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Tatiana Vélez, MS CPT  📚Educator, Certified Trainer, #RD2b 💫Guiding individuals into an active, healthy lifestyle @1upnutrition Code: Tatiana 💪Online Personal Training ↩️

Thought I’d caption my new head shot with some more info about me and what I do! 💫⠀

For those that have just followed me and for those that have been around for long, here’s a little bit more about me 😁 I was born and raised in Puerto Rico so I naturally speak Spanish as my first language, English and “Spanglish” 🤣⠀

Growing up I did some cheerleading but I was never really great at any sport🤦🏽‍♀️. The books and science were always my thing. After attending a science & mathematics-based boarding school, I decided to pursue Chemistry in college. All my research experience in biopharm, food preservatives & analytical methods eventually led me to pursue Nutrition. I wanted to step out of the lab and really communicate all this important science to the real world. There was a time I struggled with this change. I felt like I did a complete 180 and my Chemistry career was pointless. However as time went by, It has felt less like a career change and more of a transformation.
I just kept learning and simply just found what I love through it. Every experience has been an opportunity to learn more, grow, discover new things, and get where I am. Using this platform as an educational one for topics I’m passionate has opened me to feel more comfortable with what I do. 💫💓 Thank you all for following along!

After eating this you’ll identify as a pie person even if you don’t think you like pies 😆⠀It’s that good, okay? 😩

This pie is rich in whole grains, healthy fats, antioxidants and fiber. PLUS ITS DELICIOUS!! Played around and whipped these mini pie cups which are so easy to make. For the dough I mixed 1 cup of pecan and 4 cups of oats in my food processor with a hint of brown sugar and plant-based milk. Then put a bunch of frozen berries with lime juice in, baked for 20 minutes at 350F 💫💫 Ta-daaaa 👩‍🍳 #WatchOut #PastryChefInTheMaking

Mientras más metas logras, más metas te propones💫⠀

Hace varios años descubrí mi amor por un pasatiempo que terminó definiendo mi carrera. Desde entonces he trabajado día y noche para lograr y llegar a dónde estoy esta semana... ⠀

Me siento muy agradecida con las oportunidades que se me han presentado, especialmente ahora que voy a comenzar mi último año como estudiante graduada. Hasta ahora he tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con atletas del NHL y el MLS, dar charlas gratuitas a la comunidad puertorriqueña, y transformar la vida de mis clientes. Todo porque nunca “me quité” y decidí continuar hasta llegar a mi meta. A veces no lo creo porque pasé por varias situaciones en que a punto me quitaba por situaciones financieras, personales, inseguridades profesionales y por no saber ni por dónde empezar. Y ahora al fin, se acerca la luz al final del túnel. 💓 #Seguimos

Was inspired by @carlie.the.dietitian to start incorporating amarillitos (pan fried sweet plantain) into my breakfast. 😋⠀My puertorican taste buds were highly satisfied🤤🤤

Plantains are a staple in caribbean dishes and they’re mostly eaten in lunch and dinner meals. They complement savory dishes and let me tell you, this breakfast meal was delicious!! I’ve been craving higher fat savory dishes lately and this just hit the spot. Pan fried half a plantain on medium heat with 1/2 tbsp of olive oil. Cooked two slices of turkey bacon and 1 purple potato with 1/2 tbsp of olive oil. I picked up these purple potatoes at @producejunction my fav 😍

What’s fitness to you? How do you keep your motivation?⠀

For me it’s about practicing an activity that I enjoy and working on developing skills! 🤸🏽‍♀️ Let me be real for a second. Yes, it’s important to be physically active for health reasons, and aesthetically it can be a motivating factor. However, there may be a time in which those goals are not enough to keep you motivated. My suggestion is to explore different activities and skills! It’s amazing what your body can accomplish when you work on different goals frequently 💪🏽

When we think about healthy foods, we often just think about foods that are nutrient dense. Which are those that provide our bodies with the essential nutrients that it needs. Anything else other than that we often just classify it as purely “unhealthy” “fattening” “junk food” 🧐⠀

