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We did it first Meghan and Harry. The day I met this woman was the day my life started. Our wedding day was the most chaotically beautiful best day of my life. A drunk driver had totaled the parked car I was using in the night (my mother’s). The shuttle driver bringing our guests to the wedding was an hour late to the venue because he was waiting at the wrong hotel. DJ Rogue, as he will forever be know by my wife and I, my dearest friend and brother Michael Staton, went totally off book and played Shoop for one of our first dance songs. “I wanta know how does it hang? Straight up, wait up, hold up, Mr. Lover...”. The look in my grandmothers eyes was magical as she reflected on what exactly Salt N Pepa were talking about. I was trying to find my check book to pay the caterers and almost missed cutting the cake. Finally at the end of the night our shuttle driver tried to leave an hour early because he had double booked the date. As we drove away in the totaled car with all of our guests wondering if we were drunk and should we be driving? I was dead sober. We knew we were on our way to the adventure of a lifetime. Every day since that day has been the most chaotically beautiful day of my life. @cdfioe is everything I ever hoped and dreamed of in a partner. You are my light and my joy. You are my forever and my moment. I love you with all that I am. Thank you for the gift of our children. Thank you for the gift of your joy, your patience, your light and your souls.

So...last Friday was interesting, to say the least. I just wanted to say thank you @nbcthebrave for the opportunity of a lifetime. It has been my honor and a privilege to work with this crew and cast. I can not describe to you the joy I felt every minute of every day I was on this set. This group of individuals was something special. The same goes for all of our fans. You have been so unbelievably dedicated. Your outpouring of love has been tremendous. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Noah Morgenthau signing off.

Happy Mother’s Day to @cdfioe, the woman who always knows when to say yes when her child asks for a giant slice of chocolate cake. She is exactly the type of woman I want our daughters to grow up to be. She is the only role model they will ever need. She is strong, fierce, unwilling to back down and yet willing to give every single ounce of herself to help anyone in need. She is passion and she is ease. She is the adventure of our family. She is why we will always laugh, why we will always cry, and why we will always have a safe harbor from the storm. She is gorgeous, in every possible meaning of the word. I love you with all of my heart and always will. Thank for the wife and mother you are.

Can you find the child in this photo? #vacation

One of the absolute best nights of my life. Our hearts were all broken to pieces so we did what we do best. Laugh. Thank you Michael Staton for bringing us together again. Love you buddy and always will.

Can’t wait to see @craigkucia show tomorrow night. Show opens tomorrow night Los Angeles!!! Come by 7-10pm
2049 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90021 #repost

#wanderlandfilm is available to rent or purchase today! On @itunes and On Demand. Link in bio. My heart and soul is in every square inch of this film. I have never been more proud of any project I have worked on. I have never worked harder or had more fun. This movie is why I do this job. All my love to everyone who had a hand in making it. I absolutely adore you all and love you to the ends of the earth and back. Thank you for this dream come true @klausnersands @barbararomer @jackdishel @dreelouisehemingway @tarasummers @victoriajclark @nomax2 @realdrewpowell @marcelinehugot @rhondakeyser @ronald.guttman @wendy_makkena @addieland @crownpeace @douglashodge @brandonniederauer @wendyparr @atarahvalentine @svenfaulconer @costumepartyporter @wishservices @katiekmcq @bjutkiewicz @julietrylance @ricahamp @kalaniaddington @ninamoltke @jesskierson and to anyone I am forgetting.

Happy Birthday to me! Finally get to announce this little lady!!Mom, big sis and this little one are happy and healthy. My heart is full. Thank you for the gift of this wondrous, magical, unfathomable life.

First cat video. Probably not the last. The bird couldn’t see Squish. This lasted for 45 minutes. #catsofinstagram #cats #whentheleveebreaks #ledzeppelin

Ascend! Camp Arcadia comes to LA tonight. Proud papa. @aaronmoorhead, @justin_benson and @trashcanart #theendless

Check out the trailer for my new movie @wanderlandfilm ! Available on @iTunes and On Demand April 17th, and in select theatres April 20th-26th. Pre-order now! Link in bio. #wanderlandfilm

Extraordinary day working with the stellar @amandacrew and being bludgeoned by the force of nature @ripfighter aka the T-1000

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