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Taylor Sterling ⋒  mom. creative director. dreamer. making magic ⚡️ founder of @glitterguide half of @tireddreamersclub bi-weekly newsletter ☟ San Francisco Bay Area

In my happy place today surrounded by good people, pretty jewelry and lots of flowers. Thanks @maisonmiru. 💛 #lovemadevisible

Happy Earth Day! 🌎 I’m of the mindset that small changes can make a big impact. It’s not about perfection either. I’m working on my sustainability efforts. I have such a long way to go, but each day I’m trying and learning. A lot of the items in my home are vintage or from the thrift store. I love showcasing items with a story.

Here are some things I’ve been doing that may work for you, too:
〰️ Shopping secondhand, locally and from small shops. Shopping sustainable brands. Appreciating what you already own.
〰️ Reducing paper, junk mail, catalogs, etc.
〰️ Unplugging electronics
〰️ Being more energy efficient: open windows, use blankets, hand wash more, hang dry clothes, only full loads, air dry hair, remove single use wipes, etc.
〰️ Cleaning up beaches and not buying products that harm
〰️ Shopping farmers market. Growing veggies and herbs in your yard (this is a major goal this year).
〰️ Vintage and thrifted decor and books
〰️ Using less plastic
〰️ Reuse more
〰️ Educating and empowering my children about all of these things.

Again, I’m not perfect but it’s about small changes I can maintain and work for my family. Share some easy things you do to be more kind to the planet.

I can’t always be in a good mood, but when I’m able to show myself empathy I try to see the bright side and shift my self-talk to be more positive. It’s also helpful to separate myself from my thoughts and realize that’s all they are— just thoughts. Thanks @shopbando 💚

Sunbathing my plants because I can’t get them to thrive no matter how hard I try! I keep saying this is the year I will get my green thumb. Still waiting 😢

My forever muse. 💙

Sunbathing in @st_roche: a beautiful sustainable fashion line designed in Los Angeles. 💙 I’d love to know your favorite sustainable brands for women and kids!

The Central Coast is special to my husband and me. ✨ We both went to Cal Poly, SLO. Ironically we didn’t meet there, but we make an effort to go back every year. This trip we stayed at @dolphinbayresort_ and it was everything we hoped for. The kids couldn’t get enough of the pool and daily trips down to the ocean to look for shells. 🐚
Don’t be fooled by my pretty Stories though. We had our share of tantrums and my son got sick with a fever the second night. You just got to roll with the punches—they add to the memories ☀️ Did you travel for spring break? Where did you go?

My office: where muted pastels thrive. 〰️
What’s your color this year? Mine is soft yellow. ☀️

Always room in my heart for dainty prints + ruffles. @shopmille @batshevadress

Last month marked 10 years of blogging for me! It’s been an entire decade!

What an amazing + wild journey it’s been. Have you been following for the entire decade?

Today on taylor-sterling.com, I talk about some of the things I’ve learned and things I would do differently if I was starting out now. Link in bio 〰️
I thought it would be fun here to use emojis to highlight your past 10 years. What are yours?
Let me try:
👩🏻‍🎤 (my future self, lol)

You could basically fry an egg on my face. 🍳 Gimme all the oils and highlighters ✨✨

A pair of vintage overalls + a $4 thrifted top + a reusable tote bag + old sneakers got me feeling like my truest self. 〰️ A good reminder to dress for yourself because your confidence will shine through no matter what the outfit ☻

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