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Naomi Davis // Love Taza  📍raising my 5 little new yorkers in NYC 👶🏼👶🏼new twin mama ❤️married to @tiesandfries 👋🏻💌taza@lovetaza.com ☀️️👇🏻celebrating family, motherhood & life!

This isn’t what it looks like🇮🇹😎🍧 but hey while I have you here, eating gelato after every meal as well as before each meal is totally okay, right? ...asking for a friend.

Actually, forget what I said about that little yellow fiat 500 for a minute. Can we discuss this adorable tiny one seater that has stolen not just mine but also Eleanor’s heart?! #bestillmyheart #italy

So good, we maybe went two nights in a row🍕🍕🍕 #gustapizza #florence #pizzalife

Art history lesson for all 7 of us today visiting Michelangelo’s David. 🖼 and hello, Florence! So happy to be here exploring this old beautiful city for a few days. #florence #travelingwithkids #travel

Eating his way through Italy 🇮🇹 one plate of pasta at a time🍝 ...Swipe left for video... He asked the waiter for 5 meatballs with his spaghetti today and didn’t leave a single one behind.😋

Found my dream car in my dream color💛brb cramming my family of 7 inside and taking it back to New York😉😎😍

Madalena’s first taste of gelato 🍧I mean, when in Rome, right?! Beatrice was snoozing so Madalena ate her bite, too.😎 And she loved it! Only problem is now SHE KNOWS and every time anyone is enjoying one, she’s frantic for a lick.🤪

A Temple in Rome!🇮🇹Our family enjoyed touring the new beautiful temple before it is dedicated next month. Before dedication, anyone of any faith, as well as children, are welcome to walk through during an Open House period to learn more about the House of the Lord. After dedication, our Temples are used by members prepared to perform sacred ordinances, different than those we do each Sunday during our church worship. This is the very first Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy, and I’m so happy for all who will able to finally have access to a Temple there. I know it’s not popular to talk about this stuff on IG, but as someone who has felt immense love and received better understanding and answers to my personal questions about life when prioritizing going to the Temple, I’d be remiss to not share how significant the House of the Lord has been in my life. Grateful to have been able to walk my children through such a special place that has brought much peace and purpose to my life. #lds #ldstemple

Threw a couple of coins into the Trevi Fountain today. A few didn’t even land anywhere near the water😂 (not really a sporty family over here. What even IS a pitching arm?!) but hopefully the original legend is still on our side and ensures us a return trip to Rome someday🤞🏼 (second photo by Eleanor❤️) #trevifountain #rome #familytravel

Don’t slow down the tour on our account!🇮🇹Baby girls are teaching Mama how to be a good multitasker! 👶🏼👶🏼 These are the moments I’ll hold onto forever. It’s like combining a lot of dreams in one being here and taking in the sites but also with my babies in my arms, I’m truly just so very thankful. #rome #happymama

🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 put a big blog post up last night with more photos and written stories! A few links in my stories, too. ....OFF TO FIND MORE PIZZA🍕

Like mother, like daughter. 😂🤪😎 We were totally ready for this picture, Josh🙄😉❤️

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