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Taz's Angels  #BBLU

Caption This 😭😂😂

it’s all fun and games till u end up being the baby mama he on the phone with... 🤷🏾‍♀️

Rydaz... Our family has been busy working on content for our @tazsangelsmag and auditioning girls for our #TazsAngelsGentlemensClubDTLA
We’ve been shooting bad bitches non stop ... my #SistaWife and I have barely had time for ourselves or to catch you guys up on everything that’s been happening.
AB has been doing the girls makeup, hair, taking their pictures and also holding down her duties as second wife.
I’ve been doing the videos, styling the shoots and TAZ has been directing the whole shit.
Well we recently have a guest checked into our #TazsAngelsSuiteDTLA and she was originally here for some test shoots for the magazine and to audition for the club, but our Rydaz started suggesting she should be a PROSPECT... She’s interested in becoming a #SistaWife
I knew when the time was right, we would find someone that we were ready to take the next step with, I just didn’t expect for it to happen so out of no where... lol, but we love what we’ve seen from her so far... and I’m not just talking about her pretty ass pussy... 🔞🔞🔞(ClickLinkInBio) lol 😏😽 but seriously DJ has great energy and a personality to match... but let’s NOT start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet... girls have let us down in the past, so we’ll see where this goes... but for now we’re enjoying having her here. Rydaz, stay tuned for some videos we’ll be posting next, let us know if you feel she’s a good fit for #Taz and our #PolyFly family.
Your opinion matters to us and we know some of you can’t afford our Premium Snap to keep up with us there, so we wanted to share this part with our Rydaz that might not be subscribed to our @tazsangelsuncensored to keep you updated... miss you guys, luv u forever. 🖤 -Cat 🐱
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#RydaMail 📬 (SWIPE)

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RYDAZ‼️ Follow our #PolyFly 🖤Family!!! @thepolyflyexperience

RYDAZ‼️ Follow our #PolyFly 🖤Family!!! @thepolyflyexperience

RYDAZ‼️ Follow our #PolyFly 🖤Family!!! @thepolyflyexperience

🤷🏾‍♀️Hello, may I speak to Barbara
Barbara, this is Shirley ... Or start a #POLYFLY family... 💁🏾‍♀️ @thepolyflyexperience


👀 do you feel like it is revenge?

when I smoke weed in the morning... Tag someone and don’t say shit... 😭

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