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Taylor "Tayrex" Nelms  Cosplay, climbing, yoga...and other things sometimes! @starsofcosplay page model


Katsucon is so damn close 😭😭 what do you guys think? Which of my costumes that I've already made do you want to see more of? Maybe I can pack them up for Washington
Photo by @kevinertia
Costume sewn by @bobbinweavecostumes

Do you ship it? Y/N

Photo by @papanotzzi
Mineta @kawaiibrocosplay
Mt Lady @tayrex

Body suit @brandonogilberto

Thank you all for your patience. I am slowly getting myself back into some sort of a routine. I love yall
Tiddieheart photo from @kevinertia

Working out with friends is always better than working out alone.
@fffuuutography curls me while @beerdlie gets the recording right this time.

Are y'all sick of the Mt Lady spam yet? CAUSE I AM NOT!!! Photo by @papanotzzi, all might cosplayer @leonchiro

No one can say that @ngophotosplease doesnt take super freaking cute photos. And if anyone does, I'll finger gun you into next Tuesday. Also, look at @danielledenicola. Who is, to be frank, perfection incarnate.

Happy '18 y'all. I hope you all had a grand old time, and I hope you did it responsibly! ❤️

@roadrnr08 tagged me to do the 3 costumes I feel I am best known for. I don't know how to qualify that, but Mt Lady, Female Predator and Haruko Haruhara have proven to be my most popular babes.

Photos from @kevinertia @wagewarproductions @darkain

Oh. By the way. #lolabooty
Photo: @kevinertia

Mood. Photo from @kevinertia

I don't know how frequent my posts will be for a time (sad story explained below), so in case I drop off the face of the earth for a week or so, enjoy this picture from @paoimages of me and @kawaiibrocosplay at Holmat. If you aren't already aware, my father passed away suddenly on Wednesday. He was the greatest man I have ever met, and this is definitely the most difficult thing I have ever been through. So thank you for your patience while I work through this. ❤️

I have just added all of the materials for my Launch cosplay to my amazon wishlist! I never ever expect y'all to buy me anything, but if you are desperate to see me cosplay some more DBZ babes, my amazon wishlist is http://a.co/9rl5GOL android 18 costume from @danielledenicola photo by @kevinertia #cosplay #anime #manga #dragonballz #dbz #dragonball #android18 #nerdygirl #nerdgirl

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