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Tattoo Smart  Ancient Craft / Modern Perspective

We’re impressed with how well @andresinkman creates beautiful digital artwork for print! The added ‘old skin’ texture from Procreate is a really nice touch 👌👌

We love the different ways @philrobertsontattoos prepared this bio-organic concept to present to potential clients using Procreate. Swipe to see how a digital design can be modified and overlaid onto a digital template to show different placement on the body 🤘🤓🤘

From screen 🖥 to skin 💪, look at this rad samurai kitty designed on the iPad Pro and tattooed by @yvonneheartmann. The blends of color in the tattoo are subtle and smooth, and the green-orange color combo was a great choice!

Check out these INCREDIBLE back piece concepts @danblacksailstattoo designed digitally! Every single one of these compositions are well thought out and demonstrate a strong sense of fit and flow. The way Dan places the fire, wind, water, and skin breaks create strong movement throughout each. Dan’s work is also a great example of how digital designs can be turned into remarkable prints!

@toddemtattoos grabbed the Nature Elements by @brandondavidtattooer for @clipstudioofficial and made these, working through his technique and process in Clip Studio Paint after attending It’s rad to see tattooers learning new platforms, using Tattoo Smart tools to make life easier! 🤘🤓🤘

Check out each stage of @morphi_ ‘s process work from original digital sketch, line work, and finally a finished color rendering. Swipe for the time lapse video. The presentation of this design is CLEAN from start to finish!

From screen 🖥 to skin 💪, @blackmagicjake really nailed the final design of this cobra and compass chest piece! Swipe left to see a healed photo. Killer!

From screen to skin, @jawtattoos nailed every step in her Procreate process of this “mean green mother from outer space” starting with her original digital sketch (flat marker brush), to line work (gel pen brush), to color study (shading graphite brush), and then finally on skin. FEED US your digital processes!


Introducing Hand Styles & Lettering by @artoftucker, a new 42 brush set available now for @procreate. Covering a wide range of lettering styles, these brushes will immediately improve your free-hand lettering technique. Quickly draft freehand designs for your client, build texture and experiment with lettering styles, and create clean, consistent digital lettering designs with this new Tattoo Smart brush set!

More info:
Tucker has included his favorite tapered and oval liner brushes for quick drafting, as well as an oval liner that mimics a sign painted look. The calligraphy brushes in this set include texture and angle variations that are not pressure sensitive for a smooth consistent shape to your letters. Use the two- and three-line brushes, as well as the angle grid brush, to keep your letter shapes and sizes precise. The marker brushes in the set recreate your favorite chisel and permanent markers in digital format. Reflecting his preference for darker styles, Tucker designed gothic, jitter, whip shade, and black metal brushes with maximum texture and sharp tapering, allowing you to build up the design as the brush does the tedious work for you.

Tucker also created 9 variations on filigree stamp brushes to include in your lettering designs. These stencil-ready stamps can be used as-is, stretching or skewing them to fit your design, or as a template for your own filigree ornament drawing.

Purchase now at or by clicking on the link in our bio!

@kane.enable.tattoos did a great job from start to finish designing this raccoon whiffing coffee. The steam throughout the design brings flow to the composition by directing the eye from one element to the next. Based on his work time, each second of this time-lapse is about equal to one hour’s worth of work, totaling to around 25 hours. Keep up the great work, Kane!

From screen 🖥 to skin 💪, check out this stunning Fairy Wren design @samreadtattoos created in Procreate. The use of dark values in the tips of the leaves really help frame the design in an elegant way. We also love the soft color palette choices used in the main subject matter. Beautiful work!

We love seeing what you guys are creating with the Nature Elements by @brandondavidtattooer brush set! This set has 50 brushes including multiple variations of trees, mountains, clouds, moons/suns, and more, allowing you to quickly create full landscapes or draft simple designs. More info at!

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