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Crystal Young 🎣  Momma•Wife•Dreamer 🇺🇸🇦🇺 Here fishy fishy

Two months already?? Over 14lbs and giving us the best smiles, we’re so happy you’re here 💙

Believe it or not, I still cook sometimes. I’ve just been terrible about posting. Last night we had riced cauliflower with slow cooker butter chicken. I need more crockpot recipes if anyone has one they would like to share! 💜

A day late, but so happy this guy has been with us for a month already. He’s growing like a champ, over 12lbs and 23 inches long. 💙

Two weeks of perfection.

Thanks for making us a family of 4. Christmas came early with you and our hearts are so full. Wyatt Lane Radandt 12/20/18. Happy Christmas everyone 🎄

Key lime pies and succulents 😍😍 @cooksillustrated has an incredibly simple key lime pie recipe that can be made gluten free by simply switching to gluten free graham crackers. I always add extra zest and lime juice because I prefer my pie to be a bit more tart than sweet 💜 (on a side note, check our prior post for giveaway details).

Update!!! Picking a winner today because I’m a space cadet and forgot to post a reminder. Last chance to enter. GIVEAWAY time 🎉🎉🎉 with the holidays right around the corner and being preggo, I haven’t been posting very much. I was lucky enough recently to have a beautiful shower thrown by my sister and I used @aspenkaynaturals incredible soaps as party favors. I’ve been a fan of this brand as soon as I discovered it, and I love sharing products that I love with my friends, family, etc. That leads me to this giveaway. It seems like perfect timing with the holidays right around the corner. I wanted to giveaway the two different soaps that I used for my shower pressies. To join in, simply follow @aspenkaynaturals and myself and tag friends in the comments below. Giveaway will close at the end of the day on Sunday and I will announce the winner on Monday. I think I’m supposed to say something about Instagram not being affiliated with this or something, no idea. Point is, I’m doing the giveaway just for fun because who doesn’t like to win something, especially something so useful (I mean, who doesn’t use soap, right?) 💜💜 @aspenkaynaturals is also running a separate giveaway at the moment that you should get in on!! Just check it out on her page. #giveaway

Little sneak peak from our maternity shoot over the weekend. She captured some of the sweetest moments with Violet that I will cherish for forever 💜

Yum. Trying to keep a salad in a day while preggo. I fail a lot but try to make up for it when I can!

Gluten-free banana bread. I love it when I get a few moments to bake... I’m pretty sure start to finish this took 5 hours with constant interruptions and having to make dinner, but the way my house smelled once it was in the oven was totally worth it 😍

Taking a food and baby break for a minute to talk about skincare. As a teen I was uneducated about skincare. I played sports and went to school and my skin didn’t matter. In my early twenties I stared acting and modeling and so much attention and importance was put on my skin. I would do ANYTHING to keep it looking good, even if that meant applying products that had harsh and toxic ingredients in them. As a mom, with another baby on the way, I’ve become incredibly aware of the amount of toxins in our environment and things that are constantly labeled as natural that are anything but. I’m working on living a cleaner lifestyle (something that hasn’t happened overnight). During this journey, I stumbled across @aspenkaynaturals products as she was a local soap maker. Now she has expanded into beautiful face oils. Every ingredient that is listed is a plant or something that I am familiar with and each one helps your skin with specific needs. To top it off, the product is actually affordable and smells like heaven. If you have any interest in creating a cleaner lifestyle for you or your family, you should look in to them. Read the ingredients for yourself and you will see what I am talking about 💜 side note: I’m always curious about what others are doing to live a cleaner lifestyle, so if you have any tips I’d love to hear them.

We can’t wait to meet you, especially your big sister 💜

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