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Happy Earth day! Y'all know I'm a little bit of a hippy, so if you're just here for the photos, don't read beyond this paragraph and enjoy this Krysta ferngully photo from 2014 😲!!! If you like my hippy jibber jabber: take a second to think about your own impact on the environment. Like it or not, we are negatively impacting this planet. The great barrier reef has been pronounced dead due to climate change and bleaching. Every day a different species dies off or becomes endangered. There are literal miles large islands of garbage floating in our oceans. We can each make small differences in our day to day lives. Don't use plastic straws, bring reusable bags to the grocery store, recycle, compost, walk places. It's up to us to preserve what we have, and it's up to us to protect it! This is our only planet, y'all. We gotta take care of it.

#cosplay #earthday #ferngully

Some people may say I lay in my back yard too much, to which I respond "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you from way out here in my back yard"

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#gooutside #mindyourownbusiness #whatothersthinkofyouisnoneofyourbusiness #peteverydog

Saucy ☺

Im so sad to hear that Minoru Takanashi has passed away. He produced the cowboy bebop movie, so here's Julia.

I've been cleaning my craft room out to get to work on my colossal con costumes! I've got like...4-6 costumes to make in the next 2 months. HURRAY! Haha until then, enjoy Julia, shot by @mind_fall
#cosplay #anime #cowboybebop #spikespiegel #MinoruTakanashi

Holy cow guys, this is late. I thought I had finished doing my little shares, but I missed these two lovely people and I feel terrible so here they are! The incredible and wonderful @teppybaka and @19darkknight87! Two super nice, super supportive, wonderful humans! Love love love them.

This whole Easter photo set has been a comedy of errors. The costume was sewn by @piecesanbits on Wednesday, I made accessories on Thursday and I styled the wig Friday before the photo shoot. Then @kevinertia came over to shoot it, but had forgotten some stuff so he improvised and we STILL got some shots! I'm so proud of the team woooork!

#cosplay #breathofthewild #botw #princesszelda #bunnygirl #bunnysuit #easter

HAPPY EASTER DARLINGS!! Photo by @kevinertia
Bunny suit sewn by @piecesanbits
Cosplayer: @tayrex (me!) #cosplay #easter #easterbunny #bunnysuit #bunnygirl #princesszelda #botw #breathofthewild

Yesterday @kevinertia and I shot a surprise set that you'll be seeing tomorrow! I'm just so excited about it I had to share a tiny sneak peek here! The rest of my bts, super secret costume progress and early access to photoshoots gets posted on my patreon, which is linked in my profile!

#cosplay #botw #breathofthewild #princesszelda #selfiesunday

I hurt my knee last week rock climbing. I flew off the finish of a bouldering problem, karate kicked a girl in the chest mid air, kicked myself in the vagina and landed on my bent knee. Now I'm working out whether it is a torn PCL or just a bad sprain. At least my dog is still sweet on me!

Pants from @buddha_pants
You can use my code tayrex_10

#rockclimbing #bouldering #airedaleterrier #fitness

I freaking love this photo of my Bulma cosplay from @miamimkkrew. It's just so Bulma (and so me, if we are being perfectly honest)

#cosplay #bulma #dbz #dragonball #dragonballz

3 years ago I found Gary Laser-eyes starving in my yard at 5 pounds. I've paid for him to have surgery, I relocated him to my new home and how does he repay me? He leaves me for my new neighbors. Well, then he got sick and who took him to the vet? This girl. (My lovely neighbors helped pay the vet bills) and now after 5 days at the vet, he has decided we are friends again. Little shit. ❤

#dogperson #ungrateful #tuxedocat #curlyhair

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