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Tattoo Smart  Ancient Craft / Modern Perspective

Have you picked up Battle Damage by Dave Tevenal yet? Dave included the full Procreate file of this design in the downloads so you can see the all of the layers and the time lapse of him creating it.⁣

The .procreate art file is include in the downloads when you purchase this brush set. You can access your digital files by logging into Tattoo Smart and going to “My Downloadable Files.”⁣

Get Battle Damage by Dave Tevenal today at!

💥 NEW for Procreate 💥⁣

Tattoo Smart is proud to introduce Battle Damage by Dave Tevenal. Designed to make your digital designs look fully hand-rendered, this Procreate brush set includes 22 marker, pencil, liner brushes as well as 8 paint brushes. Dave meticulously created these natural media brushes from the ground up, starting with high-quality scans and photos of fine art paper and physical brush, marker, and pen strokes. He designed custom grain source and nib images, experimenting and perfecting each brush. The result is an incredibly flexible set of tools for Procreate that mimic the small paper bleeds and grain texture of physical media, and produce designs suitable for a wide variety of applications, from art prints to tattoo designs.⁣

Get Battle Damage by Dave Tevenal today at!

From screen 🖥 to skin 💪, @jerry_magni did an incredible job translating this design to a 3D model and then to the finished tattoo! Jerry used the 3D models by @bez666 available on Tattoo Smart. Curious about using our 3D body part models in Photoshop? We’ve got a few things in the works in the Tattoo Smart labs that will help you out! More info coming soon.

@jeffzalesak created this killer print design using @tattoosmart brushes, including ones in the Geometric by @coryferguson set for Procreate! We love seeing what you create with Tattoo Smart tools! Tag us using @tattoosmart and #tattoosmart.

Check out this project @russabbott started at the London convention recently! The atmospheric perspective is really convincing. Pay close attention to the contrast in the octopus’s body in the foreground compared to the out of focus tentacles in the background. As the tentacles move back into the distance, the contrast in the details decreases and the color becomes less saturated as it shifts toward the blue color of the water. See @russabbott‘s IGTV for the process behind this design made in Clip Studio.

@russabbott is set up at @londontattooconvention! Stop by to check out what he’s working on and test several new Tattoo Smart brush sets for Procreate that we’ll be releasing soon! 🤫🤫

We’ve got several new brush sets for Procreate and Clip Studio Paint on the way for you, including one by @battledamagedave that he used to create this design! ・・・
#Repost @battledamagedave
Trying my new brush set out on this rendering of your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. These brushes are designed for Procreate (for now). They are intended for projects at a high resolution (300dpi) for printing. They’re also designed to make things look more hand rendered, like small paper bleeds and grains, that you would find working on finer papers. I’ve made every grain myself, sourced from photos and scans that I did myself. Even the shapes on the nibs were made and experimented on by me. Nothing in this set comes stock on procreate. Adaptations for clip studio and photoshop will be inevitable, but not immediately. And these will be available through @tattoosmart - I’d like to thank @russabbott who’s been a great mentor to me and countless others over the years, for allowing me this opportunity to bring everyone the brushes I use on all of my digital pieces.

@mvtattoo’s vampire lady head is a great of example of successful design using a very limited color palette. The placement of red throughout the design is a striking accent with its respective subject matter. Swipe to see how the design translated to tattoo. Awesome work!

@russabbott is presenting this week at the @explorertattoo conference with an incredible group of speakers! If you’re at the conference, stop by and say hi, and don’t miss the premiere of the @cheyenne_tattooequipment #CheyenneRoadTrip movie featuring @russabbott and @danpemble. The movie will be available on the Cheyenne YouTube channel tonight after the premiere. The teaser is available now @cheyenne_tattooequipment.

Check out this RAD traditional digital design @will_bledsoe created using Clip Studio Paint and @mykechambers Tattoo Smart brushes! In Will’s words, “While kind of intimidating at first, ClipStudio is an AMAZINGLY versatile app.” Commitment to learning a new tools is always impressive - keep up the good work!

From screen 🖥 to skin💪, @fulviovaccarone did a great job translating this design he made using Autodesk Sketchbook! The warm color choices work very well! Swipe to see the finished tattoo.

@tattoosbyalisha created this fun, pastel colored fawn using the iPad Pro. The fine contouring line details she added throughout the leaves and wiggly creatures are a nice touch that really help describe their forms. Excellent work!

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