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T H A N K Y O U @happywayau!!! Seriously feel SO grateful for the ENDLESS opportunities you guys have given me! I can’t believe I get to fly to amazing cities to hang out with people who love @happywayau as much as I do! Bring on MELBOURNE @ausfitnessshow! 💛 ps. When you’re a designer you’d understand the satisfaction when you can finally hold the finish product - LOVE THESE JUMPERS SO MUCH!!! #happywayau #ausfitnessshow

"The Universe does this thing where it aligns you with the people, things, and situations that match your vibe". I feel soooooo lucky to be where I am right now in life. Thanks for an ah-mazing weekend @ladyintheskye 💛🌎 #BronteToBondiWalk


Move your body
Drink lots of water
Light a candle
Turn off your phone
Put on your favourite song
Be creative
Nourish your body
Cuddle your dog (if you have one😒)
& Treat yo’self

Hope you’ve all had an amazing Tuesday 💛

Healthy is the way we treat our bodies and that 10000% includes products we use on our skin (aka makeup). Read the ingredients + make a decision based on how important you think your skin is to you, keeping in mind it’s our biggest organ. @lust__minerals you girls are changing lives - THANK YOU for creating such an amazing range of sweat-proof makeup.💕

I have been reading a lot about having cold smoothies for breakfast first thing in the morning etc and it being not so great for our digestion 😒

Our bodies are warm, and when we wake up and we drink an ice cold smoothie with frozen fruit, it's not always the easiest for our bodies to digest. They say if you drink something really cold in the morning, there is a risk of putting out your fire 🔥(which is your metabolism). So my best tip that I will always live by and have always done, is making sure I drink my warm lemon + ACV water (700mL) before I eat my breakfast. And as much as I love "drinking" my smoothies, a reason why it is hard for your bodies to digest them is because of the speed we drink them. I absolutely smash my smoothies if they are reaaaally good so it is really important to slow down and to do that, turn your smoothies into bowls and eat your smoothies with a spoon. It gives your body time to digest at a slower rate.

I have also heard adding fresh ginger is a really good tip to raise your temperature from the inside out so today I added fresh ginger to my smoothie bowl 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 and 😍😍😍😍👌🏼 Jump onto my RECIPES highlights on my page for this recipe 🙌🏼 seriously that good. #gingerchocbananasmoothiebowl

If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results 👊🏼 Creating healthy habits is all it takes. As overwhelming it is to start changing it up, it’s all about starting small because in the long run it will all add up 👌🏼 it’s such a simple concept but sometimes we just need a simple reminder. Hope everyone had an amazing Thursday x

Not gonna lie, moving from GC to Sydney in WINTER is actual stupidity haha but I am excited for what's to come! If you don't know yet, I am still working in my current job but remotely, which means working from home and a huge lifestyle/routine change.
A lot of people have been asking me how I am going with "working from home" and if it's hard... It is in a way, because you have instant access to absolutely every distraction and if you want to stay in your PJs and be lazy all day it's totally acceptable BUUUT I literally do not want that lifestyle because my body thrives off being active!

SO this week I have set myself 5 goals so I can stay accountable to myself. When you write down your goals you WILL reach them, so if you're struggling with anything start writing in your notes what 5 things are you want to achieve this week... Mine are:

1️⃣ Intermittent fasting 7x this week (to help with mental clarity, plus all the extra benefits!)
2️⃣ 6 training sessions (incl. running 2-3 times)
3️⃣ Short lunch break walks (15-20min)
4️⃣ Include MORE high volume foods into my meals (vegetables)
5️⃣ Writing down my intentions each night 🙌🏼 . .

I'm also soooo excited to catch up with my girls @ladyintheskye and @betterbeingsteph this weekend!
Bring on a brand new week! 💛

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens 🙂

It’s this and the weather that I’m reeeeeally missing about the GC 😂 açaí bowls from @nicheandco are a must if you ever visit!

Nutrition is about eating better, not necessarily less. Portion control IS important if you’re on a weight-loss journey which I know most of my followers are, but to a point where you obsess over restriction is NOT 🙅🏼‍♀️ healthy. If you’ve been there, you’ll know what this feels like. The key to long term results is making treats like this 👆🏼 (still healthy, but probably three servings in one bowl 😂😍👌🏼) apart of your lifestyle, in MODERATION. We hear this all the time and I literally feel like I’m repeating what most health conscious people say, but moderation and balance is key. Treat yo’self and enjoy your life - it is there to be enjoyed and not constantly fighting the voice in your head that says you’re doing it wrong. 💁🏼‍♀️ #stopoverthinkingit

Running 👟 is the best medicine to reduce stress. As you guys know, this year was my year to get my energy back so I’m not constantly stressed/tired/exhausted! When our bodies are stressed, our energy levels go down! My favourite stress relieving exercise is to go for a biiiiig run because the brain will naturally secrete hormones that will improve our mood. It’s the best energizer, and hands down the best way to gain focus 👌🏼 .
📷 @steefanvj

Just got this screengrab from a video shoot this week with @steefanvj 🎥 we were both SOOO SWEEEEAAAATTY by the end of it after running up and down the Miami/Burleigh stairs countless times, burpee box jumps, push ups, squats, sprints, and more in the sun! Aaaaaaand of course my make up stayed on point all day (best coverage) 😍 all thanks to the incredible @lust__minerals. An all natural, vegan and sweat resistant mineral make up that lets your skin BREATHE during your workouts. “TAYLOR15” can get you a discount on any Lust products 💛
Thank you again @steefanvj, so stoked to work with you on this one! 🎥🎬

I started my Sunday with an 8km walk and an amazing view, there is NOTHING better than this. ❤️ Exercise isn't just about the physical, its so much more about how it makes you feel.

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