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Tatiana Polanski  Manhattan,N.Y.,USA Born in Kyiv, Ukraine Cat lover, Asst. Dance instructor lera.bugorskaya@bk.ru (Given birth name)

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I embrace my being different. I have had issues before trying to be like, acting like and even copying other people’s lives and lifestyles. But I have learned that the only person who is not happy when I do those things is me. I don’t want to be a model. I’ve only been trying to please people and my life became a shambles! Right now I am helping others to embrace who they are and helping teach little ones the basics of ballet and how to root for and help one another. This pleases me. I have no money extra or travel plans or rich people driving me everywhere anymore. I have nothing. But I am so very pleased with my life. Question: Are you?

Everyone please remember this and seek help. If anyone gives you problems when you are seeking help, you can dump them. They aren't your friends. Friends support you. The Families for depression awareness 18002738255 or you can text LISTEN to 741741

A picture of my Church. It just looked so pretty that I had to take this.

Please follow the incredible girl. So pretty and talented! @elise.s.bakker

This a bank. YES, a bank! Why are Banks soooo special? I say they are not! But they are presented as our best friends. A part of our community, our society that is indispensible. So important. I am not a bank. I will bet you are not either. So. Am I, are you a part of your community? Of society? YES, we are! An important part? YES!! Unlike these banks, we interrelate and influence daily personal decisions of everyone around us. What we do or say changes our families' and friends' attitudes. In turn, their attitudes instruct their every move. Be thoughtful in what you say and in how you say it. Your community depends on you!

Ok. I go into the girl's restroom and I see this sign.

This is an unknown town. In the distance. Limited. Nothing impressive. Do you feel like this town? I do. Unknown. Unimportant. Small. Small. Tiny. I have a little Pomeranian. She teaches me daily that my feelings, although very real to me, aren't always so, um, ummmm, let's say... accurate. Lady Templeton is her name. I make things easy by calling her with "Lady!! Come!" She does. EVERY time. When that small being comes to me and waits so patiently for my embrace, I can't help but see that she does not see my intimidation by things or people or challenges or whatever it may be that I might raise above myself. She loves me. I love her back. Period. What are you raising above yourselves? What is "Better" than you? Tell me. Really! DM me. I'm serious! But be prepared to tell me why in a way that I could possibly agree with. I dare you! ( I am a tough critic. Be ready!!!!!)

We saw this tree outside of New York and....
Photo taken with my phone.

Pic 3. I do not have words. They have been doing so much work on me that I don't even recognize myself! I think I saved the best for last.

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