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Tataa  Est 00'🍂

“Islam Is the way of life."

I like this surprise from you❤️

"Muslimah sudah cantik sejak syahadatnya, lengkap keindahannya dengan ketaatannya."

Are you angry when men approach me? Then how are you with a woman you make comfortable without my knowledge

Missed that time😋

Life formula: treat others as you would like to be treated.

Selagi kamu setia, buat apa saya mendua✌️

Your job is not fixing me. Your job is to keep me company while I'm improving myself❤️

If something is destined for you, never in million years it will be for somebody else😊

Yah surprise yang fail:((((
Jangan geser ntar nyesel😂

"My God, if I lose my spirit and hope when I have tried my best, please remind me that Your plan will be beautiful to me."

Healthy relationships are mutual respect and do not hurt each other!😢

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