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Beny Pearce  🕎Owner of Oculus Tattoo🕎 561 High St. Thornbury. Melbourne, VIC tat2beny@gmail.com Kristie❤ /G\ YG#762 F.C @oculustattoo

Progress on this forearm from last Friday. Still a long way to go with this sleeve but good fun so far. Cheers Grant. @oculustattoo #Oculus #OculusTattoo #OculusManor #Inkjecta #RonMeyersGreywash #ElectrumStencilProducts #StarbriteColors #NumbSkulled #MetrixNeedles

This makes me happy to see. The man who made me what I am today. My Dad, representing my first business that he always knew I would do someday. Since I was a kid I've had nothing but unconditional love and support from both of my parents - who I also love very much and I'm really lucky to have them both. due to our locations I can't see them as much as I would like, as we live on the opposite side of the country.. So appreciation posts are necessary for me. I always had crazy ideas for brands and business schemes since I was a kid due to the support from my parents, encouraging me and my bro to create something different. They Gave us direction and helped sparked ideas. So this is a very satisfying thing for me to know that my parents are proud of who I am and who I've become. This is always something that I wanted to make happen and knew I could do it if I set my mind to it. Considering I was the bad influence and the black sheep according to some family member(s) but who's laughing now 😂🤣 My parents have always been motovating to me and my bro. They taught us both If you put that hard work in and persist, You could do whatever you want with your life. Whatever that life choice was going to be I knew I could do well at it, because I was told I could. If I worked hard enough, anything is achievable. Much Love for both of you for never losing faith in me while I figured my shit out ❤️❤️💯@martin.pearce1 @angie.pearce07

I'm not big on sharing details about my personal life with the internet. But majority of my friends, family/brothers and followers are fucking awesome so here it is! Pretty honoured and a kind of a strange coincidence (not the first one that's sure) but besides all that; taking the next huge step forward in my journey next month and meeting my brother @Insamnia on the 3rd degree. M.M. Thats one step closer to becoming perfectly squared with my values and morals. Very excited to take this next huge step in my young and hopefully prosperous life in one of the oldest, widest and most respected - but also the most misunderstood societies throughout the world 🌎 Any fellow brother on here is welcome to come visit our lodge next month, I would be chuffed to see a solid turn out. #FreemasonsVictoria #YarraGlenLodge762 #Lilydale #Brotherhood #FamilyawayfromFamily #Just #Upright #FreeMen #GoodMorals #SMIB #3rdDegree #300thYear #OnTheLevel #DontBelieveEverythingYouReadOrHear #DoYourOwnResearch #MakeYourOwnDecisions #G #MakingGoodMenBetter

The man, the myth, the legend. My first Michael Jordan portrait on a top client. Cheers Mychal! #Oculus #OculusTattoo #OculusManor #RitesOfPassage2017

Oculus booth in full effect at the Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival this weekend!! #WelcomeToOculus #Oculus #OculusManor #OculusTattoo #RitesOfPassage2017

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