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seo ☁️  stressed but still trying real hard ☁️ ✉️: tbhstudying@gmail.com 🚫DO NOT REPOST MY PHOTOS🚫

ya girl’s all done with her ap exams~ now i’m flying off to colorado for scioly in a couple of hours!! thanks for putting up with the lack of content in this stressful season :”) i’m planning on filming more content next week ♡

🗒: @yoobi notebook, @glossier mint balm dot com, @mujiusa gel pens, mildliner

i heard from my friends that today was the day for ap bio! congratulations to everyone for making it through the exam :”) hope it wasn’t too stressful! for me, i’ve still got ap calc bc and ap lang left ;;
anyhow, i received a super cute pack of stickers from @stickiiclub and the theme for this one was “slumber party” !! honestly it’s so very cute + the cat stickers were my fav :”) thank you very much to stickii for sending them!! you can swipe on the photo to see more photos too!

🗒: essentials a5 grid journal, stickers from @stickiiclub

i love how adorable the illustrations in my @mosseryco planner is!! it’s an academic planner for the 2018-19 school year, so i can’t use it quite yet ;; i was stress-doodling in it though!! i’m planning on finishing in a livestream, but for now, i have to get back to studying for ap exams :(

🗒: @mosseryco planner (you can use SEO15 until may 15 for 15% off your own planner! disclaimer: it’s an affiliate code), muji eraser, pens from aliexpress ♡

a lil bit from my april bullet journal spreads!! i’m still studying for ap exams, but i’ve already got one down. now, only three to go :”) i also finished editing a video yesterday, so if i have time today, i’ll record a voiceover and upload it today or tmrw ♡

🗒: essentials a5 grid journal, stickers from @paperkumaco (code: SEO10, not an affiliate code!), stickers from @itspaperco, muji pens, uhhhh some purple gel pen, zebra mildliner

oof, i rly don’t post a whole lot of “behind the scenes” photos, but here’s what my bullet journal looked before filming my may plan with me! i like to take about five minutes to make a rough sketch before fully committing to a spread bc i can be Really Indecisive + i don’t wanna commit to pen asap ;u; the pwm video is up + i’ll finish editing a study with me video after my first ap exam. thank you for your patience!!

🗒: essentials a5 grid notebook, 0.5 mechanical pencil, muji 0.38 gel pen for already-written tasks

lecture noooootes !!! can y’all believe that ap exams are next week? wow it seems like the year just passes so quickly ;; i gotta prep for that so sorry abt being more absent on social media but hey!! i’m filming my bullet journal pwm today so here’s to hoping that i can get it out on time :”)

🗒: @yoobi notebook, uni signo dx 0.5 black gel pen, zebra mildliners (smoke blue and coral pink)

you guys have probably seen this on my story, but the cover was so beautiful that i had to upload it as a post on my instagram :”) the hardcover is absolutely lovely, and the embossed lettering is custom 👌🏼👌🏼 i chose to use “to the moon” bc i rly love that phrase. it’s supposed to be a different rendition of the phrase “shoot for the moon. even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” you can use my code SEO15 to get a discount off your very own mossery academic planner for 2019 ♡ @mosseryco

🗒: mossery academic planner + mossery stickers (code: SEO15 is an affiliate code!)

new page, new page!! it might look plain now but i can’t wait to jazz it up with some new stickers aaaaa but also,,,, Too Much Work for a monday :(((

🗒: essentials a5 journal, muji pens, purple soft color uni propia highlighter, stickers from @paperkumaco (code: SEO10, not an affiliate link!! just to save some $$)

whew it’s the middle of the week now and oh Boy school has been rough after spring break! i think it’s bc i’m not used to it after one week of freedom haha

🗒: muji b5 notebook, washi tape from xfreischutz, sticky note, blue black zebra sarasa 0.4, green mildliner, pentel fude touch sign pen

ahaha i don’t rly have anything to post bc i’m still on spring break, but it’s gonna end soon :( here’s just a quick snapshot of what was on my (messy) desk!

🗒: stickers from @moonlume, muji eraser and pens, mildliner, uni propia soft color highlighter, jellycomb mouse, daiso sticky tab, molang sticky note, ruler

i honestly still can’t believe that it’s already april!! ap review season is here to stay :(((((( and spring break is almost over which is ultra sad :((( but it’s ok!! we can pull thru and do it! hope you’re doing well ♡

🗒: my april plan with me is already up on my youtube channel (tbhstudying) and all materials are listed and linked in the description there ♡

oof it’s been a long time since i last posted ;; sorry about that!! i’ve been pretty productive though! i think i’ve gotten a bit better with managing time, and it’s nice to finally be on spring break :”) hope you’ve all been doing well!!
(the notes are from my apush class lecture notes hehe)

🗒: generic 50 cent notebook, papermate inkjoy 0.5 gel pen, mildliner, uni propus soft color highlighter

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