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  God first ❤️ USMC vet 🇺🇸 IFBB figure pro 💪🏼 @redcon1 Elite Athlete: Taylor10 @ryderwear athlete: Taylor10 💛 mark anthony

I hope your day has been filled with peace, love and good vibes. That is all ✌🏼

Yepp, I’m tired and I’m sore. But we’re in the homestretch. Must. Keep. Moving. Forward. Thank you @redcon1 for fueling meee. Every. Single. Day. And I’m loving the new Varsity collection from @ryderwear 😍 use code Taylor10 at checkout to save some $$.

Make sure you have zero regrets or “what if’s” when you reach that finish line. DIG DEEP.

Great seeing you as always @milossarcev!

Yepp! FREE box of @redcon1 MRE bars with purchases over a hundo at redcon1.com. If you’ve had the MRE bar, you understand what the hype is all about. and don’t forget to use code Taylor10 at checkout for 10% off :)

This is my “I’m running on pre workout and fumes” smile. Thank you baby Jesus for @redcon1 Total War. I haven’t talked about it much. Well, I actually haven’t talked about it at all, but I am in prep and my first show of the season is quickly approaching. Won’t lie, I can feel myself getting more tired as the weeks pass but that’s how it goes! Pushing harder than ever! We’re in the homestretch baby! Oh and this adorable sports bra. It’s @ryderwear :) use my code at checkout to save some moola!

One of those days. Pimples chillin on the forehead. Dressed like a slob. Dirty hair with dry shampoo half-ass rubbed so it looks like a bird took a ginormous shit on my head. Chicken and cucumber in hand. Had to talk some serious shit to myself to get my ass out the door... “quit being a little pansy ass bitch Taylor”. Some days I have my shit together. And then there’s days like today. Yeah, there’s actually a lot of days like today 😂

Got shit to do. Saturday night turn up. #wheremyhomebodiesat #butwhatthefuckarethoooose

You’re all scrolling on IG too... I bet your dog looks at you like this also... #coolkidsclub 🙋🏻‍♀️

It's so true, nothing worth having comes easily. And if there's something you want you WILL have moments of struggle. Whether it's exhaustion, frustration, whatever. But you have to push on, one foot in front of the other. Surprised with a speed bump? It may slow you down but keep moving forward. All you can do is put one foot in front of the other and climb over that speed bump the best you can. You may not be able to sprint the whole way - jog, shuffle, walk, baby crawl the hell of that shit if you have to, but never stop or go backwards. The glory of accomplishing your goal will justify every step of the struggle. Alright enough with the motivational shit, just have a gnarly day and kick some ass.

Back day is zee best day 👌🏼 Who agrees?! Gnarly olive drab leggings are by @ryderwear :) use code Taylor10 to save yaaaself some loot. @markanthonyflex

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