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Mauis first time shedding since I purchased him! One way you can monitor your snakes health is by how their sheds come out. A full shed like this is always a great sign ☺️

Happy world snake day!!! Here's Celia doing a hiss. Side note, I'm still waiting for my camera to be delivered to my house after leaving it in Phoenix over two weeks AGO UGH.

Had a great time back in california with @michellekhare and @jayprehistoricpets 🐍 videos up on both their channels of what we did. sadly I was super sick that day so couldn't film something for my own channel... next time though! πŸ˜‡β€

Still waiting for my camera to be shipped to my house ever since I left it in Phoenix 😩 for now here's a low quality pic of kovu because I'm working on a video about him🐭🌡

Sleepy babe πŸ’πŸ˜‡ My turtle video finishes uploading in about 20 min... do I post it tonight or wait till a normal hour tmrw (noon)? πŸ€”

today I took approx 80 red eared sliders from an illegal vendor off the side of the street. I took a pic of his "permit" and his face before I took the turtles. Yes I paid for them, but filmed it all and I hope the video I make out of it spreads awareness about this and why it's not a good business to support. also I reported him to authorities beforehand. I wanted to at least save these 80, even if it paid him. They were in 105 degree heat and dying. His permit, even if it was real, stated he can't sell them for anything but educational purposes and that they had to be over 4 inches to sell... these are barely two inches. He told me he got them from someone who caught them in El Paso, which is also illegal. Currently they're in a 46 gal tank in my house with everything they need... but obviously I can't keep 80 turtles all healthy in a 46 gal tank for long. If anyone in San Antonio wants one/some (for free) let me know. They do better in pairs/groups but that means you'll need even BIGGER tanks in the future so prep yourself. I will only give them to people who know how to take care of them & has at least a 15-20 gal tank for a single baby/pair and will be willing to size up to the 40 they will need within a year. They also need a UVB lamp, a heat lamp, filter, a basking dock, water heater, and a proper diet of krill, shrimp, etc. I don't want any donations, just spread awareness! I can't guarantee their health and they are too young for me to comfortably re-release into the wild (even though they are wild caught, I don't believe it'd be best to release them again). All ones who aren't rehomed this month will go to a wildlife rehabilitation center. First pic is in my tank, second is a pic from the vendor, third and fourth are in a bucket I brought to bring them home with.

Leaving at noon tomorrow to start our drive to California! Will be there from the 21st-27th and bindi and I are attending vidcon. Excited ❀

Bindi is packing up her things and coming to vidcon with me! Excited to see you all there :)

She'll be two years old in about a month πŸ‘Ά

Torn between a few names, still like Margo and also Atta (princess atta on a bugs life), also like other names so still thinking πŸ€” prob going with Margo tho because that's the first thing that I thought of when I saw her

ANOTHER video up in 2 and a half hours! Still trying to decide on her name πŸ€”β€

I love her so much already. Thank you again to @jtkreptiles and @anthony_jtk_reptiles for shipping her to me! ❀ no I haven't named her!! first name that came to mind was Margo/Margot but not sold on it yet

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