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It’s not always so effortless to be this happy!!! And that’s okay! Some days it’s hard to find a reason to get out of bed much less feel this kind of authentic joy. Since I was diagnosed with depression seven years ago I’ve learned how to be gentle with myself. I’ve learned to nurture my soul like I do the fern that’s hanging in my room. I take time everyday to check in with myself, get those endorphins through constant ~spinning~, take my medicine, and do something I love with people I love. I also let myself not be okay. I let myself be sad because recognizing my emotions and my depression as valid and normal has been a huge part of my healing. Finding my stride while managing my mental health hasn’t always been easy. It took the loss of my best friend, a lot of music and a lot more Jesus but I finally feel like I GOT this. And I’m so thankful that this kind of happiness occurs all the time. If you ever need to talk it out, cry on my shoulder or daily dance the hurt away please reach out. You’re not alone and whatever you feel right now is absolutely right and okay. Let’s love each other a little harder.

Come make that booty work with me before I go on vacay next week!!! Monday 8AM Florence + Coldplay
Tuesday 730AM Halsey + 5SOS (my dream theme come help me live my life)
Wednesday 430PM Drake + G-Eazy + Post Malone ( soft bois ayyy)
Friday 430PM New Music Friday
Saturday 1030AM Teen Angst
DM for guest spots or for your first time free!!!!!

Im absolutely MAD about this city and the people it’s brought me. People who love me for me and support me through every trial and triumph. I’m BLESSED and this is my reminder for you to count your blessings too.

7 years ago my dad said 5sos was “just a phase”, yikes . Thankful for this band for giving me joy when nothing else did. Thankful for them for singing melodies that brightened my depressed mind and gave me hope. My love for this boy band may seem silly but they saved me and continue to every time I feel lost. Never let anyone take something away from you that gives you joy. Never feel bad about the things that make you happy even if it’s four Australian boys who badly need a haircut.

Yes. I. Can. This week I’ve repeated this mantra every time “can’t” creeps it’s way into my mind. I’ve been constantly in awe of how believing in myself allows things to fall into place. Try it and you’ll see.

These people, these places, these words fill my soul with sunshine. Comment some of your favorite quotes that warm your heart on rainy days?

Find people who make everyday feel like gameday

(Special deal and class times at the end of post) okay y’all listen up I know I talk a lot about Cyc and how you should come ride but you seriously should and here’s why: this shit changed my life. I used to view working out as a chore and now it’s something I LOVE. There is a motivational aspect that for someone who struggles with depression is ESSENTIAL. I am mentally healthier every time I walk out of that room. And last but not least Cyc is the most supportive community of badass individuals!! So come! What’s the worst that could happen? I was a new rider once too and look how that worked out! So grab a friend and try something new together!
SPECIAL DEAL!! New riders can ride for free as many times as they want from now-Sept 5 just make an account and walk in!
Sunday 10:30 AM
Monday 10:30AM
Tuesday 7:30AM- Halsey and Ariana
Wednesday 4:30PM - Kendrick, Kanye and G-eazy
Friday 4:30PM- Rappers vs Rockers
DM FOR GUEST PASSES! 📷: the amazing @jakeleskovar

Imagine if we treated everyone the way we treat our puppers!! With lots of love, hugs, encouraging words and heaps of forgiveness even when they eat our shoes. This little lady came into my life when I really needed her and has taught me so much about unconditional love, let’s spread a little more of that today.

For 21 years this world has been a little better because of your sunshiney soul hbd to my heart 🌹

Beauty and Brains folks this one is a catch

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