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Cutie 😘 @tayloralesia

She is so cute @tayloralesia

Jdnhshsjhh I can't believe it!
1. Tay is finally posting everyday on YouTube
2. She is making merch
3. She reached 1.3 million on insta
4. She reached 500,000 on YouTube
What the heck babe! I am so proud of how far you have come! I am so happy that I can be called a alesian/tater tot! I wouldn't want to be part of any other fandom! You are so amazing babe! I am so glad that I can be here for you through everything! Have a fantastic bay babes 😘 @tayloralesia Also check out her new video!

Why is she so perfect 😍😘 @tayloralesia {she liked}

Gkgfjhshj they are so cute 😍 @tannerfox @tayloralesia {she liked}

Make sure you watch tays new video! @tayloralesia {she liked}

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Go watch Taylor's recent YouTube video right now! LINK IN BIO! I swear her videos get better and better every time and I didn't know that was even possible! It is so freaking amazing you won't regret it! She has such an amazing voice and such an amazing heart! Tay you need to do more of these! I always look forward to your videos and they make my day 10x better! You have made my life so much brighter and happier! Ilysm! I swear if I ever meet you I'm gonna start crying! So if you ever in Maryland text me babe! You mean the world to me @tayloralesia (credit to @taycomp_alesia)

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Thank you so much for 5k! This girl has made me smile so much! She has done so much for everyone single one of her fans! She is constantly making people's days especially mine! I can't believe she has come this far! I first saw tay because of a friend over 2 years ago and after a year went by I made a Fanpage for her! I never thought I would have come this far! I just wish I would have found her sooner! Her smile.... brightens up everyone's day! She is always there for me and tay I will always be here for you! No matter what! I hope one day I can't the chance to meet you and thank you in person for everything You have done for me! Ilysm babe! 😘 @tayloralesia {she liked and commented}

How is she so beautiful 😫😍😘 @tayloralesia

Taylor you are amazing! You already spent so much time noticing us and replying back! But now u r giving up even more of ur own time! Idk how u do it! I wish I was as amazing as u! Ik all ur fans appreciate all that u have done! U have spammed,liked,commented, and replied to sooo many people in the last day or two! And I'm that it means so much to people! I get so many dms of people saying "jshsndbjdjj taylor just liked my post" or something like that! It means so much to so many people to keep doing what ur doing babe! We love you babe 😘

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