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Taylor Neisen  And sometimes, I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

🍊 Who wore it better?

No alcohol allowed aboard the Steinlager II so I got demoted from bartender to grinder. At least I got my arm workout in for the day? #americascup #newzealand

Collect moments, not things. Unless it's bumper stickers. Then collect that shit and stick it on your longboard.

Coolest valentine from the coolest kid. Can you believe I used to change his diapers? #HappyValentinesDay


K, I'm ready to go back to Antarctica now. 📷@footloosefotography

"In a world of seven billion people, where every inch of land has been mapped, much of it developed, and too much of it destroyed, the sea remains the final unseen, untouched, and undiscovered wilderness, the planet's last great frontier. There are no mobile phones down there, no e-mails, no tweeting, no twerking, no car keys to lose, no terrorist threats, no birthdays to forget, no penalties for late credit card payments, and no dog shit to step in before a job interview. All the stress, noise, and distractions of life are left at the surface. The ocean is the last truly quiet place on Earth." Deep by James Nestor is a great read if you too are a mermaid. It also doubles as sun protection when your pasty Antarctic skin hasn't seen the sun in weeks! 📷@warnersltoo

Don't think I need to do that ever again.

Hardly slept, drank way too much beer, & had about 8 ice cream cones too many but our South Island expedition dream team drove just about every inch of road possible! And some bits of unintentional off-roading thanks to my subpar driving skills. Thanks for being the ultimate guide @nevillejones. @warnersltoo supplied a kickass playlist w the occasional snoring remix and @stevenjlw provided hours of entertainment which mostly consisted of us laughing at him. #newzealand

Got to the edge and thought I better hold on in case I accidentally fell off the bridge. Wait, what? #newzealand

Got to New Zealand after 8 days at sea and hopped in the car to drive 7 hours on the wrong side of the road so I can jump off a bridge. Happy cuz I had at least two ice creams on the way. #newzealand