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ॐTyler Anthony Papaॐ  "Everything for everyone; nothing for ourselves" 🕉❤️☮🙏🏼☯🖖🏽🛐


Perfect display of friendship
Don't take everything in life too seriously
Love those around you
Surround yourself with the right people

The lotus flower. A symbol of our life path toward enlightenment. It shows us how we must grow ourselves in such difficult conditions. Sending our roots deep into ourselves to inevitably reach the light. As we bloom into our full potential eventually we open up to the jewel within. Directing ourselves on this path of awareness is never easy. It is always full of trial and tribulation to ensure our strength and will are true. Enlightenment and self realization become the summit of our existence. We climb the mountain and once the reach the top we realize what a blessing it is. That no true accomplishment comes without earning it and putting in your work. We begin to understand on this path why the pains and hardships find our path. We begin to understand what it means to be awake and alive. And how good it is to live at your full potential. With peace and love emanating from the path outwards and inwards, the personal journey affects others as well. We bring ourselves up, and a wave begins to form. Rippling across everyone in existence until we all find the path, and then become it.

Grateful every day to live in such a beautiful area. Have an amazing day everyone, you're so beautiful 🙏🏻💕🖖🏽

Throwback to that one time my dad and I met Tom Morello. It's a blessing to have you in my life dad, and it's pretty awesome our music taste is the same. Im excited to see Tool with you next week for the millionth time, hopeful that Maynard will make you happy this time haha!
I love you dad and I know today is Father's Day but I celebrate you every day. I love you unconditionally no matter what and I'm ready to blossom into my adult life with your guidance. You've led me and helped me so much over my life I don't know how to repay you. Just know I am forever grateful and appreciative of what you've done and all you will do. You're an amazing man and I support you with everything you do and I'm always here to help. You're the best dad I could ask for. I love you

Celebration of life for my boy Pac. You were an inspiration to me as I learned from your lyrics compassion for my brothers and sisters of humanity. I grew my understanding of how many other people suffer in worse conditions than I, and that even in the midst of all that darkness we experience we can always keep our head up. Through the rain and the pain you said we just have to keep our head up and push on through. You gave me hope to keep pushing on through my darkness when I needed it most. You opened my mind to ask why I have so much riches and so many others suffer in poverty. That message struck me hard and was integral to understanding my purpose to give my life in service to humanity, to find ways to help and support those who are less fortunate than I. Soon enough with all I do to manifest into my life I can achieve that dream. The dream of a world that isn't poverty stricken, where brother doesn't gun down brother, and a world that isn't forced to steal or sell drugs just to get food on the table. I dream of the world where we can still get rich but never have poverty, where the people are motivated to help one another succeed, as the individuals succeed the collective will succeed. We must realize or interconnectedness and have the motivation to help each other. Let knowledge drop!

You know how amazing you are? How beautiful and infinite?
Take down the shroud of selfishness, jealousy, greed, EGO!
Instead we reconcile with kindness, an open heart to give love and peace filled energy from the source to all those around you. Let's grow together, succeed together, and help one another along the way! That my friends, my family, what we came here to do. To remember who and what we truly are! Far more than our superficial material, but an eternal light of soul energy. One together I see you not as a brother or sister but I see you as a part of myself. One and the same. With the same love and care I give myself I shall give to you since you are that part of me. You need love and compassion, understanding and peace as much as I and if there is any gift of service I may hand to you, may I do it with grace and love. 🙏🏻❤️

Me if I ever go outside again

Keep on going. Best progress is made with baby steps and constant flow. Grow out of the old skin and into the new you that you've been working to manifest. Have patience and your hard work will pay off. Don't give in to those little insecure thoughts that you are not enough, avoid the seduction that you are less capable and not worth it because you are. You are the universe held in your form, with that in mind you know your capabilities are infinite.

At one time these steps led to the Golden Lotus Temple of the Self Realization Fellowship started by Pramahansa Yogananda. This temple like many others were designed for all people of religions to come and worship our one God, and to reach that God through self realization. The temple itself had to be deconstructed due to the erosion of the land.
If you are a seeker I recommend coming here. This place has a very high vibration, so high I had to take my shoes off and ground before I flew out of my shoes! The vibration makes meditation that much easier and wonderful.
Yogananda was the man who first brought meditation to the west. He wrote the book Autobiography of a Yogi at this location, a book that changed the lives of so many.

Throwback with my best friend, my brother, and I to a nice morning on the beach being photogenic goobs. Fronds #bestfriendsday #bestfriend #friend #frond #idiot #teamidiot #loweryourcarmoreandbreakit

I just had to let you know...keep it up champ!

God within me recognizes God within you. When we come to this realization we are all made up of the same thing, consciousness, energy, atoms, molecules, and elements we realize we truly are one and the same. With this realization we see we are sacred reflections of that same force and that we are all parts of the same unifying nature. One. We together must treat ourselves with love and respect and treat each other with love and respect since we are all an extension of one another. In other words, treat each other with the same love and respect you would treat yourself. we are each other, we are one.

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