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taylor overton  Coram Deo ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ this is my rarely ever instant Instagram 🏡. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

i want to put down the fear of looking stupid and pick up in its place loving large.

i fall in love easily with people & places (and dogs)

the darkness in the world has nothing to do with God and everything to do with us. the more we turn from him the more darkness there will be. the more we turn to him the more healing will be restored.

those people that your inspired by, that you find yourself asking ‘but how did they get there’ ‘how did they do it’, and believe they must just have “it” an “it” that you don’t have. or that they know more than you and have more expertise...they do but they haven’t always. they just started out and continued to figure it out, progress and grow. only experience and going for it (and taking help/guidance as much as you can) can teach you. so if you find yourself comparing yourself to where someone is at now or where you want to be & feeling inadequate- just scroll back through their instagram, their blog, their platform..to where they were at when they started and realize their start is not all the far off from yours and you have been comparing your start to their progress. you don’t just arrive no one ever just arrived, you show up day in and day out, put in the work & seek it out...& know that you don’t have to have it all figured out to do so. just go for it and run with it. (words of advice to myself as i find myself wanting to be at the arrival).

i can’t remember not spending this day with this girl. sending you all my love today baby girl. man oh man do you shine more than anyone i know, you shine because of her and for her. so so thankful i got to know that angel of a woman and see how very much of her radiates through you and out of you. you have her beauty, strength, wit, sweet spirit, authenticity, vivacious vibrancy, honesty, dance moves, gusto, nose, smile, grace, gumption, hilariousness, spunk, and ability to make all feel loved. you better believe i am celebrating her today and the special memories i have with you two peas in a pod + cherishing you. all all all my love alexis brooke. #mamaTday

can we please stop re-defining pretty...the “new” pretty is not simply put as healthy, curvy, strong, minimal, this, that or any other term we can relate it to in a fight to make the word more inclusive. no matter how well intentioned, it marginalizes and excludes someone…it makes someone question their beauty.
pretty is not one size/shape fits all, from unattainable retouched model size to curvy or anything in between. it seems as though when something is defined poorly one way for so long we go the extreme polar opposite to try and get away from that negative portrayal- i’m sorry but no it is not all about that base no matter how catchy the tune- this just harms another. because that is the error- defining it one way. even if not focused on external qualities. one may not feel strong or healthy or curvy or (fill in word of choice) and therefore question the beauty they have to offer. pretty is not fleeting or selective.
pretty is taking care of yourself in whatever form best serves you. it is feeling comfortable in your skin, mind, heart and soul. pretty is human. pretty is you as you are and who you will grow into, where you are at. the in betweens. there is no one definition for it. pretty is inclusive, multifaceted and has many faces. that is what makes it beautiful, it is diverse and elusive. it is you. it is all.

i could do with another trip like this one to CO and hikes in the snow with this friend .
#iflyalaska @alaskaair @darling

i had one of those simple moments that gets my brain pinging with not so simple thoughts/analogies— i was just driving to target but was going a route i hardly go to avoid rush hour traffic so i plugged in target to my phone to follow the guide...i was going through this kind of out of the way area that opened up to this scenic lookout over the bay right around golden hour- my turn was coming up but i passed an option to turn before it that opened up to this beautiful view and was like i want to go that way! but wasn’t sure it’d take me where i needed to be, so i decided to just stay on route but kept second guessing it- but then i got to my turn and whattcha know it was an even better view as you drove down the whole street. and it kind got me thinking of how that can be life with god at times- we are enroute and on route, listening to his guidance but then we pass something that catches our attention and we think but god i want that! i want to go that way towards that! and sometimes we do even though the route directions are telling us a better route that will encompass so much goodness we aren’t yet aware of. and sometimes we stay enroute with god and we arrive and think man look at this! i am so glad i remained on this route. maybe that’s just one way in which blessings work.

25 feels intimidating, daunting, scary in a way. it feels old and adds this sense of urgency like time is running out. a stage where you should have things all figured out. i believe a lot of that is the collision of where life is at and where you imagined it being (whether you were aware this is what you imagined or not) as well as comparison all around of others younger being “further along” than you or “where you want to be” or older who were “further along” at your age - for instance i thought i’d have life more figured out, or at least myself more figured out. i thought i’d be more secure in what i wanted to do career wise, be married, have my own place...but i find myself in a place of waiting and navigating while feeling pressure like the clock is ticking and i’m getting left behind. it’s caused me to dislike an age...of being 25. but today i realized all this aside i like being 25, i feel more in tune with myself even though i don’t have much figured out. so i’m saying heck no to the pressure and to hating an age/stage- to feeling pressure to rush into having it all figured out and frustration that i’m not already where i want to be and yes to embracing where im at and presently taking action in the uncomfortable/waiting/navigating and knowing it’s all apart of what’s getting me to my next stage of me. & mindfully investing in the person i am now to keep evolving into who i want to be. life can be dang good even in the “lack” of these things- because it is not in lack unless i view it that way and i’ll only be left behind if i don’t live presently in this life of mine and with the people it is filled with.

social media can get a bad rep but it has enabled me to connect with people who have helped me come more into my own by feeling more known and encouraged in who i am...people who share the same heartbeat with a different rhythm & are being fearlessly them and baring their hearts- opened my horizons and helped me dream big while stepping into myself. allowed me to embrace there is no normalcy other than finding it in yourself.

& it felt like no time had passed at all (but lets not let it be that long again!)

opinions voiced authoritatively + thoughtlessly can damage, shrink someone + make someone feel voiceless-invalid-or without value, whether good intended or not... it can make one second guess their own voice, feelings, views and stifle it down so much they shrink themselves. we do not leave much room for various opinions and differences & i believe this is because nothing makes one feel more unsafe than an attack on their way of life. but i want more people in tune with who they are and being themselves boldly without it coming at the expense of another. i want more doing life together instead of trying to be each others fixers and solvers and advisers. we are all on our own path, so can we just seek to love each other well along them?

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