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Tatiana Coh - Milan, Italy  🌙 French mom of boys • Noa + Elia

Happy 3 to my super hero (with biiiig biiiig muscles whose favorite color is pink ✌🏽)
I’m sure that the best present we could ever have given you is this little babe here, following you like a shadow, a best friend, a companion for life (and occasional punching bag 🙈).

Everything like mommy stage:
Grow my hair long like mommy. Wear stripes like mommy. Do weird dance moves like mommy. Scream like mommy. Check, check, check, check ✌🏽

One year ago exactly, I was counting the days before meeting our second boy. As I’m writing this he’s on my lap, happily playing while I’m sitting at the kitchen table, working hard on a new big project. The idea is probably too ambitious, with 2 small kids and a partner who’s also launching something very soon. I don’t want to doubt myself but I do sometimes. Then I remember I raised my first boy in the middle of linguistics books, post-its and highlighters 📚📝 (I would even occasionally bring him along to my teacher/student meetings at uni causing a few surprised looks) And on difficult days, I would literally google “how to write a Master’s dissertation with a baby” (🤪😅yes that’s how strong my trust in Google results is) to try and find ways to occupy him while writing. Anyway, I know I’ll manage this time too, somehow, with strong coffee, late evening work sessions and positive thoughts. A lot of them 🙏🏻 ———
(Can’t wait to tell you guys more about it soon🤞🏻In the meantime send me all the good viiiiibes)

Mooooom stop posing and let’s play superheroes!! [Here we are currently in a big superhero phase so if you see a crazy mom in a long dress doing weird Spiderman jumps around Milan, now you know who this is 🤪] Joli samedi à vous! -—
{dress: @manilagraceofficial}

🌱I need more Sundays spent at the lake, lunches outside with a glass of white wine, colorful picturesque buildings and long walks. With them. [If you live in Milan or close, this is a gorgeous place to visit if you’ve never been 👌🏻]

With all that baby carrying you would think I would at least be fitter than before but no, not at all 😅 (I only got a really bad slouched posture, grrr it’s the worst!) And the heavy one is not the oldest of these guys I’m telling you 🤪Bon samedi à tous!

Back home after a fun and busy week in Lyon. I didn’t manage to share as many places as I had planned because obviously I wanted to spend time with family and friends (but I saved some Stories on my profile)
[One thing we’ve learned during this trip is that I’m officially my son’s translator as he was speaking only Italian to everyone, even to my family 🤷🏼‍♀️ This means we should spend more time in France I guess... Luckily next trip will be Corsica in July and I can’t wait 🤓]

Her. I see her and I feel like back in high school again. When life was constant giggles and crazy adventures. 15 years later (& now mamas to 4 boys in total) she’s still my best love story and a daily inspiration. I’m so proud of you @byguycost 💛

🔺Lyon -Day 1.
Waking up in my hometown for the first time surrounded by 2 tiny pairs of feet in my bed (plus the usual pair). I hurry everyone out the door, let’s gooo guys, it’s raining but I don’t want to miss a thing: the old town, the cafés where I used to go, my favorite shops, where I used to work after my university classes. Everything. The beautiful memories, the sad memories, they all come back and it’s bittersweet. But today we made new memories here, the four of us. [Special guest in today’s photo: levitating Noa and his rockstar hair 🕺🏻]

Exactly one year ago and right now I’m watching them play together, under a beautiful sun. Couldn’t ask for more 🙏🏻 Happy Sunday guys!

Although today the kids woke us up at 6am and we were already out 2 hours later, it’ll always remain my favorite kind of Saturday morning: hanging out in parks and little cafés with my loud and messy crew 🙃
[Kimono & jeans: @manilagraceofficial]

Only 1 week left before our trip to my hometown LYON !
Also our first time there the 4 of us (and everyone will finally meet baby Elia!). I’m so so excited to spend time with family and friends and rediscover this gorgeous city (mainly stuffing my face with Saint Marcellin cheese, French bread and tasty tarte aux pralines ✌🏽). [And if you are curious about Lyon and think about visiting it, I’ll try to show you my favorite places while there 😉]

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