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Taylor Allen  Staring into the void. New York | Toronto



In 5.4 billion years, our sun will become a red giant, slowly growing in size, eventually consuming the orbits of Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Happy Friday humans! 👽

Wade into the waters and wait // with @chiaroscurio

and hid her face amid a crowd of stars

Morning light with @chiaroscurio

Black Friday // last winter with @katerina.koza

She constantly baffles me with her wit, humor, intelligence and just overall goddessness. I'm so lucky to hang out with this babe on her birthday in Hawaii. I love you @chiaroscurio today and always.

Something to see

Today my neighbor came out with a Meade LX90 telescope with a Mylar filter and let me take some photos of the eclipse through it. Incredible to see the sun like this. Check out that sunspot just above the moon's edge. Think I know what I'm saving up for when the next one comes around.

In a vast universe hostile to human life, we exist on a rock that has birthed and then extinguished 99% of all it's living organisms since the dawn of time. It is neither good nor evil, it simply is.

Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve an audience. Other times I feel like I should just chill out, this is just Instagram. It's just an app where we share pictures, it's not changing anyone's life. But that wouldn't be honest either, would it? It's changed my life, after all.
I want to have something real to cling to. But it's hard to find real things here these days.

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