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Taylor Lauchard  YouTuber📽 Sandcloudapparel.com Taylorlau25 ARNOLD MODEL SEARCH 2017 Adventure enthusiast/traveler

Finally got ahold of the @gymsharkwomen seamless line and woooooah🔥 (p.s my nails match my pop socket)
Middle of the week, and I can tell you guys that I havnt had the best start to the week but you should always find the positive because not everyone is as fortunate as you. There are people out there that would kill to even go to the gym that can't. So I'm thankful, and blessed, and ready to turn the week around. Hope y'all are the same ✨

When you try to flex on the sunflowers and then get a Charlie-horse in your hand 😂 #swipeleft I swear it always has to be something with me, but I make it fun, amiright? 🌻


When he asks those magic words, "wanna get KFC?" Lolololol #butreally

Can't believe the news I woke up to seeing today. I am speechless. Rich piana, you taught me an UNLIMITED amount of knowledge coming into the bodybuilding world. I am so happy I got to spend a little time with you this past year at the Arnold. RIP big man.

***THIS POST IS COMPLETLY RAW, HONEST, AND I AM NOT IN AFFILIATION WITH THIS COMPANY!*** YAY YAY YAY product review time! I love doing this! I've been trying to find a product for my hair, skin, and nails lately that's healthy other than multi vitamins, and I stumbled across @nourishandbloomlife on bbcom! Not only does it have 5,000 much of biotin, but it also has 2500 mg of Collagen in it! Collagen is a natural source of amino acids that are great for your hair and nails ladies. They are chewables, much like a starburst, and the raspberry flavor is a hard 8/10! I don't have any clear results to share, as I just got my shipment today! However, I will share my results in a month or so after it has had time to cycle through my body. For me personally, I color my hair often and it's crucial for it to be healthy to grow👏🏼 hopefully dis works because #health


Hope y'all had a great day and got time to relax this weekend. Sometimes it's not even a physical break we need, it's mental too. AmIRight?
My sports bra- Lulu lemon outlet (wallet gains)
Top- @celestialbodiez
Shoes- footlocker NYC
Leggings- Victoria's Secret
Here's to a good week with positive vibes coming your way from mwah ✨ #goodvibes #adidasnmd

Wrecked the snot out of my shoulders and back tonight and it felt so gewd 🤓 #bouldershoulders
I hope everyone is off to a good weekend start! Tomorrow is my "Friday" and I'm energized, ambitious, and ready to rock it even though I have another 2 and a half hour drive for work tomorrow. But AYYYYYYE cheers to the freakin weekend 🌟

It feels so good to sit down and relax after being non stop with work the past 3 days, 10+ hour days🤷🏽‍♀️ that's all I got for ya tonight

Tanning oil and watermelon don't even come close to making me as happy as he does 🌴 #vegasbaby #cosmopolitan #planethollywood

My heart is in Las Vegas ❤️ this week has been packed with work activities, but I'm thankful I got to spend time with my man. Now we have free days until Sunday, and we're headed to the strip! See ya Sunday night Ohio ✈️

Raw. Unedited 100%. Fresh out of bed. This week has been ROUGH with gym time. I've worked 12 hour days the past 3 days. Spent 8 hours in a car traveling. Water intake sucked. Food sucked. But we still livin fam🤷🏽‍♀️ life happens, things happen. But GUESS WHO LEAVES FOR VEGAS SATURDAY! Partially for work, but 5 days just for fun too😭
Even though my food and water intake has sucked, I've had the most insane energy and good vibes all week! So pumped for this next week.

#unguardedandunbothered #vegasbaby

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