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Update on my fitness life (is that a thing? 🤔)
•Current diet: pretty healthy, eating out every other day, and addicted to @littlemanice cream.
•Current training program: wayyy less structured. Listening to my body and working out accordingly (some days yoga, some days outdoor workout, some days killer weight training sesh)
•Current mindset: happier/joyful than ever. Celebrating my body for the things it CAN do rather than the things it’s not. 🌸 Who else is feelin the #selflove these days 🙋🏼‍♀️☺️💕

Thank you @lulus for providing me my entire wardrobe no joke 😂 As requested: here’s my haul!!😍 what’s your favorite outfit?🤔 #lovelulus

📚BOOKMARK📚 Did this workout 2 days ago and i still can’t walk up the stairs. Be ready 😭😈 #SOS #legdaydeath -
1. Bulgarian Split Squat: 12 reps each leg; 4 sets
1. SUPERSET W/: Wise Stance Squats: 12 reps
2. RDL’s (a little bend in knee to help activate glutes): 12 reps; 4 sets
2. SUPERSET W/: Side Glute Kickbacks (can do this on a leg Press Machine): 12 reps each leg
3. Barbell Step-Ups: 10 reps each leg; 4 sets
3. SUPERSET W/: Banded Glute Kickbacks: 20 reps each side
4. Burpees: 10 reps; 3 sets
4. SUPERSET W/: Jump Squats: 10 reps
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Today our bestest buds @laurajulaine and @tommy_novotny get married!! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and love. We hope you guys never forget this day, the best day of your lives!!! We love you so so so much. Wish we could be there, but see you in a few weeks!!💕💕💍👰🏼🤵🏼

The skies are blue, the sun is shinin, loveee Colorado summers 😍 just had a killer glute day and if you can’t tell from this pic, i was drenched 😅💦 got home and @stevedilk said we are goin to @griz tonight at red rocks so now I’m trying to find a way to make it look like I haven’t gone 5 days without washing my hair. Per usual. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #dryshampooismybestie #fitgurlprobz will post the workout in a couple days!

The Define Top @balanceathletica: Small in ROSE🌹
Shorts are Gymshark!

UPDATE: As you all may know... @stevedilk and I keep callin it #athleteszn 😏 and we are feeling GREAT so far! We’ve been doing a combo of bodybuilding workouts, HIIT, hiking, and Pilates/yoga. It’s helped us continue to keep our lean mass, shred off some body fat, and feel the healthiest we ever have. More deets on this specific workout on YouTube (Link in bio)
We’ve been ending most of our bodybuilding style workouts with something HIIT-like. This one was:
1. Battle Ropes: 20 reps total
2. Sled Runs: 20 meters down and back
3. KB Swings: 10 reps
4 Rest for about 30sec-1min. Repeat for 10-15 min!
Wearing @balanceathletica in PINE 🌲💕

If you all know me and @stevedilk ... you know that we take ourselves very, very seriously... 😂😂😂 But for real. I’ve found that I vibe with people the most who:
-don’t think they’re all that
-who love to laugh/be goofy
-who don’t take life so seriously
Your vibe attracts your tribe!!! Anyone feel the same??? -
PS i know you prob think we look alike here but did you know (fun fact) that people are attracted to people who look like themselves? 🤔

As promised, @stevedilk and I’s at home Shoulder/Core workout! Super quick, super effective 🔥💪🏼 we went out and bought 12lb dumbbells, kettlebells (25lbs, 10lbs), a weighted vest, and jump ropes. I guess you can say we are taking our outdoor workouts very seriously 😂🙌🏽 but on the real, if you don’t have time to go to the gym for an hour, buying equipment and doing little workouts like this works just as well!!!!
Go through entire list of exercises 5x, resting 1 minute between each circuit:
1. KB Front Raises Swings (control the weight with your delt): 12 reps each side
2. Lateral Raises: 15 reps
3. Plank Shoulder Taps: 20 reps each side
4. Unilateral Shoulder Press: 12 reps each side
5. KB Upright Row: 15 reps
6. Lying Knee-Ins (use lower core muscles to bring knees in, not your leg muscles): 12 reps
Wearing @balanceathletica:
The Define Top: Small in SAND🏝
The OG Pant: Small in ROSE 🌹 (Ps 87% of you voted that you liked when I posted these type of workouts! #OutdoorCircuitGang)

Shweaty hair don’t care 😅💦 woke up, ate b-fast, and headed upstairs to our roof to do a quick shoulder/Ab workout this morn!! It’s amazing how good it feels to just move the body. Sets the tone for the rest of the day🙏🏽My goal right now is to do at least one active thing everyday. I’ll post the workout later today but gtg cuz we about to go hiking lol ⛰
Wearing @balanceathletica
The Define Top: Small in SAND🏝
The OG Pant: Small in ROSE🌹
Go to the link in @balanceathletica’s bio to sign up for emails and also to know our pre-launch date!!

Feels like @stevedilk and I have been runnin a million miles an hour these past few weeks but we love it and love being busy with not just business but LIFE in general 🙌🏽😅💃🏻shout-out to our @teamfbt girls who absolutely DEMOLISHED this past 12-week challenge 😍 we are so dang proud of you!! -
PS this is miiii face with no make-up on and i would have felt soooo self conscious posting this back in the day! Since 99% of you all voted on my story to do a skincare video for YouTube, I’ll be doing that for you this week 😌

A leetle legs, a leetle shoulders 💪🏽🔥 this was a FIRE workout. Will keep your heart rate high AND help build those delts/legs.
1. Upright Row: 10 reps each side; 4 sets
1. SUPERSET W/: Wide Stance Leg Press: 12 reps
2. Glute Kickbacks: 12 reps each side (can do this on leg Press Machine); 4 sets
2. SUPERSET W/: Lateral Raise: 12 reps
3. Single Leg RDL (straight leg targets hamstrings): 12 reps each side; 4 sets
3. SUPERSET W/: Seated Shoulder Press: 12 reps
4. Smith Step Ups: 12 reps each side; 4 sets
Top is free people
Bottoms: @balanceathletica OG Pant in RAIN (size Small) 💙

Sundays are restoration and getting the mind right for the week 🙏🏽 for me this means church, workout of some sort, planning for the week, and relaxing 😌 happy Sunday! (Again i say, thank you to @lulus for dressing me always 🙃 #grateful #lovelulus)
PS posted our Townhome tour on YouTube today!! 🏡 link in bio 💕

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