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Tamaryn Barber  South Africa - New Zealand - California

Whenever I look back at photos of our trip so far, all I can think of is how lucky we are to have experienced all this!!! 🌈How amazing is this place we live!? Hopefully, one day, so will the kids 🙌🏻
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Love our ‘job’ 🙌🏻

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Our mission is to change lives. We believe every affiliate worldwide is a potential beacon of light in a sea of misinformation on health and fitness.⠀

We want affiliates to see what they really offer to their community and to the world: a change in culture. CrossFit affiliates are one of the most powerful vessels for change we have ever seen.⠀

Not only do affiliates offer some of the best information available, but they do so in a setting that is truly unique, with a delivery mechanism that is so simple it’s brilliant — genuine human interaction. This interaction allows people who have never thought they wanted to be fit realize its importance.⠀

By lowering the social threshold, affiliates offer people an environment where they can try things they might not otherwise, like lifting weights or eating healthier. When people see what they’re capable of doing in an affiliate setting, that trickles over into other areas of their life. Work. Family. Relationships. You name it.⠀

Change the individual mindset and you can change the collective mindset.⠀

Or, put differently, change the individual and you change the culture.⠀

Coaches are paradigm-shifters, change-makers, community-builders. ⠀

Warmup & Workout exists to support every coach we can so that they can offer the best version of themselves to every member they meet. The better coaches are, the more likely their members will insist that their friends come and train at their gym, leading to a snowball of success. Success for the affiliate and success of our global mission of helping steer as many people as possible away from decrepitude and sickness toward fitness and health.⠀

Our hope is that affiliates will realize the power they have and then use it for good.⠀

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It’s fine, it’s fine, I’ll do everything, it’s fine 😑

Who’s with me mamas!?

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I’ll just be over here sleeping 😴 Fitness is hard. #18.3 #intheopen #1on6off #loveit #humbledbydoubleunders

Here’s a booty shot of 18.2, because after 11 years of CrossFit I’m still working on that pain face🤣

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When your brain thinks you’re still an athlete, but your body doesn’t 🤣 It was supposed to be a swing to jerk right!? #stillcounts #18.1 #1on6off #travelwillopen #fitfam #famfit @warmupandworkout @yoked.fit

No beach in sight, but I guess this will do 😜 #tothemountains #oakes #travelfamily #sidekick #247familytime #arrowsheadandstick 🤣

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