In reality, we are forgetting the purpose of foods with this way of thinking. Food is not only available to nurture our bodies with the nutrients it needs, but also to share with loved ones, celebrate events and enjoy our senses (taste, odor, sight, touch)! 😋⠀

A healthy balanced diet is not restrictive in nature. Moreover, a good relationship with food is that in which you see food as food, with all the purpose it provides us with. You eat to nurture your body, but you also eat to build and celebrate relationships. It is a matter of being able to idenfity the purpose of food throughout meals. There are some foods I eat often🥗which make the bulk of my meals. And there are some foods I eat ocassionally to enjoy and celebrate🍩It’s not about restricting or about labeling. It’s a healthy balanced diet, my friends! #NonDietApproach #IntuitiveEating #Mindfulness

My clients know all about how I love incorporating plyometrics! 🤸🏽‍♀️They are essential into improving power (maximal muscle exertion in short periods of time) through explosive movements. Very beneficial into developing athleticism and performance as you progress in a safe training program. It also enhances involuntary nervous reflexes and motor coordination. 🧠

They will keep your heart rate up and you progress on the skill the more you practice it. It’s important to consider that these specific exercises are conditioning movements I’ve incorporating into my program as I advance in developing skills.
1. Tuck Jumps - 10 seconds
2. High Knee Jumps - 15 seconds
3. Front/Back Jump Squats - 15 seconds

Okay, I’ve been sleeping on making myself egg sandwiches for the longest time because I’m a lazy cook in the mornings. I rather put stuff together and let it cook without overseeing it (oven ftw) 💀 Who else with me?⠀

But honestly, these are so simple to make (thanks @nickgoldbeck 😅🙃) It’s 2 eggs with some pepperjack cheese, thrown in a sandwich, with added avocados, tomatoes and handful of spinach. That’s it. 🍞🍅🥑🧀🍳🥪

After so many years trying to navigate my way into what my dream career could be, I’ve learned a couple things.⠀

💫 A degree doesn’t give you a pass to your dream career. Yes they are very important (doing my second higher ed degree for a reason), but it won’t automatically give you a way into a field you love..You have to hop into opportunities outside your school work in a way that you can practice it, meet people and get different perspectives. You won’t know if it’s for you if you don’t get REAL life experience.⠀

💫Just because you started out doing a particular field doesn’t mean you can’t branch out. I was in the field of Chemistry for over 7 years and I came to realize doing research and graduate school that you can really connect other STEM/non-STEM fields since EVERYTHING in the real world is multidisciplinary. Make it your own unique path. ⠀

💫 You are never “too old” nor is it ever too late to learn something or achieve something. You can learn, unlearn and re-learn anything at any stage in your life. Just keep an open-mind to take any criticism and feedback on the way there. You will fail, and you will learn. Be open to new experiences.⠀

Okaaay these little pecan pumpkin muffins were game changer for a decadent breakfast 😋⠀

I mixed 1/2 cup of pumpkin purée with 1 cup of oat flour, crushed pecans and chocolate chips. Mixed in an egg, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp baking powder and 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt. Topped them off with a cream cheese drizzle. 🤤

Who else loves pumpkin everything? 🎃

It’s about doing things that make us feel good inside and out. Pursuing opportunities in which our passions play out and we are able to feel accomplished every single day. 💫✨

Pumpkin and other orange vegetables are rich in a powerful antioxidant, beta carotene 🥕which gives it the vibrant orange pigment. It is also one of the organic compounds that makes up a group of Vitamin A forms. ⠀

When beta carotene in pumpkins and other vegetables are consumed, they may be converted into retinol (the most bioactive form of Vitamin A) by a highly regulated process. And we all know about the role retinol plays for healthy skin, eye and immune function by now! ⠀

BUT excess Vitamin A consumption can cause toxicity (specially from retinol forms in supplements). Since Beta carotene’s conversion to retinol is regulated, the body will produce it only if needed and you won’t get toxicity even if you tried to eat all the pumpkins this fall 🤓🎃 #Pumpkineverything

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