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Tati Romo  🌎23 countries|4 continents|29 US states🌍 ✈Travel Agency✈ 📬romotatiana@yahoo.com📬 Next:Taiwan 🔜 Thailand Traveler | Blogger | HR | 🐸💖 🏠ATX

🇹🇼 Taiwan! What a beautiful destination! Gorgeous Temples, beautiful views, amazing food and super nice individuals!

Thank you to Life of Taiwan for showing us around and taking us to the most magical places ❤

Woke up thinking of beautiful Iceland🇮🇸 because Austin, Texas is 35°F/2°C this morning! Last time I felt this temperature I was in 🇮🇸 a few months ago!

We are headed to Asia tomorrow and we are super excited! 🛫🌏 Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

💫Outdoor shower goals💫 Do you agree?

The Villa Botticelli at @thevineyardatflorence offers a luxury and one of a kind bathroom. It has 2 showers! One indoor and one in an outdoor patio without a roof. The outdoor shower has 2 shower heads for your spouse or significant other to join! How romantic? 💞 The best part? Taking a shower at night under the stars 🌟🌟🌟

What a dreamy property! Absolutely gorgeous Vineyards & Villas @thevineyardatflorence 🍷Waking up to this view is mesmerizing. Be certain that you will find peace and tranquility during your stay. Just wonderful! 💛

#TBT and Happy Birthday to my brother @rodrigoromo33 🎂🎁🎈 Fun Facts: I only have one sister @mariferromo and one brother 👩🏼👩🧑🏻 We all attended boarding school in the east coast separately. We are 4 and half years apart. We all lived in different countries for several years🌍🌎 We speak English with one another (not with our parents or family) but our native language is Spanish 🇲🇽 We grew up traveling with our family so we all love to travel 🛫

Las Vegas never let's me down! I always enjoy going as a weekend getaway 💙 This past weekend was nothing but fabulous 💃 What is your favorite weekend getaway?

October has been a crazy busy and fun month for us. I feel like I can barely breath at times. So many great things happening, so much to do and so little time to do it all! But oh so worth it! Do you ever feel this way?? Last weekend we went to Fredericksburg; our favorite Texas getaway 💙 Happy Tuesday Everyone!

🎂🎈🎁🎉 Swinging into a new year of my life. Grateful for another birthday and another shot at life. Any guesses of how old l am??🙈 or maybe not? Hehe

Everytime I come to San Diego, I have to stop by La Jolla💙 It is one of my favorite places. It is absolutely beautiful 😍 Have you been to San Diego? What is your favorite thing to do?

I promise @ellieactivewear never let's me down... Well, only when doing burpees or maybe sit-ups. Best active/athletic apparel ever!
Ellie is an activewear subscription box! Purchase yours at www.ellie.com you won't regret it! Look good in active wear 😍  #loveellie #septemberellie

"Travelers are dreamers who make their desires for adventure a reality" 💚
Happy Monday! I went to a ranch-style resort for a few days and had a blast! Did you have a good weekend? Did you do anything fun?

My husband and I have had a pretty unlucky travel year. We haven't had any smooth trips whatsoever. This time, on our way back home our flight was completely cancelled. Then we got rebooked into another flight and when we got to the airport it was the wrong destination. We had to rebook once again at the airport and now we no longer had a non stop flight. During our layover our flight got a bit delayed because the pilot couldn't find the gate. Because of that, we couldn't beat the weather and we sat on the plane for 2 hours. Then once we were cleared to depart, their fuel had gotten water and welp we waited about another 1.5 hours. Then, right before landing we couldn't land because it was raining so we circled for like 30 minutes on air. Then, our landing was slippery since the pland kinda just felt like it was sliding. Not a very fun landing. Traveling isn't always easy but it is worth it.

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