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Lets talk about a topic I've wanted to touch on for months. Toxic people- and what they can do to you. So many of us keep people around (friendships AND relationships) because it's force of habit. Ask yourself these 2 questions plz.
1️⃣Would these people do anything for you, that you would do for them?
2️⃣Do these people push you to be the best version of YOU on a daily basis and inspire you to be better than you were yesterday?
If you had to think twice about either answer, CUT TIES. Don't be afraid to cut people out that are toxic in your life and want to bring you down. I havnt exactly shared my person life with many people lately, but in the past 6 months I've completely decided that I want nothing but to keep moving foward and I don't want to be stuck in this revolving door that I was in. I had multiple people in my life that I felt were not doing me good and holding me back from happiness. Instead of whining about it, I finally made change for me. ME. ME. ME. I have never felt more free. My advice to y'all, be f*cking happy. That friend you have that always tells you not to do what you want? CUT IT! That boy/girl you've been with for however long doesn't motivate you and want you to equally grow together? CUT IT! This life is too short for bullshit. Stop letting your habits take over your life! Don't be afraid to get out of your own comfort zone and stand up for yourself. YOU GOT THIS!💫 And if your going through hell right now, keep moving foward. Always know that you are not alone and never will be. (Side note- thank you @dylangriffith_ for helping me finish this project up today) follow my snap and his snap for this whole adventure today!

New Lululemon pants= selfie👌🏽 this time I bought the align pant, so much better than my others! Featuring my messy bathroom srrrrrrrrry✨

Ok guys, so a lot of you have followed me since the beginning and some of you are new. Some of you even follow my YouTube channel. Question, what do you guys want to see more of? What kind of content? Here and YouTube. More videos of workouts? More selfiez? (Joke) more of what I eat? OR you guys wanna see more cool dance moves like the ones in my story? Lololol DM me your feedback! I'm curious 🤔 being in this industry, I always want to make sure to provide what is wanted. SEND ME STUFFFFFFFFFFF kbie

My face when I think about everything I've accomplished and overcome this past year** but really, have you ever been so passionate about something in life that it pains you when your not working towards it? Cuz same. I've gone thorough a HELL of a lot these past 6 months of my life, and you'd never even know because I like to keep a positive outlook on life and keep my problems on the low low. I've really been dialing in on every individual goal I want to accomplish in 2017 and can I say that I'm FN proud of myself? Everything I've wanted, I've gone for and gotten. This life is what you make it, and you should only surround yourself with people who want to move foward. Here's to the rest of 2017 being badass😏

I can't wait to eat more deep fried Oreos w/ you in less than a month

Morning check in before officially starting training with @ashleykfit 😊 me and Ashley spoke awhile back about her being my prep coach for competing as well, however, competing just isn't in the books for me right now. I don't even really have an interest. I just want to have fun and live life normally without dieting hard core. My current start weight is 109.5, time to put some meat on this body! 🍍 #unguardedandunbothered

Back when me and @g1bikini were tan, gritty, and exhausted competing at the Arnold but she won! Miss ya girly 🖤


You are capable of making this life whatever you want it to be. Take all the fear you have, ball it up, and toss it in the ocean baby, because your vision becomes more clear when you wipe away the fog

BABIESSSSSSS! My brothers cat had Bengal kittens! I've always been such a crazy animal lover and these little babies melted my heart 💙

Bought a 🍩 pop socket today and it was only right that a flexing selfie with it right? LIT @ the thought of just relaxing today and hanging out with friends, building a hammock and stuff. Happy Sunday yyyyaaaallllllllll #unguardedandunbothered

Ladies, don't EVER let a man in the gym make you feel like your ugly for lifting. Your bad AF. Never forget. I've seen way too many posts about girls hearing "you look like a man", just because your stronger than them doesn't mean your not attractive. Never let "gymtimidation" get to you. Just know, I personally think your all hot. Every single one of you. Flaunt yo shit🤷🏽‍♀️ you will ALWAYS have someone who doesn't like what you do and judges you. Who gives a shit. side note, my mom had about 20 cupcakes today and told me "eat as many as you want, I'm throwing them away tonight" challenge accepted, mom. #idgafmentality #unguardedandunbothered #bbcom #pushingweight

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