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Syf Cosplay  Cosplayer, gamer, dreamer, (etc etc...) from 🇨🇭🇨🇿 Next Conventions : Numerik Games, SRG // & next cosplay : Anna Henrietta from the Witcher 3


We shall never surrender ⚔

Picture taken by @foxphotography_ch during Fantasy Basel, back in May.
#Ciri #CiriCosplay #TheWitcher #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay

⚔ Few updates :
- I'm currently working on Skids (90's version from X-Men) for a super fun project that will take place in September with some friends, I'll post updates about it soon !
- Anna Henrietta : still collecting (& searching !) good fabrics for her 🍷
- I've been drawing quite a lot recently, not that this piece of information is of any use.

Wishing you all a nice day :) Picture by @octopix

#CiriCosplay #Ciri #TheWitcher #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay

Sometimes you have to fight in order to be free.
New picture by @isildhen 🌿
#MedievalCostume #Wandering

Thank you for everything dear Chester, from the bottom of my heart and soul, you wonderful humain being. These wounds they will not heal - there is a big void that will never be filled again. We all miss you terribly and we will never forget you nor will we stop loving you. ❤️💙💛
#RIPChester #LinkinPark

" But do you know when stories stop being stories ? The moment someone begins to believe in them. " ⚔

New Ciri picture by @octopix
Taken near Kaer Morhen :D 🏔

#Ciri #CiriCosplay #TheWitcher #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay

Rest in Peace Chester
Your existence litteraly changed my life, as it did for so many other people. Your music helped me go through so many things back then, and it still does. It will always do. You helped and saved so many people, and I am so heartbroken that nothing could save you. But... It really did matter, everything.
"And when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory" ... We forever will. I deeply hope your soul has found peace, because you deserve it.
Thank you for everything Chester ❤️ #RIPChester

🏔🍃 New picture by @isildhen !
Wishing you all a nice week, new Witcher pictures are coming soon hehe :)
#MedievalCostume #Nature #Wandering

🌲Wandering and wondering in the mountains...
Posting something different today from all the Witcher spam : not cosplay, but not out of costume either :) Picture by @isildhen (Thank you again 💚)
#MedievalCostume #Wandering

Yesterday @ailyta and I went to a small event in France (#TrucDeGeek) and it was the occasion for us to wear Ciri & Yen together, one last time on stage !
It was a really nice (and hot XD) day ⚔🔥 #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay #Ciri #Yennefer #CiriCosplay #YenneferCosplay #Witcher

The Cosplay "whishlist" ✨
I was tagged by @skieara_cosplay to show you my cosplay whishlist - kind of. Well, I had to reduce the list to 6 characters only otherwise it would be endless... 😂

So, here are some costumes/characters that I really love. I think most of them will happen, one day. And some (particulary one here !) sooner than you think.
🔸Eowyn – The Lord of the Rings : there are no words strong enough to express how much I love this costume (Rohirrim armor at the Battle of the Pelennor fields, in the Return oft he King).
🔸Iris von Everec – The Witcher 3 : I just love the Olgierd and Iris story in Hearts of Stone so much.
🔸Queen Anne – Musketeers : because of reasons. (not sure which costume of hers I’d like to make - all of them ? I don’t know, I just can’t resist those historical costumes... Send help please).
🔸Lagertha – Vikings
🔸Selene – Underworld
🔸Ciri – The Witcher (redesign)
Which one would you like to see ? :)
And now I tag the talented @wildfirecostuming to show us her cosplay whishlist 🔥💙
#Cosplay #Chainmail #Ciri #TheWitcher #IrisVonEverec #Iris #QueenAnne #Musketeers #Lagertha #Vikings #Selene #Underworld
#toomanycharacters #sendhelppls #iwanttomakeallofthem

I was tagged by @spicythaidesign to post a picture of the costume I'm most "known for" and I think that it's definitely Ciri :) I have grown so much since the first time I cosplayed her, last year. I really love cosplaying Ciri, it's a character that is very dear to me. & I'll definitely make another costume of hers in the future 🌚

So now I tag @ailyta @skieara_cosplay & @vorpaleen_cosplay some amazing Witcher cosplayers !

Picture by @octopix (yes it's the same as the Red one I posted a while ago, but with different colors/tones). Hope you guys like it as well ! ⚔

#Ciri #CiriCosplay #TheWitcher #WitcherCosplay #TheWitcher3

Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark... ⚔

It's not over ! New #Witcher picture taken on location in the ruins of a castle, by the great @octopix ! With the beautiful @ailyta as Yennefer of Vengerberg. I'm so grateful that I got to work with such amazing and talented people 💙✨
#Yennefer #YenneferCosplay #Ciri #CiriCosplay #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay #TheWitcher #KaerMorhen

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