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I’ve made a pact to myself this year that whenever I run out of a product, that the next thing I get is natural and good for my skin. I’ve just run out of eye make up remover and I’m excited to try a new brand. It’s seriously the best way to do it. I owe this awareness all to Stace at @lust__minerals - seriously, I wish I did this earlier. And I love being reminded that the older version of me is going to thank me for it too. My pick for mineral make up is @lust__minerals as you all know, because it can be worn when I train and actually nourish your skin rather than clog it. So thankful to have this in my life. 😍

When you make a smoothie bowl and it tastes like actual banana bread. New favourite right here 🙋🏼‍♀️ .
🍌 100-150g Frozen Banana
🍌 1/2 Avocado
🍌 30g Vanilla Pea @happywayau
🍌 10g Raw Drinking Choc (I use @loving_earth)
🍌 1/2 Zucchini
🍌 1 tsp Cacao
🍌 Top with Granola

Also don’t forget, I highlight ALL my smoothie recipes each morning and place them in the Recipes highlight on my page 💁🏼‍♀️ @taylormadebod, so if you’re ever uninspired you know where to look 💛 “HAPPYTAYLOR” will get you 10% off @happywayau (so good!) @happywayrecipes #happywayau #bananabread #smoothie

#priority ✨💕

This morning I went to the farmers market (spray-free). And now I just keep thinking to myself, why don’t I always do this, why wouldn’t you? Cheaper ✔️ Healthier ✔️ NO chemicals ✔️ A really good way to reduce my bodies overall toxic burden ✔️ Supporting local farmers ✔️. When I found out spinach (and all leafy greens like kale) had the most pesticides, I just couldn’t believe that I put that in my smoothies. That to me is not okay🙅🏼‍♀️ I don’t want to start a war with why you should buy organic, but chemicals are the cause of so many diseases, and it’s so important to look after our bodies, just like going to the gym & just like looking after our skin. Buy it where you can, even if that means buying one thing a week - it’s such a good start 💕 #farmersmarkets

Miss these days 😩 I’d seriously do anything to go back in time and appreciate this more than what I did! Racing was “normal” to me, it was my lifestyle and I 100% owe all my passion for fitness and health to THIS 👆🏼 Last night I had the biggest chill out session and went back and had a look at my “old life”, I seriously spent a good few hours looking at old photos. I swear we all need moments like that to appreciate our growth, and also appreciate where we are today, too. ✌🏼 we seriously get so so caught up in our lives that we forget to look back and see how far we have actually come. Take a moment to look back at your old photos and appreciate it 💕 #gratitude #perris #america #mx

@happywayau providing me with the cleanest / creamiest smoothie bowls since 2016 😍 seriously the best way to get a variety of foods into your diet - by mixing up your smoothie combination every morning and making sure you get ALL the micronutrients. It is so important to focus on for your body to function to its best ability 🙌🏼 if you find yourself having the same thing erryday, give yourself some new nutrients and it will change your W🌏RLD. .
This morning I used:
Psyllium Husk
Oat Milk
& of course the Berry @happywayau

For a sneaky discount on any Happy Way products, just use “HAPPYTAYLOR” ✨ 💛

#happywayau #happywayrecipes @happywayrecipes

This year I really feel like my whole focus has changed. I’ve had a BIIIIIG break from what my life goals used to be and I’ve started focusing on the way I feel, my happiness, and how I show up every single day 💕 I’ve learnt SO MANY new things about myself, and forcing myself to see a naturopath regularly so I can constantly keep an eye on what’s REALLY happening.

I’ve suffered with anxiety ever since I can remember and for one whole week it’s been completely removed. I’ve gained my ENERGY back, FINALLY, and I’m taking the time to listen to my body. I used to be all about pushing myself because I know I’ll feel better after my intense workout, but the truth is, I’d wake up the next day exhausted, then the next day stressing about being exhausted and “having” to prep my food, go to work, freelance, walk, gym, and back when I was training my girls I’d stress about that too. HOW LIFE HAS CHANGED 👌🏼 I used to put so much on my plate, and while I (sorta) thank myself for it now to get where I am today, I am so glad I went through it to realise the importance of self love. #appropriateforVday!
Yesterday I was “meant to” gym and do a hiit session, but I CRAVED to stretch and do a yoga session on the balcony as the sun went down. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. Sounds SO silly, but we need to let our hair down sometimes and stop living by a plan, a rule book, and what we think we are “meant to do”. The rule should be: listen to what you need right now in this moment. Because the ultimate key to success is happiness - not stress. 💕 look after yourself girls! 💕 HAPPY V DAY!

In love 💕 you guys know how much I love this brand. Healthy is the way we treat our bodies and that 10000% includes the makeup we wear. Read the ingredients + make a decision based on how important you think your skin is to you, keeping in mind it’s our biggest organ 😳 @lust__minerals you girls are changing lives - THANK YOU for creating such an amazing range of (sweat-proof) makeup!!! 💕 I can’t wait to see what else you bring out this year!

When listening to our body means yoga sessions on the balcony, healthy burgers for dinner, or an early night... When you finally tune in, you get to hear what your body ACTUALLY needs 👌🏼 and our bodies LOVE that. When we constantly do things that “we really don’t want to do” we tend to put our bodies under stress, and I can’t see what’s healthy about that. Do what you love and listen to your body and you will be the healthiest you can be.

HEALTHY FATS 🥑 seriously, so important for us girls! When you focus on the benefits of different foods, being healthy becomes second nature. If you’re having trouble with your metabolism, you get cravings (easily!) and you need to work on balancing your hormones, I know that healthy fats are incredible for all of the above. AVOCADOS, PEANUT BUTTER, & COCONUT OIL are my faves 🥑 I’ve been increasing my fats and can notice THE biggest difference in literally everything. 🙌🏼 #avolove

🙌🏼 #changeit
We are what we do, every day. The only way to love our lives is to change something we don’t love. SO SIMPLE 💕

@foodclubaustralia snacks. Seriously, so so good. Ingredients list is 👌🏼 #allclean

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