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Syf Cosplay  Cosplayer, gamer, dreamer, (etc etc...) from 🇨🇭🇨🇿 Next Conventions : Truc de Geek, SRG // & next cosplay : Anna Henrietta from the Witcher 3


🏔🍃 New picture by @isildhen !
Wishing you all a nice week, new Witcher pictures are coming soon hehe :)
#MedievalCostume #Nature #Wandering

🌲Wandering and wondering in the mountains...
Posting something different today from all the Witcher spam : not cosplay, but not out of costume either :) Picture by @isildhen (Thank you again 💚)
#MedievalCostume #Wandering

Yesterday @ailyta and I went to a small event in France (#TrucDeGeek) and it was the occasion for us to wear Ciri & Yen together, one last time on stage !
It was a really nice (and hot XD) day ⚔🔥 #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay #Ciri #Yennefer #CiriCosplay #YenneferCosplay #Witcher

The Cosplay "whishlist" ✨
I was tagged by @skieara_cosplay to show you my cosplay whishlist - kind of. Well, I had to reduce the list to 6 characters only otherwise it would be endless... 😂

So, here are some costumes/characters that I really love. I think most of them will happen, one day. And some (particulary one here !) sooner than you think.
🔸Eowyn – The Lord of the Rings : there are no words strong enough to express how much I love this costume (Rohirrim armor at the Battle of the Pelennor fields, in the Return oft he King).
🔸Iris von Everec – The Witcher 3 : I just love the Olgierd and Iris story in Hearts of Stone so much.
🔸Queen Anne – Musketeers : because of reasons. (not sure which costume of hers I’d like to make - all of them ? I don’t know, I just can’t resist those historical costumes... Send help please).
🔸Lagertha – Vikings
🔸Selene – Underworld
🔸Ciri – The Witcher (redesign)
Which one would you like to see ? :)
And now I tag the talented @wildfirecostuming to show us her cosplay whishlist 🔥💙
#Cosplay #Chainmail #Ciri #TheWitcher #IrisVonEverec #Iris #QueenAnne #Musketeers #Lagertha #Vikings #Selene #Underworld
#toomanycharacters #sendhelppls #iwanttomakeallofthem

I was tagged by @spicythaidesign to post a picture of the costume I'm most "known for" and I think that it's definitely Ciri :) I have grown so much since the first time I cosplayed her, last year. I really love cosplaying Ciri, it's a character that is very dear to me. & I'll definitely make another costume of hers in the future 🌚

So now I tag @ailyta @skieara_cosplay & @vorpaleen_cosplay some amazing Witcher cosplayers !

Picture by @octopix (yes it's the same as the Red one I posted a while ago, but with different colors/tones). Hope you guys like it as well ! ⚔

#Ciri #CiriCosplay #TheWitcher #WitcherCosplay #TheWitcher3

Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark... ⚔

It's not over ! New #Witcher picture taken on location in the ruins of a castle, by the great @octopix ! With the beautiful @ailyta as Yennefer of Vengerberg. I'm so grateful that I got to work with such amazing and talented people 💙✨
#Yennefer #YenneferCosplay #Ciri #CiriCosplay #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay #TheWitcher #KaerMorhen

" When you know about something it stops being a nightmare. When you know how to fight something, it stops being so threatening. " ⚔

And a new Ciri picture again by @octopix :D !
I was thinking about doing a giveaway this summer to thank you for your support ! Would anyone be interested ? Feel free to send me a message to let me know ! :)
#TheWitcher3 #TheWitcher #WitcherCosplay #Ciri #CiriCosplay

Anna Henrietta first & quick make-up test I made the other day.
Not convinced yet, I need other eye shadows, lenses and a wig :) but at least I have time to practise this look, there's no rush (yet hahahaha). I want to get better at doing it. I hope the finished result will be good !
#TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay #AnnaHenrietta #AnnaHenriettaCosplay 🍷

New Ciri picture by the great @Octopix (Thank you!!!), released for my Birthday :D there's also a green version of this picture ! (You can check both on his FB page, I will post them on FB soon as well !).
I also did a quick Anna Henrietta make-up test (currently in the story), I will maybe post it too. We'll see ! :) #Ciri #CiriCosplay #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay

Don't mess with us 🔥⚔
New Ciri and Yennefer picture by the talented @octopix ! Taken at Castle Tourbillon in Switzerland & with my wonderful @ailyta as Yennefer !! #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay #Yennefer #Ciri #CiriCosplay #YenneferCosplay

Time to announce my next big project: The Duchess Anna Henrietta from the Witcher 3 (Blood and Wine) 🍷

I will make her "riding outfit" that she wears during 1 mission. I know this costume is not particularly "impressive" visually (there is no armor, no chainmail, no embroidery (not that I complain about that XD)) BUT, it will be a great challenge to me and I am so excited to start with this project !!
I hope you will like it :)
PS : Yes, The Witcher again :D I wanted to change after making Ciri but... I love this universe too much 💙

#TheWitcher3 #BloodandWine #WitcherCosplay #AnnaHenriettaCosplay #AnnaHenrietta

So I also got challenged by the wonderful fellow Witcher cosplayer @keluicosplay (check out her page, her cosplays are just amazing 💙 !!!) for the #CosplayTransformation pictures :) I don't have many pictures of myself during preparation... But hey, I tried :D

Here is my "transformation" into Ciri : first picture is when I'm halfway through the make-up process (the scar is not finished. Here, there's just the base of the scar that is drawn, I then use collodion to give dept to it !) and then, the final result with full gear on ⚔

And I now challenge another amazing Witcher cosplayer : @skieara_cosplay 🦄

PS : Next post I will announce my bext big cosplay project ! Any guess ?
Hint 1 : It's from the Witcher universe again, yes.
Hint 2 : There's a lot of black. And red. :) #CiriCosplay #Ciri #TheWitcher3 #WitcherCosplay

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