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Taylor F.  Creator of @manbunmonday #celinedion 👑✨ Snapchat: taylaa_franklin

Your love is king, crown me with your heart👑❣️-Sade Night at @generalleesla

I just took a DNA test and it turns out I am 100% THAT BIHHH🤘🏾

Sis’ who Brunch🥂🍾🥞👯‍♀️

Daydreaming and I’m thinking of you✨

Happy birthday to my main Petty Betty, side detective and Love and Hip Hop Sis @samanthasammm who has used more of my phone storage than I have ❣️ Love ya Swirl Sis and promise to POP OFF and clap in people’s faces til we end up jail! Kthanks 😂😘🥂👄🕵🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️🤳🏾🍆🍻

You can’t SIP with us🍻

Friendsgiving in the summer.. WINE not🍷🍾

I’ve been sitting on pause... but for @celinedion.. I had to press play in a millisecond! FIRST OF ALL... MY AUNTIE DID NOT COME TO PLAY WIT YALL HOES! So don’t come for her or these LOOKS, unless she sends for you!! FUCK IT UP BIHHHH👏🏾🔥😍KWEEN SLAYLINE DION👸🏼 #celinedion #celinefanprobz #MyHeartWillGoOFF

You and the water may be salty, but I’m living my SWEETEST life🥂⚓️

Baby Shark and Auntie Shark living our best lives🦈☀️🌴 *Disclaimer: Karter clearly is my favorite to really have me posting this with my hair looking like a wet puppy dog😳*#savetheedges #edgecontrolordie

From Happy J, to Frisky J, to Sammy Long arms, to almost being eaten by Scott, to coming for my brows, to a BLUR. Exactly how the night progressed 💀

When you attempt cool dances all the kids are doing on IG and hurt your leg in public in return🙄

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