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Curt Schilling and I looking ghostly at the Breitbart #CPAC2017 party (PHOTO CRED @rg_films. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY ROBIN. NO COPIES PLEASE. OFFICIAL CREATIVE WORK BY @rg_films)

Crushing the end of #CPAC2017

Dog the Bounty Hunter on whether he'd ever run for office: "I don't make enough money" #CPAC2017

#CPAC2017 gets crazier. Got to chat with Dog the Bounty Hunter this afternoon about border patrol, Trump, and catch and release. 😂🐶

#CPAC2017 has devolved into a giant frat party 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Protesters handed out Russian flags to unwitting Trump supporters before his talk at #CPAC2017

Man of the hour #CPAC2017

Nigel Farage and fan at #CPAC2017

‪Soaking in the 72 degree sunset w/ my girl @feministabulous #CPAC2017

Conducting some political journalism at #CPAC2017

I interviewed Mark, the owner of this truck in Ohio last summer. His truck is nuts, but the conversation I had with him and his friend Jamie stuck with me all throughout the election. They were so sure Trump would win in July. Jamie kept saying "you don't understand, this is literally a battle between good and evil." I thought of them a lot on election night and it was cool to run into Mark and get to chat with him again here at #CPAC2017 (and get a photo with his "Official Trump Truck").

Richard Spencer holding court at #CPAC2017