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Taylor Tote  Singer-Songwriter www.taylortote.com “This Ain’t Love” available for stream and download everywhere!👇🏼

TONIGHT! So excited to be supporting The Project Matters tonight at The Downtown in Red Bank with talented friends, Dan Amato and Fern! Looking for something fun to do? Well don’t do anything else but come to this show. Wear a costume, don’t wear a costume, win prizes, get some FREE CANDY, drink some beer, drink some water, and listen to bomb ass music! Does it get any better? Def not. SEE YA THERE💛

Talked a little bit about my anxiety over on @needlesandspoons_ yesterday! My BFF @lissiepoyner was diagnosed with T1D almost five years ago and UC earlier this year. She designed these shirts to not only spread awareness for chronic illnesses but mental illness as well. The spoon theory represents the amount of energy it takes for someone with chronic illness to do everyday things and as my anxiety progresses, this is a theory I can definitely relate to. If you buy a shirt, all proceeds help fund different chronic/mental illness associations so click the link in the @needlesandspoons_ bio to support!
If you read the post yesterday (which you totally should go do right now!) I’d like to elaborate a little more. Back in June, specifically on my birthday, I wrote in a post that I was going to try to be more open and honest about how I’m feeling. Mostly because I know it’s never a good idea to bottle feelings up but I’ve met so many people that relate and I think it’s important for all of us to know we aren’t alone in our thoughts.
It’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I don’t want to come off like I’m seeking attention/pity or just being flat out over dramatic and I also don’t want to risk offending anyone. I’ve gone through a lot more this year than I ever thought I could and with recent (national) events, my anxiety has hit an all time high. And what’s worse is how anxiety affects me as a musician, my voice, my career, my main source of income.
The past three weeks have been a whirlwind, and stress hormones cause the muscles in your body to tighten including all of the muscles (yes, muscles) it takes to sing or even speak. My voice has suffered as a result- you can hear it when I speak and you can hear it when I sing. It also causes fatigue, which sleep is something that seems like an impossible feat, but it’s like my body won’t allow me to run around on stage without losing my breath like I used to.
There’s more I’d like to eventually share but this I feel is enough right now. It’s a slow process but I feel it’s important for me to talk about so hopefully my instrument no longer suffers. We are not alone.

A magical time at Asbury Lanes last night ✨
📸: @kgroskranz_photography IS AMAZING!🔥

HEY! What are you doing this Saturday night? OH YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT!! You’re going to The Asbury Lanes! And if that’s not already in your plans, what are you waiting for? Come early and stay late because there’s literally zero part of this show that you want to miss. If you haven’t heard Nalani & Sarina and Pepperwine, YOU HAVE TO. They will not disappoint, and of course The Taylor Tote Band is closing out the night! Doors are at 7pm, show starts at 8pm | Tickets are $12 in advance (at the box office, service fee applied online) and $15 at the door. Get ready to have your faces blown off because these ladies and amazing gents backing us know how to effing ROCK🔥

My people💛 I’m so excited that fall is here and we have some fun shows coming up for you to check out after an amazing summer in the studio! I was talking to a fellow musician earlier this week about how every time we give ourselves a time limit for a project, it ends up taking quadruple the amount of time. At times it can be frustrating because we work so hard to get our songs out, and it’s even more frustrating listening to how great they sound and wanting everyone to hear it already! But shit happens- there have been a lot of set backs, mostly personal issues. Patience is key and every day is a step closer🙏🏼 My next single is very personal and is probably the best song I’ve ever written/recorded and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Soon, soon✨ In the meantime, we got some fun ass shows so come hang!
• Friday, September 28 - Junction Live, Long Beach, NY 11pm for the Music-preneur Mindset Summit
• Saturday, September 29 - Susquehanna University’s Fallchella, Selinsgrove, PA 2pm-7:30pm
• Saturday, October 6 - Headlining the Power Of Females at the Asbury Lanes with Nalani & Sarina and Pepperwine, Asbury Park, NJ Doors 7pm | 8pm start

jus me n a palm tree

A shot from Sunday’s shoot! To be honest, I was extremely anxious about this day (LOL, what’s new?). I couldn’t get anyone to do my make up so I had to do my own (yikes), I was hoping to lose a few pounds before hand to look slimmer (but, you know, bread), I wasn’t feeling overall confident. The first half hour I was having a break down, but I quickly realized that I’m not perfect and I shouldn’t expect anyone else to think so. I get a lot of hate for caring too much about “my image” and even playing Rock music in such a Pop world. But let’s get real, Pop is suffering. I haven’t felt any REAL emotions from Pop songs in a long time (with a few exceptions). The imagery doesn’t even seem to match the vibe of a lot of artists’ songs, and that’s important to me. I’ve noticed I portray a lot of anxiety in my songs and this image kind of shows that side of what my songwriting is like. You get who I am and what my music is like before even hearing it just by looking at this photo. New singles are on their way and I can’t wait to show everyone what’s happening. Kostas’ vision and hard work never fail to amaze me. Thank you to all of my people who support me on this amazing journey!

Photo: @kostasphoto
Lighting: @proudfather_2311
Fashion: @skulls_and_style
Hair: @laura_ransom
The person who never fails to keep everything rolling and running smoothly: @ttote1

WEDNESDAY!! August 15, I’m so excited to be joining Storytellers: Love and Loss Edition in The Asbury Hotel Event Space. Put on by The Asbury Park Press and USA Today, I’ll be telling a story about Love and Loss and the story behind my new single “Heart’s A Boomerang” (which will be released next month!!!) as well as performing it. I’ll be joined by other songwriters, the amazing @desswagmatics and my incredible best friend @ashleymckinley before she moves to Nashville this weekend. Other Storytellers will be joining the line up and I couldn’t be more excited to share my heart more in depth with you. More information is in the link in my bio and I hope to see you there!✨

“THIS AIN’T LOVE” Lyric Video out a day early! Check out the link in my bio for an awesome article about the song and the inspiration for why it was written from Makin Waves! Thank you so much to everyone involved, can’t wait to release more music coming out soon. “THIS AIN’T LOVE” available for download and stream everywhere tomorrow ✨


MY PEOPLE. Today was amazing. I went over to BMI to talk about some plans moving forward. So excited and honored to have their support, can’t wait to see where this relationship leads✨😛

“Mama Told Me” from the Friday The 13th show is out NOW!! One of my favorite songs I’ve written and one of my favorite songs to perform. Click the link in my bio to see why! This video is special and really captures what we’re like to see live. The ending is my favorite. This is when I really started to mesh my ideas of modern scenarios, Pop melodies and lyrics with a Rock band and vibe which led into other favorites of mine such as “If You’re Good” (also on my Youtube and currently being studio recorded) and “Miss You” (on iTunes and Spotify, live version soon to be released). Let me know what you think 🔥🔥🔥
Catch us this Saturday night at The Saint in Asbury along with other talented artists! 7:30 doors | $10 admission | 18+ only

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