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Taylor Madu  Wife to Robert. Momma to Evie+Nnaj+Remi


I believe each person has their own "life message." Sharing about scars seems to be mine... most every thought, majority of each action, usually stems back to my personal scars and the purpose they have served in my life. As I prep tonight for WOW conference tomorrow, I can't help but think of the scars that will enter into the building... the shame, the guilt attached to each one...the heaviness that people carry because of their scars. My prayer is that instead of running away or seeing them as hindrances... we will extend an invitation to the Savior who seeks us out in our brokenness to reveal WHO HE IS to and for us... HE is all things to all people... Grateful for my Redeemer 🖤🖤🖤

She just has so much to say... 😂

When friends that are family come into town, you smile this big...
No makeup, comfy clothes, cuddled up drinking hot chocolate and espresso, bay bays running around, all while talking about life... my type of friends. I love you my sweet Kimmy and Mama D.

Prepping for the HOLIDAYSSSS... a little detail here, a little detail there.. 🖤🖤🖤 come on Thanksgiving! Come on Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

You bettttaaaa WAR-SHIP EVIE GIRRRLLL!!!! Love getting these videos of my baby in chapel at school! There are a things we do wrong but one thing we do right in the Madu household is teaching these babies to worship!!! #sangbabysang #dontknowthewordsbutSANGINanyways😂 #sheishermothersdaughter😂😂😂

Just when I don't think I have any more room in my heart to loooooove, another baby Madu comes along and proves me wrong. This one has stolen another piece of my heart. REMINGTON ELAINE, I'm obsessed with you 🖤🖤🖤 Bow : @blondesinbows
Dress : @patpatshopping

A Real Mom :
Emotional, yet the rock.
Tired, but keeps going.
Worried, but full of hope.
Impatient, yet patient.
Overwhelmed, but never quits.
Amazing, even though doubted.
Wonderful, even in the chaos.
Life changer, every single day.
My sister @hunterorcutt sent this quote to me this am... and of course it brought tears to my eyes! What is it with these hormones that makin me feel alllllll the feels?! Tag a mom who needs to be reminded that SHE IS THE VERY GIFT HER FAMILY NEEDS!
Happy Saturday!!! 🖤🖤🖤

My little Lion. Poor thing, every time I turned around, her face was covered by her lion face..but she was such a good sport. Have I mentioned how much I love this new addition to our family?! For any family wondering how the transition from 2 to 3 kids has been-- absolutely amazing, and I would confidently say it's been the easiest! I found 1 to 2 harder.. could be cause my babies are so close together.. but 2 to 3, I find myself way more relaxed and soaking up the moments 🖤🖤🖤 #wearethemadus

Are you kidding me? Bubbas face ... 😍 he would NOT keep his hat on to save his life, but he made a stinking CAWUTE SCARECROW#backtobackposts #gotmorecoming #wearethemadus

Evie girl, Dorothy, owned her costume.. this little girl lights up my world!
Swipe for more pics 😍

Other pics of my scarecrow and lion coming up next...I just couldn't do the multiple pics on one post cause I need every one of my babies faces visible on my feed. 💁🏼#wearethemadus

And we're off to see the wizaaarrrd, the wonderful wizard of Oz...!!! Daddy: Tinman
Mommy : Glinda the good witch
Evie : Dorothy
Bubba : Scarecrow
Remi: The Lion


If you know me at all, I believe these words with all my heart 😂 #friedchicken #mylovelanguage

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