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tasha ng  i want people to be afraid of how much they love me

Throwback 兔 the year of the 狗t when we were doing some 马d studying during chinese 牛 year :,) Alth猴 tbh nothing has changed except maybe my eyebrows :::))) 鼠d do this more often now that Ms Worldwide is back from her world tour. 🆒🆒🆒💕 thx for coming to BTC but actually it’s only a 20 min bus ride for you and a 1h20min bus ride for ME......

I luv 2 eat p0tato ch1p :9

2018 came and went so quickly that I didn’t think I accomplished anything, but in retrospect I did pretty good. 😛 Although I still dk how I earned all the money I’ve ever earned this year but I’m still a broke bitch. (Also sidenote: congrats to US @__kayatoast for surviving the two worst semesters of our lives back to back ❤️)


paid so much for the food better take some nice pics...... 9/10 for everything except the 1/10 tiny table and 0/10 dropping my fork so many times :,(

Christmas with fWENS uWu xD. Nick loves the 12 days of Christmas cos his favourite number is 12(v)12. Sad reacts only.


goodbye forever 2 my besuto furendo. jk, in your own words, “it’s not like the daily bitching will stop (has been on since 2014)” and “see you on insta/tele/whatever all we ever do is bitch anyway”. 😃 pls continue to reply my meme tags so I know you’re alive bc I cbf to check the facebook marked safe thing. study hard, don’t lose your scholarship if not very embarrassing. love u (I’m vomiting in my mouth sorry) I’m grateful we have each other to indulge our dank dark thoughts about humanity/ enable each other to do nasty shit bc lbr no one else would appreciate it LOL.

So we finally won a match today for the first time in 3 years LOL y’all are the cutest 💗 but I still hate this new IFG shirt.

Spent yesterday taking photos for everybody’s favourite vain instawhore :-) @fantaesthesia

Not sure if 4-week internship or just Tasha Gushing Over Mr Choo for 4 Weeks Straight... 🤪

👩🏻‍🔬👼🏻➡️🛫☀️💁🏻‍♀️💃🏻🥂🤮🌿🔝🛍😛 bye have fun & buy me smth nice to thank me for writing your exchange application for u HAHA JK WILL MISS U u r probably the one friend I’ve seen the most of this summer wtf actually it’s too much :)

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