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sunset is my favorite color, preferably on the ocean

I'm not quite sure why don't go chasing waterfalls is a thing but you should definitely go chasing sunsets- especially with πŸ₯‚πŸ•πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ & celebrate not having to wear a neck brace anymore πŸ™ŒπŸ»

day late but still wanted to give a shout out to this man who is worth celebrating everyday. Happy Father's Day daddy-O. You have taught me determination, hard work, strength paired with gentleness, fierce yet sweet love. You have modeled a sacrificial way of living (which i guess you'd have to have being in a family of all girls πŸ˜‰), wisdom and story telling, taught me to be me, quiet humor & to be a bit weird... provided a home of love, support and growth, and gave me a childhood to cherish and a relationship that I continue to cherish. Love time with you & love getting to be your little girl.

That moment of panic when you realize you may be left out...

From awkward phases made "normal" with you by my side, confusing phases made navigateβ€’able with you, bad decisions (especially in the boy category) made not so bad & poor fashion sense ...from high school to college to figuring this life thing out together- you have always been my go to, judgement free but tell straight, sisterfriend I can always count on no matter what. 9 years!!! You were a friend that got me at my core when I didn't even realize I didn't feel as though others did, you became a best friend that no amount of time together was too much no matter what we were doing (which most the time others didn't understand which made it all the more fun) and you are now a sister whom I couldn't imagine my life without. I have some of my very best memories with you..you have inspired me, bettered me, and molded me. And always been someone i knew I could count on. So so fortunate for these 9 years of you by my side. Happy birthday (and friend anniversary ☺)... & if you don't know this bright ray of light i am sorry for you. πŸ’•βœ¨


another Mother's Day photo for your feed, but most definitely not just any other mother- but ill save all the sentimental words for just her. To all you mothers out there, here is to celebrating you, and to those that this is a hard day I send you my love. #doingthings @outdoorvoices

Goodness goodness so much goodness πŸ’•

It's called the unicorn high bun & it's all the rage πŸ¦„

Imagine how peacefully we would participate in life if we had the ability to see our future path and the journey God invites us to step into. Well we can participate in life with a peaceful perspective. We do not need to stress over the future, be anxious over timing, or fearful in decisions. we can trust in our unknowns knowing that God knows full well the future, our path, the timing of it all and also us.. all we must do is tune our ear to him.

It's national puppy day everyday in my opinion 🀘🏻 (and yes I'm that person that calls every dog a puppy)

"If the ocean had a mouth-
I'd lean close, my ear
to her whisper and roar,
her tongue scattered
with stars.
She'd belt her brassy voice
over the waves' backbeat.
No one sings better than her." -Marie Elizabeth Mali

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