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T a t i a n a 🥂  Montréal 🇨🇦 Hodgkins Lymphoma thriver Personal growth & health blog💻 📖🌱 📌 : Tatianapaolina 🐦 : Tatianapaolina


Merry Christmas to all of you🎄 Feeling extra lucky this year❤️ Thank you Mother Nature for my white Christmas ❄️☺️

One way I have been affected by cancer is my physical appearance. It has been 8 months since I had my biggest change which was loosing my hair. To me, that was part of my identity. It has even changed how I am sometimes. I still don’t feel like myself when I look in the mirror. But I have learned to use my wig and makeup to feel more like myself. Can’t wait to have my long locks back. Better believe I will appreciate them a lot more. Unfortunately, one thing that will never go away is me sticking out my tongue for pictures. 😂👅 Happy Monday!

Wishing I was still all cozied up by the fire on this mini vacation🔥🌲

This weekend away is so good for the soul 🌲❄️ Oh and it’s Christmas in a month!!🙊

A much deserved weekend away.☁️ I really wanted to do as much as possible before starting treatment but my body stopped me and demanded some rest. So I did. My anxiety levels are through the roof but doing my best to breathe and take it one day at a time.

Take control of your life. See every challenge as a blessing. You have the power to make the decisions that will make you happy. ❤️🙏🏼

Had to go buy some pumpkins for it to actually feel like fall because this temperature is not helping! 🍂🍁 (I might regret saying this when it’s -40 degrees outside this winter.) #typicalfallpicture

It took every bit of willpower not to go for the burger and fries. 🍟😳

Although it seems like summer is not going anywhere, my favorite wine is making its exist until next summer 😭 Having my favorite wine be a local and seasonal one is so sad and I will try to stock up as much as I can. (although I haven’t seen it at my grocery store) I’m starting a hunt so if anybody sees it please let me know!🙋🏻😘

5 weeks ago I got my last chemo treatment. It’s crazy how something so scary becomes your comfort zone. But it’s also crazy how it seems like it was all a dream. I am so thankful not to constantly be living waiting for the next one. This journey has taught me a lot and as much as it has been a struggle, I am incredibly thankful to have had a reminder that we are not invincible. I still believe everything happens for a reason and I trust in the universe’s plan for me. So please remember that the next time something “bad” happens. Trust that it’s happening for a reason and better things will come. It might not be what you want but it will be what you need. ✨

L A Z Y S U N D A Y 💤☁️ Today was another goodbye for me and my boy. 😔 Long distance relationships are extremely hard but it’s worth the sacrifice when you really love each other. Less than a year until we don’t have to be apart anymore. December can’t get here fast enough. ✈️ Anybody experienced a LDR?

Lavender everywhere 💜🌿 I have been having a lot of trouble staying asleep for the past months. I wake up many times every night and then feel super tired even though I wake up late because I don’t get in that deep state of sleep. I bought this cream with lavender and chamomile that is supposed to help so hopefully I get more rest.🤞🏼I was told melatonin is also great for this so I might give it a try. ✨ What are YOUR tricks for a good night sleep!?

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