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Taylor Hui  Founder of NGO @beayoutiful_org & @betheroster. YVR📍Family Management. Carrie Wheeler Agency// HK Model One // SNG Mannequin // BBK AREA // MNL IM


I was always a quirky child. Creative spread "17

Last exam completed for 2017 means I'm officially counting down the days till it's out of this sweater weather and into the sun and sand 👋🏻

'Tis the season to be jolly and eat lots and lots of delicious food. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend to start the Christmas cheer ✨

Talk about vulnerability. We need to be open about the reality of our feelings, emotions, the increasing pressure to perform. The more I lead @beayoutiful_org, the more aware I am that topics of sensitivity need to be discussed. We cannot continue to close our institutions, whether it be our schools or our homes, to the conversations about the mental challenges we may be going through. *
Be proud to acknowledge what you struggle with and what you want to overcome. Be vulnerable in asking for help. Be a positive influence for yourself. Let your experiences and story inspire others to share their own poem. We are not alone. We are beautiful in our flaws and in our perfections, as they are one in the same.

Grateful. Thank you to every individual who helped make this weekend's pop up shop a great success! I'm overwhelmed with the response the latest collection for @betheroster. We are going to be celebrating 2018 by providing confidence classes for countless young girls throughout BC! Thank you for turning this passion into something even more than I had imagined. Love love love xxx

I guest spoke at a @beayoutiful_org class today, mentoring young girls on the importance of inner-beauty and how media often distorts our image of how to look, act, and define ourselves in the mirror. The fashion industry, despite my absolute love for it, often provides an idealistic, falsified imagine of what beauty is. Walking the girls through activities and raw conversations, it is a reminder to myself that what we see in magazines, on ads, are often hours in makeup the makeup chair and retouching of so called "flaws". I've sat in that chair. I've seen my own photo edited. What's important is to recognise that these photos do not define who we are. It is an incredible experience to be apart of this industry, but it is even more of a reminder to stay humble and kind. Appreciate what you have. Love the body you give life too. Don't be defeated by your beauty marks. They are the stories of your lifetime. •
Thanks to @hopelessromantic.co for one of the most raw, natural shoots I've done, embracing confidence in my own skin.

Winter has me feeling those all-natural nuances

I steal my brother's clothes at least once a week tho

A weekend of fun and it's back to the grind 🥊
Side note* I recently made a commitment with my mom to feel our healthiest yet, and together we enrolled with a personal trainer. I don't think I've ever felt so strong, motivated, healthy and better yet, I get my weekly mother-daughter time which often includes a shopping trip post workout 🙊

2017 campaign for Body Party Swimsuit Co.

Fight for the things you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join. Thanks for taking the ride with myself and @betheroster. A year into our launch and I couldn't be more humbled and honoured with the love and support across Canada and beyond. We're just getting started, beginning with next weeks where our proceeds are helping 40+ girls attend @beayoutiful_org confidence programs ❤️

Is it summer yet?

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