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Tatiana Kovylina  Mother of three, yogi, founder of @siloulondon


В Казань за тонкой талией !
И непременно к @oolgadancer . Заставила меня потеть, кряхтеть, злиться и смеяться. Ходить не могу , всё дрожит , аппетит зверский! Значит позанимались на славу!
На мне @siloulondon Tatiana Overall

If you are ever in Kazan and looking to define your waist line 😀go to @oolgadancer for the hardcore functional training ! She made me sweat and growl and now I am shaking and ready to eat a whole cow ( or vegan cow 🐮)🤪 Wearing @siloulondon Tatiana Overall


Just sharing the view ❄️🏙
It’s good to be home💙

#silou#siloulondon #siloustyle#yoga#yogaeverydamnday

Doesn’t every breastfeeding mother look like this 😀Shot by @mertalas , art directed by the one and only
@madonna . Makeup by the beauty wizard @lisaeldridgemakeup styling @semrarussell

#sexy mama on set @mertalas

Celebrating Our 1st Birthday with @siloulondon team🥂🎂🎉Many more to come! My silou fairies, you are the best!
#silou##siloulondon #girlspower #californiadreaming

When initial idea of going out for cocktails 🍸 with a girlfriend transitions itself into an evening yoga class 🧘🏻‍♀️Times have changed...

@siloulondon trunkshow with @modaoperandi was extended for another week due a high demand 👏🏻
Первые дни продаж с @modaoperandi оказались более успешными, чем мы надеялись и мы ещё на неделю с моим любимым интернет-сайтом!

Balance. I’ve found it , sadly it only lasted for less than a minute 🤸🏻‍♂️otherwise it’s a continuous struggle between a control freak and a “let-it-all-go” buddhist in me , a Tao Te Ching parent and a Tiger mom , even though the latter is rarer and contradicts with my beliefs. A hippie who wants to run wild and free with flowers in her hair and a high -maintenance internet shopping addict 🤦🏻‍♀️I tend to obsessively collect “stuff” and get a high by getting rid of it shortly after ... I want to do it all myself kind of mother but I swear there is a nimb above my night nanny’s head when she appears with my baby for a night feed and settles her back to sleep. That woman is a saint and I need her around! I hate social media and it’s obsession with the body image but I don’t choose to stay away from it . It goes on... I’d settle for unbalanced but authentic , not artificially, polished , retouched , concealed ... flam

@siloulondon is now available on
@modaoperandi 👏🏻🤸🏻‍♂️We are the youngest in our category and are very proud indeed to be featured on the site !
Moda Operandi @modaoperandi только что взяли @siloulondon в свои стройные спортивно-модные ряды!
Мы самые молодые в представленной категории брэндов . Молодые, красивые и уверенно стоящие на ногах и часто руках! Вспомнилось давно позабытое ощущение быть самой юной в компании:)

Lots happening at @siloulondon , my dream team is in sunny California being busy bees 🐝 and we are anxiously waiting for the new SS18 stock arrival .SOON
Stay tuned!Stay fit ! Stay Silouactive as our beautiful muse @carolineannkelley does here🎬🤸🏻‍♂️⛹️‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️ Video by @derekkettela
#siloulondon #siloustyle

To the New Year!🍾🎅🏻
As a child of the Soviet times I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas but the New Year. Up until now the end of the calendar year seems to represent more of a symbolic occasion than a birthday of someone I never met and who's significance in my life is rather questionable :) Regardless of one's beliefs, the importance of the annual family gathering with the traditional attributes ( the tree,the gifts, long meals over long chats , excessive guilt -free alcohol consumption etc ) remains inviolable.
Time to indulge and enjoy yourself , time to give all the love you may have been reserving to your loved ones...
May all the life lessons , gained experiences and acquired wisdom be taken into the New Year .May we enter the 2018 with gratitude and grace , with love and willingness to share and give... May be cherish every day we have here and not leave it too long to realize what REALLY matters ...
Cheers🥂🎄❣️ Photo credit @masha_dupovkina

Seven days since I was gifted with the most beautiful , the most perfect creature that is my daughter. I feel privileged to be her mother and because the house where my soul dwells ( my body obviously ) is currently being used as a feeding station 🐂🥛I shall take good care of it so it doesn’t let us both down 🍼Yoga for mental and physical health as well as for precious me-time... Or at least I shall try 😀

Oh , and @siloulondon leggings turned out to be a waist -cinching postnatal wonder I am not taking off until my body takes it’s pre-pregnancy shape 👙

#silou#siloustyle#siloulondon#postnatal #yoga

Friends often asked at which point of my pregnancy I was going to stop practicing. This is me still carrying on at 41 weeks 🤸🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️🤰🏻It felt right from the beginning to the end and when walking up the stairs , putting on tights and rolling over in bed in the middle of the night became a challenge, practicing still felt easy and rewarding ... So yeah #yogaeverydamnday indeed!

#pregnancy #yoga#derosemethod #siloustyle #siloulondon

Hello world !
We were out earlier to rediscover that you actually exist :)
Sending all lots of love from the parallel reality we are blissfully living in . Where news are being ignored, happiness is measured by the amount of breast milk and random naps if I am lucky to catch any , where staring at a newborn is the best entertainment for a mother and the rest of the family members, where the best outfit is the one that has a front opening for an easy access and where nothing really matters... For nothing beats this utter overwhelming , supreme LOVE 💕
#love#newmom #again

My baby Anna has finally arrived !
We couldn’t be happier!She is wonderful and I love her to the moon and back !

Мамин День отмечаем в правильной компании!

Just LOVE the header on this one ❤️
@evening.standard featured @siloulondon online today . I am honoured indeed !
#silou#siloulondon #siloustyle

@siloulondon в Казани!!! 16 ноября с 12:00 до 20:00 в @blohavintage состоится pop-up Silou под руководством модного пульса Казани , женщины-стихии, Wonder-Woman @nadiasharonova и не менее всемогущей и восхитительной @guzelsergeeva .Обе музы @siloulondon и fashion -эксперты , они представят Казанским клиенткам коллекцию Celestial Woman .Не пропустите !!! #silou #siloulondon #kazan#дрогнет

Дома ...
Hometown . Kazan
Thank you @alexzand13 for my beautiful @rderavenel earrings , I am obsessed🌕

Autumn in all its glory 🍂 My favourite time of the year . Love everything about this season... The abundance of colours , the golden light , that pensive beauty ...
There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring to me than the nature this time of the year ... It’s willing to give and ready to give in ...Just like a woman after 30 :))) #love#fall

Monday 🥊🤸🏻‍♂️!!!
@carolineannkelley is wearing my personal favourite . An overall with a shockingly unexpected name...Tatiana overall 😁by @siloulondon .
Have a wonderful week everyone, we are showing the SS18 collection this week in Paris ,so lots to do ... #siloulondon #siloustyle #girls #power

It takes courage and hard work to start a new project . It takes a team to bring it to life. Thank you @phoebegreenacre @derekkettela @carolineannkelley @sarahreygate @hannakelifa for the two mega-productive days ! You are super stars!
#siloulondon #siloustyle#teamwork

When you come on a set as a client and stand next to a divine 21 y/o @carolineannkelley your instant urge is ... to hide🤦🏻‍♀️But if you happen to have @sarahreygate for a make up artist there is no need in doing so as she really can turn a very pregnant sleepless working mother of two into a rather attractive human being . No comparison to a 21 y/o clearly but having a mirror in front of me was no longer a torturous experience 😄

Body shapes , dance , freedom , femininity... Inspiration for the next season by @siloulondon
#siloulondon #siloustyle #body#woman#embrace #dance#freedom

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