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Repost @sarahsophief / Video @diandre_tristan / Words @womensmarch:
We came out in droves for our Muslim sisters and brothers, for refugees and immigrants, for women as a whole. We ask our supporters to do so again for these missing girls, for our daughters. If we do not take action to address the mass disappearance of Black and Latina girls, we cannot claim to stand for all women. We cannot claim to be true to our commitment to justice, safety, security for all. We are committed to support, advocate for and uplift the work of local organizations that have long been dedicated to finding and caring for these girls, and for all missing youth - including trans and gender nonconforming youth. We will not rest until they are brought back safely. While some are just now turning their attention to the issue of the disappearance of girls of color, this crisis is far from new, and it's on the rise. We will not rest until all women and girls and femmes are able to live free from violence.
#findourgirls #stayhuman #resist

MITTEN CAT, the star of last night

Also not to speak for Sarah but in addition to just being super funny #CityGirl really takes me back to being a child with internet access and playing computer games that were all about LIFESTYLE and my total lack of awareness that I was being interpolated with bizarre/fucked-up messaging around gender sexuality class and whiteness! Haven't thought about that in a while! LUV IT! #citygirl

My BFF @saraheramos found a script she wrote when she was 12 and filmed it (now 25) for @superdeluxe!!! πŸ’– #CITYGIRL is just how I imagined adulthood would be as a young child in the early 2000s playing Sims and other computer games based on my fave toy dolls: FUZZY, PINK, and HIGH STAKES! 😜 Now I get to watch Sarah's sense of humor WHENEVER I WANT instead of hanging all my hopes for an evening on her answering my FaceTime calls LOL πŸ’• luv ya City Girl!!!! πŸ’˜

Mary Poppins but with giant @gucci glasses πŸ•ΆπŸ‘Œ
πŸ“·: @sincerelyvandy

@savanaogburn has been beautifying @rookiemag with so many good DIYs lately βœ‚οΈ here she turned some damn trinkets into some damn earrings πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ€ damn πŸ’–

Attention Canadians! Last day to see this exhibition by @kendrayee and Tova Benjamin, two of my favorite brains from Rookie and beyond, at @xpacecc πŸ’˜


Immigration lawyer Afia Yunus interviewed by @s.ilver for @rookiemag - swipe for more & read in full at the site πŸ“’

Trying to write promotional materials, just can't stop thinking about death :)

"I worry that you'll find me boring." Secrets collaged by @aliiiiia for @rookiemag, called "Hiding and Seeking" πŸ’”

FEUD: Bette and Joan

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