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Tate  Tate Art galleries in UK: #TateBritain, #TateModern, @tateliverpool & @tatestives. We aim to increase everyone's enjoyment and understanding of art.

Peter Keetman (1916-2005) began his career as an industrial photographer, with many of his black and white images focusing on industrial materials like the metal pipes we see here.
#ShapeofLight explores the relationship between abstract art and the invention of photography, with artworks showing the innovation of photographers as they furthered the development of the medium. See the exhibition before 14 October at Tate Modern.
Peter Keetman, Stahlrohre, Maximilian-Hütte 1958 F.C. Gundlach Foundation © Estate of Peter Keetman

#AntheaHamilton's Squash evolved from the artist's interest in a photograph she found in a book several years ago. The image showed a person dressed as what looks like a vegetable lying among vines. The original photograph dated from 1960 and depicted a scene from a dance by American choreographer Erick Hawkins. Hawkins was interested in Native American philosophies and he took the form of this costume from the Squash Kachina of the Hopi culture. The artist has brought together tiles, structures, sculptures and costume, inviting a performer to explore their own interpretation of the image and how it might feel to imagine life as other, as vegetable. 🎃
Meet #TheSquash before 8 October at Tate Britain. Free entry.

'The uncertainty inherent in the medium of painting itself appeals to me – where the painting will take me regardless of what I might have originally intended. Reaching that ultimate moment when the work starts to hum… that is the spur that keeps me working' - #LisaBrice
LAST CHANCE: Discover Brice's take on the longstanding art-historical tradition of the female nude in the free #ArtNow: Lisa Brice exhibition at Tate Britain. Closes 27 August. Photo: Adam Davies

Only around 10% of the population is left-handed, including artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. His portrait of painter Emile Bernard took thirty-three sittings to complete, ten of which were devoted to working on the background. #LeftHandersDay

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Emile Bernard 1885, Tate collection

#ArtWords: Intimism is a French term applied to paintings & drawings of quiet domestic scenes. Although originally applied to the work of #PierreBonnard and #EdouardVuillard it has since been applied widely to any painting of such subject matter.

Gwen John, Young Woman Holding a Black Cat c.1920–5, Tate collection

Get under the skin of the Turner Prize-winning pair Gilbert & George.
Their playful and ambiguous works, drawn from the @artistrooms collection, explore themes essential to humanity including sex, faith, and identity. See the exhibition at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.
Gilbert & George, Existers 1984, Tate collection

#WorkoftheWeek: Woodman’s refusal to be still is an essential aspect of her self-portraits, as is evident in this photograph of herself. The movement captured is intentional, Woodman wanted to ‘show you what you do not see – the body’s inner force’. Francesca Woodman, Space², Providence, Rhode Island, 1975-1978 1975–8, on display in #LifeinMotion at @tateliverpool

#TateWeather: Umbrellas at the ready! ☔️️ Where has the sun gone?
Wolfgang Suschitzky, Trafalgar Square 1942, later print, Tate collection

Happy #InternationalCatDay! Swipe for more 🐈🐈🐈
1. Felicitas Vogler, Photograph of Ben Nicholson holding his cat, Tommy 1968
2. Helen Beatrix Potter, The Finished Coat c.1902
3. David Hockney, Mr and Mrs Clark & Percy, 1970–1
4. Edouard Manet, Woman with a Cat c.1880
5. Gwen John, Cat c.1904–8
6. Joseph Mallord William Turner, Study of a Sleeping Cat c.1796–7

When is the last time you did something spontaneous? 💦

Georges Seurat, Clothes on the Grass 1883, Tate collection

Andy Warhol was born #onthisday in 1928.

Discover how the artist made his iconic silkscreen prints, and try making your own with our step-by-step film (link in today's bio for full vid!) See Warhol's prints in Tate Modern's free 'Media Networks' display on level 4.

‘Ever since the age of twelve I have drawn and painted London.' - Leon Kossoff

See Kossoff’s painterly depictions of London in #AllTooHuman at Tate Britain, closing 27 August. Members go free, unlimited.

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