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Taylor Magazine  A minimalist guide to life, taylored for you. Minimalism meets pretty things meets simple living. ✉️: info@taylormagazine.com 📷: #tayloredforyou

Current settings! Sometimes the weekend is so busy that Sunday is just for recuperating and enjoying the simple things. Other times, the whole weekend is slow and restful, and Sundays are more about walks in the park and getting out and about. Do you have a Sunday routine? We’d love to know how your weekend is #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @thalieandco

“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” - Masaru Emoto. #tayloredforyou 💐 | credit: @lolaflowerboutique

Sometimes, all you need is a bottle of wine, some good food and even better company. With International Women’s Day still on our minds, we’re all feeling empowered, united and hopeful for the future. Some of the most wonderful things come from teamwork and today, we’re revisiting some of our favourite interviews. A duo who continue to inspire us? @kindcampaign founders @laurenpaul8 and @mollymaethomps. “I think you need to find kindness within yourself and a love for yourself, really to be kind to yourself and to love who you are. Especially with women, we can be so hard on ourselves and our insecurities can take hold of so many aspects of our lives and it’s a learning process.” For something that will leave you feeling motivated and encouraged to make a real difference in the world, this is one of our favourite interviews to date. Link in bio! #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @juliettelaura

Happy International Women’s Day! From our readers and writers to our interviewees and advice columnists, thank you. Thank you for finding Taylor Magazine and helping us grow this place, focused on self-love and self-care. Start with yourself we say. Love yourself and care for yourself... and let your love and kindness flood the world. Support your friends, support your family, support your colleagues. Encourage people to continue pursuing their dreams and continue to change the world. We’re proud and inspired to see so many women doing so many great things. We’ve got this. #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @sonniehiles

How has your week been? Has it been a slow one? A long one? However you’ve spent your week, the start of a new one is here and brings the prospect of new goals, aspirations and opportunity. We like to set ourselves targets for the week ahead on a Sunday evening - even if we don’t accomplish everything, it’s fine! It’s just good to have an idea of things we’re aspiring to achieve. It works for us! 💜 #tayloredforyou | credit: @maddiebroderick

Currently, we’re having a snow day in London. There’s many comfy blankets, cups of tea and sofa snuggles going around and we may or may not have started rewatching Gossip Girl from the beginning... basically, we’re happy to take it slow today. Sometimes the cold, dreary weather can impact your mood so we’re also happy to remind you that wherever you are, slow steps are still steps. Whether you’re having a snow day too or being productive, be kind to yourself and take a step. Big or small, you’ve got this. 💜 #tayloredforyou | credit: @mytrueworth

For us, Sunday plans involve baking delicious goodies and catching up on our latest articles - from trips to Boston and Paris to @knowmelea’s latest advice post, we’ve got plenty for you to read. Link in bio. Relax, unwind and enjoy! #tayloredforyou 💜 credit: @kayasummers

Sometimes, the most beautiful places are right on our doorstep. Boston, Massachusetts is full of history, beautiful sights to see and lobster rolls. For a fairytale experience, head to the Public Garden area for a ride on one of the swan boats. We explored some of the best things to do and places to see, so here’s a guide to this pretty city if you’re planning a trip here soon. Link in bio! 💜 #tayloredforyou

“It’s easy to motivate yourself to put an end to procrastination and promise yourself you’ll be endlessly productive and creative when you’re under the glorious influence of the “new year, new me” mantra. But the time has come to ask yourself – have you actually taken concrete steps towards that goal? If you’re anything like me, you spend most of your time at your workspace. So why not start the change from there? After all, they say change is as good as rest, and it might be just what you need to get work done.” For the full article on creating the perfect workspace, the link is in our bio. 💜 #tayloredforyou

Whenever we need a bit of inspiration or a pick-me-up, @rupikaur_ is our go-to. Saturday nights are sometimes for curling up with a good poetry book and reminding ourselves that above all else, self-care is the most important thing. Whatever else happens or whoever else is in your life, you must fill your own cup before filling anyone else’s. All you own is yourself, in the best way. 💜 #tayloredforyou

Happy Pancake day! We’re getting our sugar overload and enjoying some delicious pancakes today and with so many toppings to choose from, we had to mix it up and try out a few. Nutella, nuts, fruit, sugar, lemon... the list is endless! Sweet treats make the cold days a little bit better. #tayloredforyou 🍓❤️ | credit: @foodbymars

“We write to taste life twice. In the moment and in retrospect.” - Anaïs Nin. Personally, we’re obsessed with writing things out. There are so many ways to be creative but for us, getting things out on paper is our favourite. It means we can reflect later and see how far we’ve come or how much our thoughts have changed. Words really do make a real impact. #tayloredforyou 💜 | credit: @arabella.rollison

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