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Every ounce of feeling I have in my body was present tonight. Thank you @dasowth.sgh for everything you do. There's Def something in both my eyes. If you don't listen to Off With Their Heads then you are missing some of the best songwriting you'll ever experience.

When the mailman brings that good shit. @phucstyxtattoosupply #steelfangscartridges

Super fun gomez and morticia. Gomez is healed.
I used @borgtattoomachines #rebellionrotary cartridges from @phucstyxtattoosupply supplies from @rockstarreadytattoosupplies and the awesome @radiantcolorsink #victorportugalshadingseries bng set @inkfusionempire @skinandinkmag @geekinktattoo www.geekinktattoo.com

#carnage is fresh and healed and #greengoblin is two weeks old! I used @borgtattoomachines #rebellionrotary and supplies from @rockstarreadytattoosupplies and carts from @phucstyxtattoosupply and support from @geekinktattoo @skinandinkmag @inkfusionempire www.geekinktattoo.com

Today's pre workout brought to you by @lupefiasco and @rdbody #donut #protien in my #bulletproofcoffee

#Repost @korriban_overlords (@get_repost)
Tis the season of giving and this month the #korribanoverlords are reaching out to everyone to give and act locally. We are asking that people donate blankets, coats, shoes, supplies, volunteer at a local shelter, donate to toy drives, anything you can do to give back to your community!
Take a picture of you dropping off your donations or volunteering and be sure to put #korribangivingtree to also be entered to win some great prizes!
No spare time? Direct donations will get you an entry at one of the prizes. $5 for 1 , $10 for 3 and $20 for 7. Please send all money to friends and family via PayPal to korribanoverlords@gmail.com and be sure to include your name, address and how many entries you are purchasing. All cash donations will go toward supplies to a local shelter in the Bay Area!
Let's give to all who need it the most this time of year, happy holidays from the #blackdeathcrew and the #korribanoverlords ! ◼️💀◼️

#Repost @thislewis (@get_repost)
It's submission month! Anyone interested in joining up with the #bDC is encouraged to get creative, don a bucket and send in a submission video/picture. Make it about yourself, showcasing why you'd fit in with the #blackdeathcrew and why #SocialCharity is important to you! Make sure to follow the rules:
1. Don't reuse an old picture! Make it new, fun and creative!
2. Use the proper submission hashtag (ask a current member if you are unsure)! 3. Tag @theblackdeathcrew!
Have fun!
A special reminder to all current bDC members: Please be very mindful about your use of hashtags! If you start spamming the feed with submission reposts, it gets damn near impossible to wade through to find actual submissions. Please feel free to share and repost this post and any others you find & like. Just make certain that they don't contain the actual submission hashtag and that way, you won't spam the feed! Thank you everyone!

@ricomiccon I am coming for you! This weekend it's on! Only have a couple spots left! Supported by @borgtattoomachines @inkfusionempire and @skinandinkmag

Did some work on this chest piece, used @borgtattoomachines #rebellionrotary and supplies from @rockstarreadytattoosupplies

Better pic of yesterday’s fun @borgtattoomachines #rebellionrotary and supplies from @rockstarreadytattoosupplies @blkpowder #blkplasma

This was way too much fun! I used @borgtattoomachines #rebellionrotary and supplies from @rockstarreadytattoosupplies and @blkpowder #blkplasma cleanser

#Repost @rexsruffians (@get_repost)
from @arctic_assault - It's September! Which means that the #ArcticAssault is raising funds to support the fight against #cancer by participating in the #TerryFoxRun on September 17.
Members of the @arctic_assault will be participating in The Terry Fox Run in each of their respective communities all across Canada on September 17, 2017.
Please support us in the fight against cancer by proudly supporting the #TerryFoxFoundation in its ongoing work to fund innovative and progressive cancer research programs by taking part in The Terry Fox Run!

There are two great ways to support our campaign this month!
1. Using the link in members bios, you can directly support all those taking part in the run with direct donations to their campaigns! All funds go directly to the Terry Fox Foundation!

2. Looking to support the fight against cancer and want to look super fresh at the same time? @vintagestarwars has designed an awesome t-shirt available at the Teespring website in the Arctic Assault IG page! #CassianSaidIHadTo
Stay tuned for more throughout September from the Arctic Assault! #ArcticAssaultSupportsTheTerryFoxFoundation #blackdeathcrew #ArcticAssault

#Repost @arctic_assault (@get_repost)
@amanda_lorian says it best. Please support us as we raise funds to help support the #TerryFoxFoundation. All donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to supporting the fight against cancer.

What a terrifying word. It strikes fear in many people. It brings up painful memories, hard battles, lost and won, and most of us reading this have had someone we love affected by this word. Cancer. It overwhelms and can paralyze our world.
Which is why Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope is such an incredible moment in Canadian history and why he is a national hero. He gave and inspired HOPE in all Canadians. He stands out as a bright light in dark times. What he believed and strived for is commendable and truly beautiful. He believed if he could just get $1 from every Canadian, we could drastically increase our odds at beating cancer. His view is uniting, in that if we all give a little, those little amounts add up to one HUGE one. He never claimed he'd find the cure, but he inspired us to never stop trying, to never let cancer research move to the back-burner, and to always maintain HOPE. Please support my bDC Arctic Assault crew this month as we run in Terry's honour, and in the honour of everyone we know and love who has had to battle. The link to donate is in my bio and the @arctic_assault bio. #socialcharity #blackdeathcrew #bdc #arcticassault #terryfoxrun #terryfox #canadian #marathonofhope #2017bdc204

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