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seo ☁️  16, co'19, usa ✉️: tbhstudying@gmail.com TBH15 - paperkumaco TBH10 - journalspiration, itspaperco


whew, it’s been a long week and this weekend will be even busier! but!!! it’s always a good time to remember that we are growing through this hard and stressful times and that we are growing stronger with each day that we live. hope you have a lovely day today :”)))

🗒: @beunruled notebook, stickers from @gentleandruthless, washi tape from aliexpress, @warm_crochet scissors (use code TBH for 10% off! not an affiliate code!)

a quick flatlay post ft my lovely @danielwellington watch!
they’ve got these new holiday bundle sets that have one watch and one extra strap or cuff in it! it’s a rlly good deal since you can get 10% off your order + an additional 15% off if you use my code TBHSTUDYING (disclaimer: not an affiliate code!! i don’t earn any money from it! it’s just to help you out!)
thanks ♡ #danielwellington #ad

🗒: @danielwellington glasgow watch, stickers from @gentleandruthless, rulers, keshipita correction tape, zebra sarasa milk pen

guess what’s going to be up on youtube later today?? keep an eye on youtube + my story for when it comes out or turn on notifications for my channel! link is in bio :”)
i just adore the way my november spread turned out this year aaaaa !!! it’s so warm and cozy i love it ♡ ⠀
🗒: stickers from @gentleandruthless, tombow dual brush pen (light tan and warm yellow i think ?), pentel energel, pentel fude touch brush pen, yellow zebra mildliner, brown micron 005, grey staedtler triplys fineliner, washi tape, muji packaging

i donated blood today!! it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be! also it’s a three day weekend :”) so i’ll be editing some videos tonight since i finally have the time!
here’s a photo of my @gentleandruthless order + i’m so so thrilled with it all! i’ve already used some of the stickers in my november spread (which you’ll see in a video soon hehe) and i’ve already put the print on my wall!! please please please check out chey’s shop bc it’s so cute and cozy and i adore her art + i will be buying more as soon as i am able to!!

🗒: stickers and prints from @gentleandruthless

whew i’m feeling pretty happy because i managed to film everything that i wanted to film this weekend so the only thing that’s really left is just editing them all ;;
anyhow, i hope that you’re doing well :”) i’m going to finish my apush reading + id assignment, the rest of my math homework, and my physics labs today aaaa !!

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i made pasta instead of doing my math homework today + i’ve already procrastinated a lot today ://// but hey! pasta is good so it wasn’t like... unproductive procrastination? but yeah, i’m going to finish the rest of my homework tonight and hopefully get to sleep on time :”) @ everybody else: pls don’t procrastinate!! get off your phone and do your work!! eat some pasta if you have to! get some sleep!!

🗒: essentials a5 journal, zebra mildliners, black 0.5 papermate inkjoy, kuretake zig brushable in fawn, finetec pearlcolors, staedtler triplus fineliners, pentel fude touch brush pen, @itspaperco stickers

hey hi hello yes, it’s finally notes! i feel like a studygram again by posting my notes! aaa i would like to post more notes but almost all of my work is just digital + on places like google classroom haha ;u; i hope that you’re doing well and good luck with your homework!
p.s. if ur reading this, put ur phone down and stop procrastinating. u gotta get ur work done!!

🗒: mead five-star graph notebook, burgundy staedtler triplus fineliner, black pen was either 0.5 papermate inkjoy or m&g, washi tape from aliexpress

i realized that i haven’t rlly posted photos of my bullet journal from october, so here’s a bit! i wanted a less structured and more free-form style, so i kinda ditched doing dates and only wrote to-do lists when i needed them haha :”) i thought it would be super messy, and yeah, it kinda is, but i like the vibes of it ⠀
🗒: don’t remember all of the materials but i do have a list of materials in my october plan with me + i’ll tag some of the materials too

man i just rlly don’t have a lot of school-ish stuff to post bc most of it is all digital :( also if you’re reading this, pls get off your phone and start that one assignment that you’ve been pushing off!! don’t procrastinate!!

instagram brightness is both a blessing and a curse orz but anyhow, these stickers from @itspaperco make me feel so autumnal ? autumn-y ? in the mood for autumn ? yeah, that ahahaha :”) feel free to use my code TBH10 if you’d like! it’s not an affiliate code and i don’t earn any money off of it haha
ALSO WOW october plan with me will be going up sometime tonight so keep an eye on my ig story or youtube :-)))) yah i haven’t been on youtube in ages sorry sorry ;;

🗒: tombow fudenosuke + yellow post-it notepad (with the quote misquoted lmao i think it’s just supposed to be “autumn’s the mellow time” sorry camus), stickers from @itspaperco

a bit from the journal with me livestream from yesterday! we listened to some good music like idle town by @conangray and liability by @lordemusic , talked a lot abt topics like the sense of mediocrity and mental health and diversity in books and societal standards and things like that + it was rlly interesting! thanks for sticking with me :”) the saved live has expired but i’d love to do another one maybe next week ahaha

🗒: ft a lovely phone case from @shopcasezu !! sticker and zebra sarasa milk pens from @stationerystoreco , mock traveler’s notebook (don’t remember what brand sorry), grid ruler (not sure what brand but it’s from seoul lol)

ok i'm very tired of cutting index cards and holepunching them hhhhh but hey ! new post ! with questionable lighting / brightness adjustment !
i've been listening to a ton of music from my instrumental playlists on my spotify with the sudio sweden vasa blä wireless headphones while making flashcards :") thank you so much to @sudiosweden! if ya wanna get some, i have a code for 15% off which is TBHSTUDYING (not an affiliate code + i don't earn any money from it)
ok so it's nearly midnight so i'm gonna head off but yeah! hopefully you're having a good time and not holepunching index cards near midnight :") ⠀
🗒: regular flashcards from walmart, @sudiosweden wireless headphones, papermate inkjoy 0.5, m&g 0.5 pen, daiso notepad, pentel fude touch

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