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Ty Blankenship  • FamBam • Outdoorsman • Anything with a ball🏈🏀⚾️ • OSU🍊 • NSU💚 • ᏀᏔᎽ🛶🏹

Look Oklahoma. If you’re going to be cold, BLOW SNOW. If not, be warm and STAY warm so we can kayak the Illinois 🚣🏼‍♂️🤘🏼 shanks

It’s getting to be that time of the year again! #bassfishing #wackyrig #whatgetsyououtdoors #hurryupspring

Looking forward to them warm summer sunsets on Tenkiller. They’re one of my favorite entities. I get so caught up running 100mph between hobbies, jobs, and activities before I realize I haven’t even blinked.. just like many of my friends. These beautiful sunsets make me slow down and take a look around at things I usually just blow by. They make me think about the Heavens above and those watching over us and all of the many blessings in my life. But they also free my mind and sometimes I don’t think about anything at all. Views like these humble me so much... There is a lot of ugly in this world but if you slow down and take a gander at the natural, you’ll find peace. #GodsCountry #nofilter #whatgetsyououtdoors #greencountry #lakebum #gobyebyewinter

Saving land/habitat/crops 9 pigs at a time 🐗 #glock19 #publicland #whatgetsyououtdoors #hog #sendit #bacon

I wanted to wait until final grades were posted... just a few of my amazing supporters, y’all know who you are :)

I’m trying to come up with a caption but everyone leading me different directions. Love these guys/gurllllll #instagramlessChris

Where do I begin... where I seen you working at the dental office for the first time/got your numba? Or the time you spent $170 on a jacket for me....... you’re the most selfless, pick-me-up, always smiling woman I have ever met. You always see the best in everyone annnnd maybe that’s why you’re with me lol. You make the world a better place Ry Faye and I thank God for you. You’re a blessing to me and everyone you’re around. Don’t ever change good lookin’. HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!! (still glad we’re not bandwagon fans) 😘

Mannnnnn it don’t get no better! I had a little 6 point chasing a doe this evening then an 8 point that had been fighting (blood all over his left main beam, broken tines, and moving like me after leg day in the gym) came by and basically took the doe from the little 6. I was SOOOO tempted to take the 8pt but I watched the show instead. They took their frenzy further away from me. In the mean time I had a doe and two yearlings come up behind me and bust me. They seen me moving. I had no idea they were there because of the light rain we had all day today not to mention my attention was elsewhere. I was pretty discouraged after they blew me up once but it wasn’t a minute later, that tore up 8pt and little 6 ran that doe right under me again! Still contemplating on taking the 8 but stuck with my gut feeling. 5 minutes after they moved out of the area I grunted this guy in! He came in on a string, hitting a lickin’ branch/scrape and grunting. But he didn’t want to stop to my mouth grunts at full draw until my 3rd grunt which was more like a VERY LOUD burp.. 23 yards, double lung. He also had a fresh goug above his right eye... Oh and my hunting buddies don’t get much better neither! Thanks to @jakejohnson12_ & @johnson.jax for helping me drag him out! Thanks to @mattchewlovell for making me a believer and giving me his 100g @slicktrickbroadheads (he up’ed his grains to 125) #ishootxpedition #bowhunting #RightUnderStand #goboworgohome #notmuzzleloader #IAMSPORTSMAN

HBD Assie!!! 🎉🎂😉 @cassie_shores love you sis, thankful for you.

You wanna play one on one, doll? 👻🏀 #halloween2017

*FULL video being uploaded to FB* I had no intentions of hunting over Fall Break but I did bring my bow to get some pulls in. The weather was warm and windy so I really just wanted to relax/enjoy the break with my Altus family and practice a little when things were quiet. S/O to my cousin BB for the shots (iPhone 6s)! @bbox_11 much love to my fam bam and until next time! P.s. excuse my bed hair, we had just woke up and we were just reliving the old days of being kids and wandering around outside 😊 #ishootxpedition #bowhunting #goboworgohome #secondpost #technicaldifficulties #IAMSPORTSMAN @xpeditionarchery @scottarcheryofficial @officialgoldtip @nockturnalnocks @beestinger_official @realtreeoutdoors

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