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• ♡ • T a y l o r W u • ♡ •  TX🏘 Happily married💕 Mommy to Catalina 👣💜 • Art, Spicy food, New cultures, ASMR, Crime Shows, Vlogs, Roadtrips, & Shopping.

Have to post this even though she's not looking because those booties, that outfit, and that hairdo is just too cute. #cutekid

Every single grocery store needs these. It bought us a good 20 minutes of uninterrupted shopping even if that means we kept passing stuff down there to entertain her 🙄🙄🙄 #momlife #toddler #busybody #mitsuwa #japanesemarket

A warm moment between father and daughter ♡♡♡ #fatherdaughter #littlefingers #truelove

I Had my FOURTH lithotripcy procedure done on my right kidney in hopes to break down the kidney stone that I developed when I was pregnant. It was originally 8 mm (would have blocked off my ureter) and before my last procedure it was in 3 pieces 2mm each. Lately it has caused me SO much pain and I have had to fight with my insurance to allow 5 CT scans since they dont get picked up on an X ray machine. I really just want the suckers (would prefer to call them another word) out so I can feel somewhat normal again. I have other health issues im trying to figure out, but this is quite debilitating at times. Its hard to hold my daughter too... which makes me sad and I'm constantly having to ask my husband for help. I even asked my doctor to do a more invasive procedure to ensure he could get it out but he assured me I would be hating him from the pain and would be down for a while. So he decided on the lithotripcy sound waves again for the last time. I've been laying almost upside down to get them out of the lower pole of my kidney (the opening is more in the middle so they have to find the exit or they will never pass) anyways I'm so DONE with this and feeling like this. I want to get off of the pain meds, I want to work out again, and wear jeans without pain. I want to hold my daughter without cringing in pain everytime. These things have all become normal to me, and they shouldn't be. Thankfully, I have such a sweet husband who takes off work and takes care of me and our daughter when I have this done. #kidneystonessuck #whyme #pleasepass

First time doing some pigtails. Letting her sit on the counter and mess up EVERYTHING is the only way I can get her to sit still long enough for me to play with her hair... sometimes haha! She loves to pretend putting on makeup and especially lip products. She knows exactly what product is for what part of the face and it is so cute. Taking her down from the counter... a different story. #15monthsold #girlmom #toddlerlife #momlife #curlyhair #prettygirl

The cutest toddler shoes in the universe! She jumped from 9-12m to a size 6. Its a little big but she couldn't fit in a 5. Say what? I can't wait for her to sport these with some white socks and show of the bunny ear tongue! But now she needs a fall shoe, because these will look a little cray with everything. #carters #toddler #shoelover

Celebrated our 3rd anniversary (9/12) tonight at a super cute place in Dallas known for their cocktails. Definitely true. I had 3 and they were all fantastic. We enjoyed our alone time and first real date night in almost 9 months! I should have taken a full body picture because the bottom of this dress was so pretty and I scored it for only $10! Here's a few pics of us, our food, and MY drinks lol.. my husand is a lightweight for sure. #happyanniversary #3years #datenight #dallas #quill

I wish I had zoomed in, but you can still see the cuteness of Catalina groovin' in Target. She was in her PJ's because she kept scratching her itchy bite...and those she can't squirm out of. We were picking up her antibiotics and she was clearly happy about that! #dancingtoddler #target #weliveattarget

Newest additions! Btw, I never can condense what I want to write... So here it goes. I have dry, red, textured skin with a little hormonal acne. I'm also always the lightest shade. So finding a perfect match is really hard. Products tend to separate on my skin and primers do nothing for me. Once again, I think a lot of it has to do with the pregnancy. I'm very aware that you can see the makeup on my skin so... I went out and bought products I have never tried and spent a pretty penny in hopes that it would work. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. It's not perfect, and it doesn't take a way the texture issue. But it drastically helps even out my skin tone, without separating. I've tried all the other name brands and nothing has worked as good as these two. And they work well together! I hope I can get my hormones back on track and that will help with the dryness and acne... And I'm sure these will work even better! #tartecosmetics #shapetape #itcosmetics #cccream #dryskin #acneprone #unevenskin #texturedskin #beauty #makeup #confidence #girlystuff

I planned on going for a walk... But I just had a full on workout trying to get these clothes on her, those silly shoes that aren't made right, putting the headband on a million times, and then chasing her down and getting her to stop moving. This was the best shot I got... I'm sweating. #miniphotoshoot #almostkilledmommy #done

Healthy smoothie for mommy and toddler~~~~ To make ----> add lots of leafy greens, 1 banana, 3 strawberries, a couple green grapes, flax seed + coconut water! (grapes and coconut water are the key to tasty green smoothies IMO) what are your favorite combos? #healthy #smoothie #greensmoothie #babyfriendly #toddlerapproved #momlife #tryingtoloseweight.

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