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Naomi Davis // Love Taza  📍raising my 5 little new yorkers in NYC 👶🏼👶🏼new twin mama ❤️married to @tiesandfries 👋🏻💌taza@lovetaza.com ☀️️👇🏻celebrating family, motherhood & life!

This is a true story. Somewhere in our apartment, there are three brand new pairs of tights I ordered for Eleanor a few weeks ago that one of her brothers unpackaged and can’t remember where he put them. I keep thinking they’ll turn up because our apartment isn’t that big, but still nothing. This probably says more about how unorganized our space is that we haven’t found a single pair yet. Knowing how things work around here, I’m confident they’ll all show up once our hot and humid summer is here.☀️ #happysunday

baby🐻🐻’s and a whole lotta yellow.

I’m not cold. I’m not cold. I’m so cold. 🌬Bundling up inside and getting a start on watching Christmas movies tonight.🍿Going to try to persuade Josh to watch one with me after the kids go to sleep😎 What’s your favorite Christmas movie you think @tiesandfries would be into (I’ll watch any movie with Christmas in it🎄obviously)

Take me back to Pie Night last Saturday! One of our favorite traditions to do each December😋 We maybe started the party at 9pm this year so our kids would be asleep before it all started. I felt a little bad to exclude them this year but I also wanted to selfishly eat pie without holding babies so I made the call and I’m never looking back! Pie night without kids is the very best kind of pie night.😎 (videos on my insta stories from the voting/award ceremony which @tiesandfries puts on each year😂 and I also linked my pie recipe there too if you’re interested in a good berry crumble❤️) #pienight #holidayseason

2018🎄 + 2008🎄(swipe left.) A lot has happened since decorating that little Christmas tree together in our tiny 400 square foot studio apartment in Harlem back in ‘08. December is always a fun time to look back at the years. What I’ve realized here: 1- I’ve always been an obnoxious documenter even long before the social media days, 2- we’ve gotten much better at stringing Christmas lights and 3- pinching myself a bunch of times that I get to live my life surrounded by the people I love so much. They bring me so much joy. I’m so very thankful for my family. The full videos are up on my blog, but here’s a little 60 second clip from each if you aren’t into clicking over! #christmastree #merrychristmas

Madalena (in blue) and Beatrice (in the hat). 💕A few more photos from yesterday’s blog post because picking just one to share here isn’t my strong suit.

Babies during the holiday season! Is there anything better?!?!🎄🎉🎅🏻🤶🏻🎁👯‍♀️💥Thank you for the darling outfits, @Gymboree #GiveHappyGymboree #ad

I got tickets months ago for Peter & the Wolf at the Guggenheim. If you know me, you know how I never shut up about how it’s my favorite thing to do in nyc over the holidays with my kids. And we’ve done it every year since they were babies. They talk about it throughout the year and as a once upon a time performer, it’s the kind of thing I live for sharing with my kids. And then, as the social calendar started to get situated for the holidays, a birthday party for a dear friend of E’s came up at the same time as the show and when I read the invite, it hit me like a rock how limited my time with her is becoming. I knew she’d choose the birthday party this year instead of the show if I presented her the option, which I did of course because I want her to make these choices on her own and I know it’s good for her and also good for me. “So since they are at the same time, do you wanna maybe think it over tonight which one you’d like to go to?” “The birthday party.” “.......Yeah but, do you wanna pretend you wanna think it over?!” Just kidding. I didn’t say that. But man. Just like that they are moving away from the nest ever so slowly and choosing to do things with friends and it’s good and exciting and also terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time. But she had the best time with her friends (they went ice skating in Central Park💁🏻) and the boys and I had the best time with our auntie Hannah who filled in for E on our holiday date and I guess I’m just sharing because it’s a new phase of motherhood for me and I know it’s going to take much adjusting for everyone but mostly for me. This stuff makes me feel all the feels, all the time. Are you even still reading this?📚 #novel #sorry

Self-timer family photo sesh with Samson on remote control duty📸 (swipe left.) Between the ninja posing and goofy faces to baby spit up mid frame and my eyes being closed, I love each picture so much. Especially that final one Samson took of himself after we all walked away😂🎉 Happy Sunday from our crazy bunch to yours! #family #sunday #selftimersuccess

Who did it best👯‍♀️👯‍♀️😎😎😂😂 (swipe left) @tiesandfries

6 months ago today....Waddling into the hospital in labor with my baby girls👶🏼👶🏼One of the best days of my life, not just because I got to meet our beautiful babies some ten hours later, but also because I could finally take a full breath again after delivery.😎 #twinpregnancy #🎉🎉

That gray in his beard is coming in nicely😍The dark circles under my eyes are also coming in nicely but aw man, the sunglasses got in the way of showing you😏 #imnottiredyouretired 😴