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Viviana  Don't talk to me, I'm dancing |

I wear 500$ extensions and I hate dancing #shinytooshie

To whoever dates him next: ask him to make you salmon and thank me later sister

If looking at badly Photoshopped Victoria’s Secret ads is bad for our self-esteem, then let's talk about Snapchat filters. I had a pimple on my cheek n 3h of sleep. My advice: shower together on the first date.

"Home is where the bra comes off''... mmm yo, fuck that, you call me citizen of the world.

I have enough self awareness that I know not to speak when it comes to things I'm either not well versed in or would not add anything of value to in terms of the general conversation n I wish some of y'all would do the goddamn same. It's actually okay to step back and listen instead of having a knee jerk opinion that's probably garbage. #moodasf

Got stuck here n I don't feel like leaving any time soon

Bout to make some magic happen • @maisonelama x nude • F/W 17 thanks for having us today! @consortiumcreatives

It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you beautiful people. Welcome to Nude.
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We reinvent our lives, tell new stories, and rebuild communities when we create, we live and not only exist when we create. We are created to create, let's live a bit. @consortiumcreatives
Clip by @sujeath

Much more than these bones.