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Tavi Gevinson  Founder of @RookieMag ✨ writer + actress ✨ portrait by @mariainesgul ✨

😀😀😀 last night in @zacposen at @thetonyawards ♥️♥️♥️

Got to go to a very special Tonys last night as @zacposen’s date and was smiling very hard whenever I wasn’t slack-jawed. I ❤️ theater nerd prom so much. Thank you Zac for having me and creating this dream look!! 💓
1 - a wallpaper I later took home for personal use
2 - dream outfit details 😻
3 - more 🧀🧀🧀
4 - carrie’s boyfriend from season 6 you know the one who makes light installations
5 - very dashing Zac among the remains of my wallpaper heist

I opened this moving box to Dame Judi Dench peeking out like “hehehehe”

Have been listening to this video of Cristin Milioti singing This Woman’s Work on repeat like it’s a goddamn MP3!!!! Shaky cinematography ©️ my emotions!!!! Wtf cristin!!!!!!

Goodbye @300ashland and #apartmentstories! Thanks for being my home for the last year—I’ll miss views like this one but be back for the new @bam_brooklyn screens, the branch of @bklynlibrary, and everything else @twotreesny has planned for this spot. 🙏🌃💫 #300ashlandpartner


By @alockstadt for today’s post by Melani G.: “My mother has two wishes, and they are at odds: she wants to return to Ecuador to see her parents, but she also wants to be able to travel back safely to the United States. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve watched her desperation grow. Trump’s presidency has added to her worries. She’s afraid of being deported, of being torn away from my sister and me. My parents have sent me to Ecuador, and I’ve tried explaining to them the smell of the wood burning during the warm afternoons. But, my mother can no longer recall the smells of her childhood or the names of the streets where she grew up. The nostalgia that she’s bottled up from her childhood only consists of her dad’s towerlike stature, his warm laugh and calloused hands. She holds onto those memories, but the clock is ticking and her parents are growing older; if she ever returns to Ecuador, she may be too late. Communicating only through a cell phone is not enough—especially with your parents, and especially when you haven’t seen them in over 20 years. That’s why I wrote these poems from her point-of-view: I wrote them for her.” Link in bio ✏️

@ivankatrump c/o whoever meaninglessly followed a bunch of female founders from her account. @ readers, you can sign this petition at bit.ly/wmendfamilyseparation sponsored by @womensmarch, and go to peoplepower.org/families to find a rally near you for tomorrow, June 1. #endfamilyseparation

Cherished collage by my sister @rivkahah, master 🌄✂️💆🏼‍♀️ #300ashlandpartner #apartmentstories

🚨 SPOTTED 🚨 the Pixar lamp waiting for the 2 train 👀👀👀

“I remember [my dad] saying, ‘Be really clear what the theme of your film is, and as long as you can know in a word what the theme is, you can make every decision based on that, because you’re gonna just be asked a million questions about what shirt you want them to wear, location, whatever.’ The word I had in my mind was ‘loss.’”
From Sofia Coppola’s interview in the new @criterioncollection edition of The Virgin Suicides, which is loaded with such insights and very special special features. I was flattered to be asked to contribute one about a TVS fanzine I made when I was 16, all about the way fantasies and movies shuffle in with (or replace) your own memories. This movie taught me the power of image-making and sharpened my attention to visual details. It showed me how they can stand in for the things you love but will never fully possess; how the symbolically resonant can create as much change in a person as a life event. It was so formative in my understanding of loss and connection, and how human beings process such feelings—or fail to process them, so that they’re left suspended in mid-air like the trees, clouds, and face in this movie’s opening frames. I don’t know why I never put Strange Magic online like I did everything else. I only ever made one copy, and gave it to Sofia a few years ago. But it meant an awful lot to me to talk about it all again now, and here.
The rest of the DVD has everything a fan or person-teaching-themselves-filmmaking-from-Criterion (ahem) could want, including this wonderful essay by Megan Abbott (pic 8). It’s a perfect bookend to anyone who’s had a long relationship with this book/movie (because they do feel like one). Thank you @criterioncollection, Abbey Lustgarten and Sofia for including me ✨💖💕

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