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Taylor "Tayrex" Nelms  Cosplay, climbing, yoga...and other things sometimes! @starsofcosplay page model


I would apologise for all of the predator spam....BUT IM NOT SORRY BECAUSE I'M REALLY PROUD OF THIS COSTUME Y'ALL Photo from @bigduo84

I miss @danielledenicola 😭😭😭 that is all.

Here's a photo of us being cute in each others costumes from @jwaidesign ❀❀

AYE, YE SCURVY DOGS! It be talk like a pirate day and ye need to abide. Tis pirate law, mutha fuckaaaaaaa! 😘
would you just look at this new new from @ngophotosplease? HE BE A WIZARD WITH THE LENS

Also, notice that the costume is crisp AF. That's because I didn't sew it. @bobbinweavecostumes
Did and she is open for commissions, YE LAND LUBBERS!

I'm going to explode. I'm just going to pop and poof and be non-existent if yall keep loving on me so much. I have so much planned. And I'm thinking maybe a classic teen titans starfire may be in order in the near future...just sayin....

HOLY GUACAMOLE YALL! I made it to the top 10 in the casting for the empty spot in the #nerdydozen ! This is the final round! Please please show this some love to help me get featured and grow this crazy instagram feed!

My internet is still down, my cell service is still shotty, and I'm itching to get back to work on costumes. In the meantime, moar predator! Photo from @smoovecosplaya

I'm missing my little spider boob babes already 😭

Photo from @danielledenicola who is also anti-gwenom

Mary Jane is @jennalynnmeowri
Suit designs are aaallllll by @brandonogilberto
Loneliness is brought to you by #postcondepression

Man oh man....i need to crack down on my costume plans for katsucon! It's going to be here before I am even ready!

This photo was taken by @saralynn_photo

AVAST YE, MATEY!! look at this amazing photo from @kevinertia of my captain hook that @bobbinweavecostumes sewed for me!! She is open for commissions!

Sorry I haven't posted! Power was down and phone reception was a huge zero!

Hurricane Irma got me like
photo by @kevinertia
Costume on loan from @danielledenicola

A photo from @kevinertia of @jwaidesign taking a photo of me and @danielledenicola at dragoncon last weekend πŸ˜† photoception

Where is a rum sharing pirate when you need one? Life gets weird sometimes, so sometimes you share a bottle with a Jack Sparrow cosplayer who actually owns a pirwte ship. When i find his business card or if one of yall knows him, he will be tagged

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