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Sorry for all the mommy posts the last 14 months, but... That's my life now. 24/7. Words cannot express my excitement for buying a packpack diaper bag! I highly recommend. #momlife #diaperbag #skiphop #whatarepurses? #genderneutral #toddlermommy #organized #sohappy I would say that a tote style mommy bag is a #momfail they may be cute and traditional... BUT I can assure you... They are just a bottomless pit that puts uneven pressure on your back and leaves you with pretty much one hand/ arm. This bag is gender neutral, so roomy, has all the pockets a mommy needs, has a snack/ clothes packing cube as well as an insulated one. The best qualities: 1) I can freely run around with my daughter... All things needed in tow. 2) I love that it has a flap that zips open for easy access and no digging around! I've heard the straps are a little flimsy, but that just means they need a little TLC and reinforcement. 3) putting her in the car seat or buggy is so much easier without having to balance the bag on your shoulder or place the bag elsewhere first. All things I never thought of while preggo. I tried all the super expensive ones and this was the most comfy! So worth splurging on a 2nd bag!

I love my new canvas painting! 💙(please put your input on the height, does it need to be lowered?) Our dining room has been so boring with nothing on the walls. I originally was going with a more modern design for our home, but I wanted it to have a more comfy feel so I strayed away from my favorite abstracts and went with this beauty that ties in our living room more. Now I need something to balance it on the right wall.. Maybe a round mirror to catch all the natural light we have. * Edit* I have now lowered it 3 inches and it's perfect! #pieroneimports #pierone #canvas #art #interiordesign design #dinningroom #makingmemories #homey

T U E S D A Y ~ she loves her #gymboree class. Happy baby = happy mommy. I'm hoping her social skills improve and she can learn to play with other kids and adults. I love seeing her explore.... But wouldn't you know, she's the only one that runs away from the sitting circle while screaming and laughing... That's my girl 😝 #toddlerfun #mommyandme #gymboree #gym #fun #summerfun #momlife #14months #hapa #hapababy #asian #curlyhair

Visited an old friend today, and Catalina got to play with her ( my friend, Ashley's) little nephew. He was a sweetheart! I wish we had been facing the other way so that we could have taken a better photo... But hey, at least we are all looking at the camera! #babies #littlefriends #oldfriends

Park date with mommy. It was so humid that I couldn't even peel my clothes off of me when I got home. 😳 but it was a pretty good day. #14months #toddlelife #mischevious #park #mommydaughterdate #sahm

Souvenir from my aunt's trip. I'm sure it will pair nicely with some tea! #honey

A little morning cartoons in bed kind of day 🌟🌞🌟 #waitingfortheweekend #momlife #13months

😂😂😂 after a bath when her hair is slicked back she looks like a little oiled up Italian mobster. Does she not? I think the chain and rose were quite fitting. #mobster #mommyhadtoomuchfun #morninglaugh #13months #toddlermom

Getting taller and leaner every day! Now 24 month clothes are loose instead of snug 😉
••• I rarely get to touch her hair because she flips out and then runs her hands through it anyways... So I guess it will be a while before I get to play with it. #Monday #messyhairdontcare

Mommy shoes. Baby shoes. #summer #shoes #motherdaughter

Your door if you're married to a Chinese man 🇨🇳🇺🇸#sharethelove

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