought was I would simply be quarterback and throw a few TDs. After a few plays it was clear that these 9 year old boys were quite cocky about their professional football skills. Being someone who tries hard to keep my competitive side controlled, I hit a point where it got the better of me.
We set up
Blue 42, Blue 42 - HUT, HUT! (Yes! that all had to be said apparently)
But this time I yelled to the 32 year old boy
'BLOCK THEM!' He looked at me confused... but I didn't/couldn't stop, my mind was made.
I took off running, no, I took off sprinting, full on sprinting!! I will admit these boys can run A LOT faster than I thought!!
I was in the moment and loving it!!
I SCORED that TD and proceeded to imitate their well rehearsed over the top TD celebration!!
I showed them!!
Oh god...
I quickly realized that for a moment I forgot I was pregnant. And although in that moment I felt 20 again my body was not feeling the same.
Long story short... I've been on what one could call bed rest since. And it has been awful!!
I'm finally able to walk normal again and get in some exercise!!
On the plus side, I turn 35 on Thursday and this was my bday present!! Complete with my own gold controller!! It is much safer to beat them at this!! #lifewithboys #football #nolimits #knowyourlimits #cantletthemwin
#fitmom #runfaster #fitkids #ps4 #NHL18 #happybirthday #thisis35 #nevergrowup

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