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Taylor Magazine  A minimalist guide to life, taylored for you. Minimalism meets pretty things meets simple living. ✉️: info@taylormagazine.com 📷: #tayloredforyou

Taylor Magazine started 3 years ago after the idea came around for a place online solely dedicated to being the best version of ourselves and connecting with others to build a community of beautiful, inspiring people. And so it began... Just a friendly reminder that whether you’re attempting to tackle a long-term plan like getting your passion project off the ground or whether you’re having a tough time and struggling with this hour/day/week, take small steps and begin somewhere. Anywhere. #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @barre3northpeoria

Happy Monday! We hope you’re starting your week in the best way. This week, we’re thinking about balance... try it with us! Set your to-do list for the week ahead and try to carve out a plan that allows you to have a good work/life balance. Whether that’s completing that task on your work list that’s been pushed to the bottom for ages or heading outside for some exercise when you’d rather just stay inside and chill, we’re hoping to make this summer a productive one. Let’s focus on self-improvement and being the best version of ourselves! Let us know what’s on your list for the week 💜 #tayloredforyou | credit: @erinmcginn with styling by @abbycapalbo for @elizabeth_mckay and @thecolonypalmbeach

We can get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget what’s really important: our self-care. Sometimes, we all need a little pick me up and a reminder to love ourselves. We’ve gathered up 5 self-care affirmations to help remind you to take a little time for yourself. | #tayloredforyou 💜 link in bio!

Today, we’re talking all about inner beauty and how we can be more intentional about our conversations and getting to know people... REALLY know people and the things about them that truly matter. “Here’s the deal. Inner beauty counts. It really does. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times; I have too. The value of inner beauty becomes overlooked when we leave it out of our daily conversations. So, instead of approaching someone and immediately jumping into a conversation about their outfit, start with something deeper. Make what’s inside count.” #tayloredforyou | link in bio! 💜 tag someone below who needs a reminder that they’re beautiful inside and out!

Just a friendly reminder that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. There is no ‘right’ place to be and no ‘right’ time to get there. Trust your journey and take each day as it comes. Every experience contributes to making you... YOU. And there’s nothing more special than that. 💜 #tayloredforyou | credit: @barre3northpeoria

Sometimes, a good old DIY session is just what you need. When the space around you is tidy, organised and comfortable, it’s so easy to feel that way about other aspects of your life. Whether it’s adding a beautiful picture to your wall and sprucing up your home or tweaking your office space with a new plant, a little refresh can go a long way! #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @natalie_keinan

Beautiful views, long walks along the pier, maybe some candy floss... that’s what summer is all about! What’s your favourite thing about the warmer months? 💜 #tayloredforyou | credit: @kdimeg_photo

Just a friendly reminder to enjoy your weekend! Drink the vino, watch your favourite movies and order that takeaway you’ve been craving all week. From us to you, happy Saturday! #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @gracefullytaylored

“You gotta nourish to flourish.” Make sure you nourish and take care of yourself to be your best self.... Nope, it’s not cheesy! It’s absolutely necessarily. For us, we love going to a flower market and picking out a beautiful bunch of flowers, then coming home and setting them somewhere where we’ll walk past them often. It’s something so simple but reminds you to treat yourself. How’s your week so far? What have you accomplished? What have you got happening that you can look forward to? We’d love to know! #tayloredforyou 💜

Taylor Magazine is all about self-care, self-love and positivity. With so much conversation focused on mental health, particularly at the moment, we wanted to say something. Firstly, be kind. Be kind to everyone. Hold the door for a stranger. Give up your seat on the train. Call your friends. Call your family. You just might make someone’s day. Secondly, if you’re feeling depressed, down, anxious, lonely or sad and feel like you can’t reach out, that’s okay. Taking care of yourself seems impossible? Let’s start slow. Deep breaths. Try to focus on the present moment. Note what you’ve accomplished that day - got out of bed? Had a shower? A short walk? Tea with a friend? However small it is, write it down and think about perhaps keeping a gratitude journal. Finding small reasons to smile everyday can help infinitely. Then, there’s the talking option. Reach out to a friend, family member or professional. You’re never alone, even if it may feel that way. We’re here - email us! Our inbox is always open and @knowmelea is here to answer your questions if you need advice on anything from love and friendships to grief and tough times. You are loved. You are special. You are absolutely wonderful. All our love. #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @barre3northpeoria

But first, coffee (and writing). “I try and write if I’m feeling overwhelmed. We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. Writing is so relaxing – to sit down and just write, without self-awareness is really important.” For our Hotel Series, we spent a day with actress @kassandraclementi and found out all about her time on Home & Away, moving from Australia to LA and her favourite things to do to unwind. #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @simplyadrilifestyle

Oh hey June, you crept up on us! Summer is here and with it comes a week of exciting changes for us: we’re adding, expanding and organising to make Taylor Magazine even more beautiful and collaborative (more on this soon ☺️) so this weekend it’s been even more important than usual to take a break! Puppy cuddles anyone? #tayloredforyou 💜| credit: @bri_vail

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