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Tatiana • Milan, Italy  🌿 French mama to Noa, 2 & baby Elia 💌 tatiana.coh@gmail.com

Croatia Day 2 ✨Ready for our first beach day with this one who's ALWAYS glued to Mommy... But I'm not gonna lie I'm enjoying every second especially watching families with grumpy teenagers I'm sure I'll miss that stage soon enough 👶🏻Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday friends ☀️

Last day en tete a tete with this little bird as tomorrow the monster, hum I mean toddler will be with us until September 😅Will have to seriously work on my synchronized nap skills if I want to keep the little sanity I have left 😬Happy weekend guys! 💛

Happiness is seeing this smiling face first thing in the morning (well maybe not so much at 5am but ok fine 😅)

Looking way too grown up for my taste 🙈

9am Siesta 😎Have a lovely Monday guys!

My Saturday lunch 😋Anything more delicious than that??

#fbf to last year in Dubrovnik 😎One week left before going back to Croatia yessss (and also starting to think about packing and traveling with 2 kids 🙈) Any tips welcome guys!

Current job title: On-demand breastfeeder 🙈

Elia, 2 months old today ✨The little chunk has been doing great lately (look at these rolls!) just like his mama...finally feeling myself again, it was about time 🙌🏼 Have a great week guys 💛

Happy Saturday friends! ✨2 weeks left before the holidays and I'm trying to survive the Milanese heat with a crazy toddler running around everywhere and a chubby baby who won't leave the sling 🙈But how cute are those little feet? 😍

#8weeksold and rocking that double chin 😎

One year ago 💦😎This is what happens when it's super hot outside and you don't have a swimming pool (well not even a proper house 😬) Can't wait to do the same with little Elia because is there anything cuter than baby sink baths? Happy Tuesday! 🌷

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