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I fully support brands like gymshark, ethos, celestial bodiez, etc. for leggings, but lululemon will always be the real MVP of the game. If you disagree, you probably don’t own a pair of aligns pants🧐
Day 16 of 365;
Today I realized I talk about being busy a lot but to be honest I caught myself on google today looking up if you can adopt a wolf and before anyone asks, you CAN👍🏼 Happy 2’s day
#wolfmom #unguardedandunbothered #alignpantsarelife

It’s a good day to have a good day;
Monday, January 15th. Day 15 of 365.
Most people complain about Mondays. If you start the week with negative energy, your week will end with negative energy. You attract what you are. My new endeavor is to start yoga as a regular basis. I’m under constant stress from multiple factors and I feel it’s the best way to detox. Here’s to Mondays being fundays💫
PS- @celestialbodiez booty scrunch pants are unicorn pants. They are so magical
#upliftothers #unguardedandunbothered

I’m waiting for the day Instagram lets you upload pictures without having to crop them or make them smaller to see the whole picture 🙃
Happy Saturday guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on, I’ve been SO busy with work and traveling for work! And I’m a big idiot, I forgot to announce my giveaway winner! It’ll be announced on my story tonight 😇
Once again Ohio is being shit in with a blizzard so be safe tonight y’all!

Got to meet up with my girl tonight in Columbus and catch up and it was so fun❤️ and the burger I had was bigger than my head

While all my friends are in LA for the fit expo, I’ll be here in Ohio where it’s colder than Alaska in the mornings 🙂
I ask myself on the daily why I live somewhere that physically hurts my face to walk outside. On another note, @fashionnova has been killin the wardrobe game, and my bank account.
That’s pretty much all I got today. I’m doing nothing but watching movies and drinking coffee on my day off 👍🏼

“Que Miley Cyrus- 23”
Having a birthday as an adult is so much worse than as a child. Like “happy birthday, go spend 60.00 and renew your car tags” 😂
At the age of 23, I am making a huge promise to myself. I’ll be selfish. I’ve spent my whole life focusing on the happiness of OTHERS, but consistently neglected my own. At the age of 23, I’ll travel, I’ll put myself FIRST, I’ll be an entrepreneur *wink wink*, and I’ll spend the whole year laughing (and slaying, but what’s new). It’s okay to be selfish and take time for you. Happy birthday to me 💙

Okay so first of all, happy freaking new year guys. Hope everyone is getting the chance to relax with family and enjoy the holiday. I really wanted to hop on here to start the new year, and talk about something near and dear to my heart as we jump into 2018. Mental health. I’ll start by saying 2017 brought me a TON of success, but it also brought me a ton of hurt, pain, and anxiety. Though I love talking about my success, real people go through tough situations too. In the year 2017, I started by losing one of my close friends to a drug over dose. We had no idea he was even using. I lost the person I thought I was going to marry. I had people walk out of my life I NEVER would have expected to. I developed anxiety so badly, it hurt my workout rhythm and made me lose weight. GUYS! It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to go through hell. It’s absolutely okay to need help and need a shoulder to cry on. We all go through our own versions of hell. What drives me crazy is getting on a persons page who is suppose to be inspirational, but only shows you the success they have and not the struggles they face. It is NOT what you go through that defines you as a person, it is HOW you handle it. What is so important, is to truly keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. I use to hate people who told me that. Then, every time a tough situation arose, I started searching for the reason. Sometimes I didn’t find it until months later, but I found it. I absolutley hope 2018 is a fantastic year for you all, but know that with success comes struggle, and YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH IT! 🙂 learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. May the new year being strong mental stability to withstand your struggles and bring you success. Peace out 2017 💫 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #strongmind

Here’s to 2018 and making the best of the new year, obtaining only positivity and success. Sending good vibes to everyone tonight and safe travels 🖤 BRING ON THE NEW YEAR! P.s- this balloon izz my boyfriend for the night #happynewyear

You don’t catch me taking a ton of “booty pop” pictures because I don’t have a big butt and I won’t pretend that I do, honestly. I’m not claiming to have the strongest legs, the biggest ass, or the perfect body and I never will. But I am confident I’ve made a ton of progress in the years past, and we can only go up from here🤷🏽‍♀️ the new year is comin and I’m poppin my booty into it one leg day at a time
On another note, in Ohio we’re getting shit on with snow, drive safe to all affected by it! #unguardedandunbothered
Leggings- @ethos_co code- TAYLOR

my hair is a metaphor of my life, a fu*king mess. I won’t pretend I’m perfect, I’m just good at lifting weights

ISSA GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!! (I’m early)
I’ve been patiently waiting for this moment because I’m so excited to give back to all the kind souls who have supported me and followed my journey.
Before I go on to tell you more about it, I want to talk about the year 2017. We are quickly approaching 2018 and I can honestly say that this has been the most eventful year thus far. I was broken, found, learned to love myself, made amazing friends, networked, grew my social media platforms, got a sick promotion at work, and so much more. Going into the new year, here’s a toast to YOU guys. Here’s to hoping nothing but pure bliss and success in 2018. Let’s not let negativity linger, let’s let positive bestow inside of us. Amen. 💫
Here’s what’s in the FIRST round of this giveaway:
- 100.00 @bodybuildingcom GIFT CARD!
- 20.00 @ethos_co gift card - 2 @iconmeals popcorn bags (flavor of your choice)
- 1 container of @shredz BCAA’s

Here’s how to enter-
- Like this post - Follow @bodybuildingcom , @iconmeals , and @ethos_co - comment OR DM me and tell me what your doing to ensure your 2018 will be successful
P.S, I will be checking to make sure you follow all 3 of those companies.
I can’t thank you guys enough for giving me a platform to speak about what I love and be me.
There will be more giveaways placed sporadically throughout the month of January and tons more cool stuff. Keep your eyes out 💫

Hi, hello, it’s me. Checking in on y’all after the holidays. I’ve seen so many people I look up to share a message that I would also like to share. Holidays are hard for people with body image issues. I fully understand wanting to restrict your diet. Coming from someone who is 115 lbs and has the metabolism of a lighting bolt, half of you probably think I’m full of crap saying that. BUT I GET IT! I’ve struggled in the past with body image issues, and I know what it’s like to want to avoid something that doesn’t make you like the way you look. Here’s what I can tell you- being a lil thick is beautiful. This is truly why I love the fitness industry, because time is of no limit (unless your doing a show) and you have all the time in the world to shed off those few extra pounds you may have gained. You might not like what you see, but that’s when you have to dig into your inner self love and know you are powerful, strong minded, and your going to kill it and look better than before. Nothing I can do or say is going to truly help someone with a deep self image issue, but it sure doesn’t hurt to spread positivity about it. On another note, I ate everything in site yesterday. I went on a “see food” diet. I saw food, I ate it 😂 I hope the holidays didn’t the get best of any of ya, and your starting a fresh new week. I loves you all❤️ DISCLAIMER- no idea what I’m doing with my hand #womenempowerwomen #selfconfidence #unguardedandunbothered

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