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Tavi Gevinson  Founder of @RookieMag ✨ writer + actress ✨ portrait by @mariainesgul ✨


Adaptation, 2002

What a beautiful night to insist flammation is a word with the skyline behind me!!!! #apartmentstories #300ashlandpartner

My children I mean material possessions, cont’d...artists tagged, the rest vintage. Really love the contrast between official Simpsons merch Bart and @ivonnabuenrostro’s abstract Bart!

Very precise pant crease for shul 🍯🍎 OR a photo accidentally taken by a small carnival barker 🤔 really makes you think 🌀

When was the last time you looked up from your phone and tried to connect with a stranger instead? Sat next to a used q-tip on the train this morning and had the most fascinating conversation. Learned all about being covered in hair and yellow gunk, in the buttcrack of the A train. Everyone has a story to tell, you just have to ask.

O shit. @heyanniemok just released all her books for free, in PDF form, at gumroad.com/heyanniemok. And a GAME version of one of my favorite stories she’s done for Rookie, Florals. If you like comics, memoir, video games, Pauline Kael, Drake, and/or imaginings of Sonic the Hedgehog’s inner monologue, look no further!

Ta-Nehisi Coates, "The First White President," @theatlantic.

The Florida Project...I felt such love watching the world expand and contract through the eyes of Moonee and her friends, growing up in a motel outside Orlando, creating their own magic in the land of commodified childhood. Much is made of child actors’ ability to be truthful, attributed to their proximity to innocence, lack of self-awareness, etc. But 6-year-old Moonee is self-aware in the style of any kid growing up among camera phones, switching between privacy and performance, copying her mom’s poses in pictures, and regurgitating behavior that children are thought not to notice. This also makes her extremely funny and magnetic. There is *so much joy* in this movie, without romanticizing its characters’ circumstances, living in poverty. Apparently it was really hard to get made but it also just seems so hard to have gotten right. Also: I really appreciate the creative risk with the gear change at the end, and can’t wait to have more people to talk about it with--it gave me total whiplash (in a good way). Thanks @a24 and @humanrightswatch for having us last night 💜🎥🌈 #thefloridaproject

Here we go again! Three easy ways to contact the senators whose votes will be most critical in keeping #GrahamCassidy, a DEATH SENTENCE, from going through. Swipe for stats and ask your representatives if they agree that $142,650 is a reasonable premium for receiving care for metastatic cancer. Tell them that millions of people depend on @plannedparenthood and that gutting it would disproportionately affect people of color, low-income people, people in rural areas, and LGBTQ people. Congress is desperate to pass this before September 30 so we need to make them hear us ASAP! We’ve done it before, we can do it again! #StandWithPP

Jill Johnston on Agnes Martin

More of my pin and patch haul from...life 🤤 tap for their creators 🎨

Chantal Akerman’s Golden Eighties aka Window Shopping meets all of my criteria for a good film:
✔️made and set in 1986 ✔️takes place in an underground mall ✔️is a musical!!!! 💃🛍🎬 this weird gem shows how you can USE the awkwardness and artifice of people bursting into song instead of trying to be naturalistic within it. Singing, especially with a choreographed ensemble, just makes the characters look like they're talking to themselves, alone in their respective ideas of reality, telling conflicting love stories. Surrounded by mannequins, dressing rooms, and pastels. Spooky!!!!

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