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ตะลอนกิน 🍰🍦🍧🍔🍟🍤🍕🍱🍛  ชื่อต้าคะ 👥 FB : nontakorn suksawat 📱ID : ta_tar2001

Donut 🍩

ต้องเสียใจกี่ครั้งกันนะ 😒


Cause it's too much to bare.


Cheese 🍟

I want someone who feels lucky to have me. 👌😊

I was never good enough for anyone. 😂

It's not your matters. 😎

I'm strong, but not all the time. 😒

I don't want a perfect, I want a happy life. 😃

Sometimes you can't explain that what you feeling. 😊

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