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ॐTyler Anthony Papaॐ  "Everything for everyone; nothing for ourselves" 🕉❤️☮🙏🏼☯🖖🏽🛐


I need less doing
More quiet moments of meditation

We paved over our provider

La la land

If you want your life to change, make it so. You are your soul creator along with the soul creator. Yes in life there are social forces that create our situation. This only serves to further our canvas for what's best in our lives. Play with the opportunities and situations that have been handed to you and overcome all hardships with your head held high. Focus your intention on what you want out of life and to give life in return. Focus on what your purpose in this life truly is, what your soul came here to accomplish. Take action on it. As a physical manifestation of the source we have every right to take action to influence the way the universe evolves. What we do with our soul purpose, will in its own way serve to aid in the evolution. Everything will unfold as it should. The universe will manifest in front of you. Put momentum into the universe with your whole heart, pure intention, and you will watch and equal opposite reaction unfold in your daylily life. You can have everything you want/need. Ask yourself what's in your highest good, and move on it and it will happen.

Birthday meme

Just take a moment to appreciate this gift of life. This holy gift, the experience to be here and to breathe. Honor yourself. If you're going through hard times remember the only constant in life is change, this too shall pass. Awaken your soul and your highest self through constant self work to break down the ego. Reach the jewel within the lotus. Om mani padme hum.

Over our life course we build a shield of ego from our hurts and traumas. The goal of life is to shed all this weight, and learn from our scars. Shed the old skin and come to full expression of the blueprint we came into this life with, our soul, our highest self. And in turn this will make it so much easier to take on the hardships we still have yet to face. Make the most out of your life and what it has to offer, take control of your destiny.

Glad you're back to visit cousin ❤️

Begin the day with gratitude for all you have in this moment. Don't pester yourself with what you wish you had or didn't have. It is a gesture not worth trifling over. Extend your heart out and in with immense love for yourself and anything and all things around you. Keep a place for this love and for peace at its root inside of you. This will help you meet life's challenges and overcome any and all obstacles. You can do it. I believe in you! And you should too, first and foremost. Believe in yourself. 🙏🏻💕🖖🏽❤️

One of the best views i have the privilege of experiencing. Grateful to be here. Time to make the most of my gifts of life, and manifest my service for humanity.

Today during yoga I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry because my body is damaged and I struggle with the simplest poses. This is something I never dreamed I'd face. I have been active since I was 6 doing ju jitsu for 8 years, wrestled for 4, and bodybuilt for 2. Never would I think a physical limitation would keep me down and out. Yet when you look at me one may assume I'm fit with no issues whatsoever. Never judge a book by its cover, a person by their physical attributes. Always assume someone may have a struggle you don't know about whether it's physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual tensions in their/your life we will constantly face obstacles here. Burn your inner fire brighter than those around you and you'll get trough it. The universe will always maintain a balance. For every low point we'll reach a high one. Just trust yourself, have confidence and you'll push through it. You have it all within you. Just hike up your pants, keep your head up and push on! 🙏🏻💕👌🏽❤️🖖🏽


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