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Vita A. A  ♌2000 인생이란 폭풍이 지나가길 기다리는 것이 아니라 빗속에서도 춤을 추는 것이다

Yah surprise yang fail:((((
Jangan geser ntar nyesel😂

"My God, if I lose my spirit and hope when I have tried my best, please remind me that Your plan will be beautiful to me."

Healthy relationships are mutual respect and do not hurt each other!😢

"I've been in love with someone who makes love so hateful. So I beg of you, please do not make me a coward for the second time. "

Time can change a person, including feelings🌞

Believe me, if he is destined to be Yours, So wherever he steps, As often as he stops, He will still return to you his home.

Tentang foto ini?Sudahlah lupakan HAHA


Only you are always there for me, even you are a boyfriend, friends, enemies, and family. Aaailafyuu❤️❤️❤️

"Just let him go, because the best would know how to get back."
Ignore my swollen eyes❤️